After about two weeks, Takuma started dating a new, different girl. She was a girl from another class that I didn’t know well, and from the side, he seemed to be having fun. However, I don’t know what his true feelings are. I don’t know if he’s forgotten about Kanade or if he’s still dragging his feelings……

I was still in the stage of not being able to sort out my mind when Misaki sensei said to me.

“I think the fact that Sakata kun started seeing a new girlfriend early is meant to encourage Fuyuya kun. He’s doing his own thing, so Fuyuya kun and the others should be happy without worrying about him. Isn’t he a very thoughtful boy?”

If this is true, I think Takuma does not want us to be stuck in the same place forever. I had my doubts about whether I could go that far for someone who was a little further away from me than others, but I decided to hang on to Misaki sensei’s words.

I, too, will put Takuma aside for the time being and think about having a good time myself.

In addition, it was well known that Kanade and I had started dating, which gave people a bad impression about Kanade’s change of heart and about me.

However, thanks to Takuma’s cheerful attitude, people didn’t seem to think we did anything really bad, and it was just passed off as something that happens.

Takuma…..may still have loved Kanade and wanted to protect her even if they broke up. He may not have gotten along well with Kanade, but he’s still a good guy.

Then, on a Friday night in the middle of May.

“I’m glad that Onii chan is finally trying to get better.”

Saki came to my room, sat down next to me, and held my hand. This is something that has become routine these days, but tonight the atmosphere is a little different. Not only did she hold my hand, but she snuggled close to me and looked at me from a close distance.

“……I can’t stay down forever either, you know. If Takuma is starting to move forward, so am I……. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but it’s not good to stay depressed. I want to believe that.”

I look away a little as I say this. Saki smiled at me with a bewitching smile.

[Since Onii chanr is getting back on his feet,… means it’s time for me to really attack him, too, right? I’ll spoil him as much as I can, nd if things go well, we’ll just fall into a sexual avalanche…..

I know Onii chan seems to be looking for a romantic first time sex, but I don’t care about that. It’s just the first time in the many things we will do. I just want to have sex with Onii chan as soon as possible. Onii chan, please hold me quickly ! I’ve been waiting for you for a long, long time ! I can’t take it anymore !]

“……Onii chan, you’ve been quiet for the past two weeks, but we’re already lovers, aren’t we? Even Mom and the others almost never came here, so it’s okay for us to make out a little bit, right?”

“Yeah, you’re right. We’re already in that kind of relationship. …..Please be careful so Mom doesn’t find out, okay?”

[Isn’t it obvious? If she finds out, she might come and separate me and Onii chan.

In that sense, I’m grateful for the presence of Misaka senpai. Since Onii chan is supposed to be dating Misaka senpai, there should be no doubt about the relationship between me and Onii chan.”

I told my parents that I started dating Kanade. I also told them that although the relationship had become complicated, there had not been any serious betrayal.

My parents were quite surprised, but respected our decision. I told them that it is normal for high school students to meet and part ways with each other, and that this is how people grow up. They also said that Takuma would use this experience to find someone more suitable for him.

“It’s not just love, but life is a series of failures and setbacks from which you recover.”

My father was a little embarrassed, but I was rather comforted by his words.


“I think it’s hard to get people to suspect me and Saki’s relationship, but if they see us kissing or something, we can’t get away with it, you know?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not stupid either. My relationship with Onii chan is absolutely a secret to everyone except those two.”

“If you know that, that’s fine.”

[I really wanted to keep it a secret from everyone…… But maybe eventually I want someone to understand…… Those two don’t seem to have a bad impression of our relationship, for a change. Maybe it’s a blessing…….]

“Hey, Onii chan. ……Let’s kiss already.”


After a lot of things happened, my first kiss with Saki…or rather, from Saki’s point of view, was it the second kiss? That was also put on the back burner. Saki’s been patient quite well, and it’s time for me to respond to her feelings. No, even I…I feel like kissing her.

“But is this the right place? It’s my first time…….”


Saki looks slightly upset.

[Well, it’s his first time. This is the second time for me… Yeah yeah. However, this is a first for me as well.]

“I like Onii chan’s room/ So this is fine. Here is fine.”

“I see. Then…….”

Saki closes her eyes. I gently pressed my lips together, not really knowing what was going on.

For me, it was the first time I felt the touch of a girl with my lips. It’s much softer, more delicate, and more gentle than I expected.

It’s a discreet kiss, like pecking each other’s lips. Maybe it’s strange for me to be kissing my sister, but it fills me with a sense of euphoria.

We weren’t used to each other, and I thought it would end here…Saki stuck out her tongue.

Get in touch with the wild and biological side of the cute Saki. Even though it feels good, there’s a tingling sensation that evokes something fundamental.

[Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, I wanted you more, and now that I’ve finally been able to communicate with you like this, I want you more and more. I only need Onii chan now I don’t need anything else I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex I want to have sex…]

As I continue kissing her, I hear Saki’s inner thoughts, and I feel like she’s losing her mind.

Any more, it’s dangerous.

No, it’s not really dangerous or anything. Saki also wants this to go on. It’s not that she wants to have a child. There is no one to blame.

But for now, it’s still…….

After finishing the kiss, Saki looked at me with a slightly accusatory look.

“Onii chan……perhaps you don’t want to kiss me?”

“…..Why? That’s not true.”

“Because……I want to kiss you more.

“……Anymore than this is not good.”


“Because I can’t take any more.”

“…You don’t have to hold back, okay? Actually……I think it’s okay to start now.”

“That’s……no good. What if someone comes?”

“Aren’t you already in the mood? Isn’t it bigger than usual?”

Saki’s gaze falls and I hide it with my foot.

“You know. Onii chan may still think that I’m a naive girl, but I’m really not, you know? The truth is…I really want to connect with Onii chan.”

“….Yeah. But still, I’m sorry. I just want you to wait a little bit longer.”

Saki stares at me with wet eyes.

[Onii chan, why do you stop even though I’m doing this much? It’s strange, or rather it doesn’t make sense… I guess it’s not that you’re not interested in me, but do you still have doubts about forming that kind of relationship with me? Hmm…even though it’s hurting so much, I guess I’ll leave it to you again… Onii chan, you’re terrible…]

“……Okay. If Onii chan says no, I’ll put up with it. But be prepared. Onii chan always teases, so I don’t know what will happen if the situation arises.”


Saki kisses me again. This time, the kiss was just touching, and she quickly pulled away.

“I love you, Onii chan. I love you so much that this level isn’t enough.”

“I’m happy. I love you too.”

This time I’ll kiss her. This time, the kiss was a little longer, and I could feel Saki’s joy.

I was so happy during this time that I almost forgot that I was thinking about how I would have to break up with her in the future.

Our relationship is not going to be a simple, fluffy, fun love affair. Ruin may come one day.

But…let’s forget about that for the moment we’re kissing.

I decided to drown myself in the kiss with Saki for a while.

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