Thank you very much for your patience until the end.

I will conclude here, although It feels like a real romantic comedy is about to begin. If I ever win any awards, I will continue at that time.

There were some frustrating developments, and I am sorry that there were a certain number of readers who dropped out in the middle of the story.

I am writing this as a light novel, so I probably should have made it more cheerful and enjoyable….

I am also aware that my works sometimes include small, difficult developments, and that I tend to choose my readers. Maybe that’s why they don’t become outstandingly popular.

Still, I believe that there are some people who enjoy my works, and I will continue to write them.

So, if you don’t mind, let’s meet again in another piece.

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7 months ago

I thought the story was pretty decent. Although I was really expecting a harem ending the entire time. I’m a bit disappointed he only ended up with one girl, but I suppose with yanderes it can’t be helped. The mind reading was a fun gimmick, I was hoping the girls would find out about it but that didn’t happen. 7/10