“When I went to the station this morning to go to the hair salon, I saw Kento and that vixen holding hands and flirting.”

……So we were seen.

“At that time, I was really annoyed with that vixen and approached her to pull her away from Kento. ……But then it occurred to me that maybe I had already been dumped.”

“……As I said before, it’s not like I threw you away, right? …Maki and I have a strong connection as childhood friends. I think that if Maki doesn’t try to break it, I don’t think it will ever break.”

“…..Thank you. ….I’m not sure if words alone are enough to reassure me, though. I’m insecure. The moment I think that I might have been abandoned, my heart palpitates, my eyes flicker, and my chest aches. I didn’t think I was so dependent on you, but I realized that I can’t live without you.”


“……That’s why that woman was in my way. With all the blood rushing to my head, I thought I was going to kill that woman…”

“……Maki, you’re not the kind of girl who would do such a thing.”

“I thought so too. ……But when it comes to Kento, I can’t stop. I won’t stop. It’s like I’m not myself anymore…I’m scared.”

Maki loves me so much that it makes her sick. It’s a man’s pleasure, but I honestly can’t be happy when I see her suffering.

“……I’m sorry. At least, if I hadn’t misjudged Maki’s true nature, this wouldn’t have happened.”

When Maki was abusing me, I had to make the mistake of thinking that was her true nature.

If only I had listened to her.

Maybe something would have changed.

……But still.

I don’t regret it.

When I heard her mouth say those words that were so demeaning to Hikari, I felt the love I had for her slip away from me.

It was okay for her to abuse me. I could stand it because I loved her too. ,,,,,But, I really couldn’t stand it when she humiliated my family.

But if it triggered Maki’s illness, I’m responsible for it.

“Then……if you feel bad……give me proof that you won’t leave me.”


In the midst of my wondering, Maki suddenly hugged me.

“H-hey ! Why suddenly–“Hold me?”


“Will you…..hold me?”

I couldn’t catch up with her understanding. There’s no context.

“……Don’t say that, even if you’re joking.”

“I’m not joking. ……Will you take my first? Then Kento, who has a kind heart, wouldn’t be able to abandon me, right?”

Maki looks at me with blank eyes. At least it doesn’t seem like a joke.

“……….I can’t.”

When we were dating, I would have loved it. But right now, I’ve been confessed to by Hikari and Maria senpai. It is true that we are not dating, but having a physical relationship with Maki here would be trampling on their feelings.

“…..I see, Kento doesn’t want me anymore. That’s right,…..then, I’m going to die.”

Immediately, Maki held a knife to her own neck.

“Stop !”

Although I was able to grab her arm right away, blood dripped from her neck.

“I’m serious. If Kento doesn’t hold me, I’ll die. There is no point in the world if you don’t love me.”

“……That’s a threat, you know.”

“I know. I’m a dirty woman.”

“……I don’t even have a contraceptive.”

“It’s okay to do it raw. I’m on the pill.”

“……Where are we going to do it?”

“Here’s fine. They’ll never find us.”


“……Don’t ever do anything stupid like threaten me again.”

I violently snatched her lips.

Suddenly, the faces of Hikari and Maria senpai came to mind. However, I intertwine our tongue as if to shake it off.

That day, Maki and I became one in the park.

(TL/N : I’m speechless)

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8 months ago

Same here, time to add first-time intercourse on NU? Honestly, should have just called the cops at this point.

8 months ago

Yeah that was wild. When it comes to yandere stories I prefer when their the lone love interest or its a yandere harem because a lone yandere in a regular harem gets a little to crazy for me.

8 months ago

Damn, that escalated quickly. Polygamy tag please?

3 months ago

Holy shmowzow!