After a while, Misaki sensei lets out one deep sigh. Then, as if to change her mood, she brushed her hair once and smiled again. It is regrettable that the flush has subsided, but I’m relieved to see that the atmosphere of having fallen to the dark side has also disappeared cleanly.

[Phew…….. I’ve finally calmed down. Fujisaki kun still needs more guidance. When it comes to things like that, you have to think carefully about the situation.

But still,……I got a little too heated with a high school girl.

If it were just an enemy attacking me, of course I would crush them without mercy. But if I had to say it, it’s just an enemy in love, and in case you’re wondering, she’s a very important student. Besides, I can’t be too rough with Fujisaki kun, can I?

At this point, it would be better not to push Misaka san into a corner, but to win fairly and squarely as a woman and get her to give up. Fujisaki kun, you like that kind of woman, don’t you?

This time, let’s go in the direction of a girlfriend who is forgiving even when her boyfriend’s mistakes make her feel uncomfortable.]

“Fujisaki kun.”


“I must confess that I was displeased when Fujisaki kun brought another woman without my permission.”

“……Yes. I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you this time……but you owe me another one, okay?”

“……Yes. I understand.”

When I nod, Misaki sensei snorts. As Misaki sensei thinks, it’s much more attractive to behave cheerfully like this rather than to crush Misaka san with her dark powers. I’m glad you calmed down…

[I wonder what he will do for me this time. I’m dreaming so much. I’m not sure today’s date is going to turn out the way I want it to, but being rushed isn’t a bad thing, is it? Well, it might be a disaster for Fujisaki kun in a way, right? I’ll give you plenty of lovin’ in bed until I’m satisfied, okay?]

[……Misaki sensei’s mood changed. I was so scared that my legs were shaking, but that atmosphere is no longer there.

Moreover, the fact that she forgives Fujisaki kun because of his cute demeanor is something Fujisaki kun would be attracted to. There’s no way a boy won’t fall in love with a generous woman who forgives him even when he makes mistakes.

It’s frustrating,…..but my half-heartedly forcing him to go along with me has resulted in an increase in Misaki sensei’s reputation,……. Misaki-sensei is strong in this aspect as well, being able to turn adversity into an ally… Am I going to challenge a person like this to a match…?]

The switch in direction by Misaki sensei seems to have unintentionally caused a great deal of damage to Misaka san. Honestly…I was also impressed by Misaki-sensei’s generosity.

“I mean, Fujisaki kun, what did you call Misaki sensei earlier?”

“No, um……this isn’t a school, so I was wondering if it’s okay to call her that.”

“That’s right. But…I was actually planning to beg Fujisaki kun, who was calling Misaki sensei, in a cute way, saying, [Please call me Misaki-san today] you know? Could you please not take away that opportunity?”

“Ah….. sorry. I was not paying attention……”

“As a punishment, you’ll have to call me Nana san for the rest of the day. Is that okay?”

“E-eh? Isn’t the hurdle suddenly too high? We don’t have that kind of relationship…….”

“Fujisaki kun, do you think you’re in a position to defy my orders?”

“……No, I guess not.”

“Good, as long as you know. Well then, repeat after me. [Nana san].”


“Fufu? I like the way you call me that.”

Misaki sensei pecks my cheek with his index finger. …Isn’t Misaki sensei really cute right now? It’s obviously more attractive than before, right?

After giving me a tremendous smile, Misaki sensei turns to Misaka san.

“By the way, Misaka san. I’m going to ask you straight out, but perhaps things aren’t going well with you and Sakata kun?””

“Eh? Ah, erm……why are you asking me that?”

[I thought she was flirting with Fujisaki kun, but then he suddenly came to me. What do you mean……?]

“I think it’s best to make this clear. Well, if it’s difficult to answer, you don’t have to answer. However, let’s see. From my experience, I think love in high school……it’s worth failing.”


“I know it’s probably none of my business, but you know what? It’s worth it to experience a relationship that doesn’t work out and to let the other person experience it too.

People can only truly learn something when they make really painful mistakes. That’s why high school romance, including breakups, is a valuable experience. When it’s time to break up, just do it.”

“…..I-is that right.”

“Yeah. So, if your relationship becomes strained due to breaking up… can talk to me about it. There are some things that cannot be resolved by yourself, so it is not a bad idea to ask for help from someone older than you.

Even divorcing couples sometimes have lawyers on hand to help them separate. Once two people are deeply involved, it is difficult for adults to separate. It is no surprise that it is difficult for high school students as well.

You don’t have to feel that you have to solve the problem on your own because it is the result of your own actions. There is nothing wrong with relying on someone else when you are in trouble.

Well, maybe this is really none of my business?”

Misaki sensei gives a very dependable smile. …..At one time I wondered what was going to happen, but I’m really glad that it doesn’t look like there will be any more suspenseful developments…….

“T-thank you so much. I feel so……lightened.”

[Oh, shoot……I’m starting to cry,……. I think I’m doing terrible things to Takuma, and some really selfish things……. Misaki sensei noticed a lot of things and encouraged me……… Warm words are such a comfort to the heart…… Of course even Fujisaki kun would prefer a woman like her…….

……No, no, no ! I won’t give up like this ! Even if it’s Misaki sensei, I won’t give up !]

Misaka san shakes her head lightly and looks at Misaki sensei with strong-willed eyes.

“…..I may really rely on you when it comes to it. But first, I will do my best on my own.”

“I see. Then that’s it. Well, let’s look at a few more things before we move on.”

It seems that, for the time being, it will be a date with the three of us with no disturbing aspects.

The crisis seems to be over, but I need to reflect on the things I did wrong.

……Hm? Come to think of it, I think I’m forgetting something…….

I suddenly had such a thought overtake me, and I heard a distorted inner voice, as if I had finally recovered from the stillness of the world……

[……Why are you having so much fun with those women, Onii san? In the first place, why was Onii chan praising Misaki sensei so much just now? Isn’t that strange? It’s strange, right? He’s my Onii chan, and I’m the only one he’s allowed to praise, okay? That’s natural. I mean, why is Onii chan with these women in the first place? Hm? This was an invitation from Misaki sensei, right? There’s no way he would have asked her out. If so, why did he accept the invitation? If he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t have taken her up on the offer in the first place, right? Does that mean that he has more than a little bit of a crush on her?

That’s a lie. A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie, an absolute lie. That’s impossible. I can’t have Onii chan falling for another woman. I love Onii chan much, much more than her, and I’m the most suitable person to be his girlfriend. This is absolutely ridiculous. Do you know how long I have been in love with Onii chan and how long I have been trying to get to know him? It’s not right that Onii chan should fall for another woman. You are mine. Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is, Onii chan is.]

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