“Onii chan, can I have a word?”

Saki appears in her peach-colored pajamas. I don’t have any interest in seeing my sister in pajamas…..but I can’t think like a gentleman, and I’m a little nervous. I didn’t really notice it until now, but when I think that Saki has feelings for me…her feelings that she had kept a lid on until now come to the surface.

“What’s wrong?”

“I need you to teach me something. I have some homework.”

“Okay. Let me see.”

“Thank you. I’ll be done soon.”

Saki sat down on the bed without hesitation. The scent of shampoo wafted through the air, making my heart beat faster.

The one thing Saki brought with her was a math printout. Saki is indeed a little bad at math, and I often teach her. ….She came with that intention, right? Actually, she is good at it, but she dares to pretend that she doesn’t understand it in order to ask me to teach her…….

[I’m not good at math. Why can’t I be good at it when Onii chan teaches it to me? I can’t forgive myself for being like that. But now I have a reason for Onii chan to teach me like this, so I guess that’s convenient for me.]

Ah, good. I was being useful to Saki. The fact that I had been teaching students with a smug look on my face did not turn into a dark history.

For a while, I’m going to teach Saki math.

From my point of view, it was a year ago, and it wasn’t difficult to teach.

[Onii chan is so cool……. I wonder if you can lead me in such a cool way when we have sex? Leave everything to him, and I can just go with the flow, or…..?

But it’s also hard to let go of Onii chan, who is surprisingly reserved in bed. I gently guide him as he wondering if he’s doing it right……

The moment we become one, I’ll be fine, so I’ll take the plunge….just kidding. Aha, I’m getting wet again when I imagine it. I want to push Onii chan down……and I want him to touch me…..I want him to let out his arousal into me…….]

I think it’s skillful to be able to develop such thinking while being taught at the same time. Isn’t that why you can’t be good at mathematics? I can’t help but think that, but she understands how to solve problems very well here. It seems that when she tries something new, she doesn’t understand it.

After about 20 minutes of work, Saki smiled with satisfaction.

“Thank you, Onii chan. I’m sorry for making you stay up so late.

“Don’t mind it. Saki’s studies are more important than me.”

“You’re so kind. I love you, Onii chan !”

Saki links arms with me and leans close to me. Naturally, her chest was also pressed against me, and I could feel the soft sensation. Sometimes we have this kind of skinship, and I didn’t pay attention to that kind of detail, but when I found out that she liked me, I couldn’t help but be aware of it.

“Ah, don’t get too attached. Even though we are brother and sister, I think you should be a little more embarrassed.”

“Hmm? Onii chan, are you becoming conscious of your sister’s body?”

[Be more conscious ! You can push me down if you can’t stand it anymore !]

“T-that’s not……”

“Hmm? Is that really so? Even this?”

Saki’s chest wraps around my arm. Hm? I thought she was wearing a soft fabric bra, but maybe she doesn’t wear a bra?

No, no, that can’t be true……

[Fufu, Onii chan is cute when he’s blushing ! Was it worth it for me to come here without a bra? I should let Onii chan know how I feel more. I mean, I can feel Onii chan with my breasts too……. I wonder how much more I can get him excited. I’m not wearing any underwear.]

As I thought so. As a man, of course I’m happy about that, but there’s still a need for moderation !?

“S-stop it. Just because we’re brother and sister, we’re still physically male and female, right? Of course, I don’t mean to be weird, but if you dare to do something like that, I won’t be okay either.”

I pushed Saki back with my free hand. It’s very unfortunate, but if things continue like this, I feel like I’ll really do something to Saki.

“Ahaha. Onii chan, you’re worrying too much. We used to take baths together, right?”

“The’s in the past. Now is now. The situation is totally different.”

“I don’t mind taking a bath with you even now, you know?”

“What are you, a child? You’re in high school now, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Ahaha. I guess so. Then, let’s do it in a bathing suit?”

“Why are you assuming we’re going in together !?”

“That’s fine. Let’s go in together once in a while. We’re siblings, after all.”

“Siblings don’t take a bath together, generally speaking.”

“Ahaha. I’m just kidding. You’re being paranoid.”

[Was I a little aggressive? Are you serious? Really? I have to stop at a delicate point like that. It’s good that he’s aware of me, but it’s no good if I suddenly close the distance too much and he becomes alarmed. I have to make him aware of me slowly and gradually, and wait for the right moment when his mind is occupied with me. Don’t be in a hurry.]

Saki is smiling innocently. I can’t believe that he is aiming at me with her eyes wide open. Women are scary.

[Well, it’s late tonight, so the lost-and-found strategy is difficult. Ugh, I’m getting impatient and my body is aching again. I want to play with it right now. I mean, I want you to tease me. Oh, my God, I’m going crazy !

…….I need to calm down a little. by the way……]

“Ah, by the way, the phone call was long, what was it about? Misaka senpai, right?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. The content, let’s see……I can’t talk about it yet. For Misaka san’s sake.”

“You can’t talk about it yet? What do you mean? You can talk about it soon, but not now?”

“Yeah. Not now. It’s a private conversation…….”


[Well, I know what it’s all about. But if I don’t seem to care about it at all, that’s suspicious, right? It’s okay to take a detour and pretend like I’m looking into something a little bit, but…here, I’m using my woman’s intuition…]

“Perhaps, things aren’;t going well between Misaka senpai and Sakata senpai?”

“Eh !? H-how’d you know that !?”

Saki pretends like she doesn’t know anything, and I pretend like I don’t know anything about Saki’s inner voice. What a useless psychological battle.

“Your reaction is right on the money.

A woman’s intuition is clear.

I’ve seen the two of them before, and Sakata senpai often comes to our house,……Sakata-senpai is a cool guy, but he’s actually quite a pain in the ass, isn’t he? It sounds good when he says he has leadership skills, but it feels like we have to adapt others toh is own pace.”

“….So that’s how he looks like to you, Saki.”

Sakata is one of my few friends. Although he tend to run off on his own to some extent, he’s not so self-righteous that he doesn’t listen to the opinions of others. I thought he was someone who would understand if I said it.

“He is not a punk who doesn’t listen to others. But I think there are some people who I feel sorry for if they don’t say anything if they are working so hard for someone who is aggressively pulling for them. I think Misaka senpai is that type of person. However, instead of not complaining, I think she accumulated a little bit of dissatisfaction. Even if each one of them is a small dissatisfaction, they add up and it becomes like something is not good anymore.”

“……Saki is very perceptive. I think you’re probably right.”

I was completely unaware of this aspect of Misaka san. I guess that means I don’t understand women’s feelings.

“I think Sakata senpai is somewhat at fault for things like this, but I think Misaka senpai is also to blame. She didn’t communicate what she wanted and what he wanted, so she just kept getting dissatisfied with the situation.

I wonder if it’s just a matter of compatibility. Misaka senpai is suited to a partner who makes it easy for her to express her feelings.”

“……I guess you’re right.”

“By the way, what did Misaka senpai say to you? She want to break up with him, but she doesn’t know what to do?”

“Don’t pry too much. Misaka san hasn’t told me to tell anyone about it.”

I see. In that case, I’ll spare you any further prying. But if you don’t know how to give advice, you can rely on me, okay?”

[Fufu. To Onii chan, I may just be his little sister, but in this way, I need to show off that I’m actually a reliable adult woman. Once he realized that I was no longer a child, we started having an adult relationship…hehehe]

The way she laughs is scary. Although I’m certainly impressed that she is a more mature girl than I expected.

“Thank you. It’s reassuring to have Saki here.”

“Hehe. You’re not the only one who gets to teach something, Onii chan.”

[Reassuring ! I’m happy that Onii chan relies on me ! In the future, I have to become a reliable partner as we walk through life together ! I have to be more and more dependable !]

“…..You’re right. Saki is already a high school student. Well, I’m heading to bed soo, you too, Saki. We have school tomorrow.”

“Yeah. Right. Thank you, Onii chan.”

Saki got up and was about to leave the room.

“Good night, Onii chan. Have a sweet dream.”

[It’s okay if you remember the feel of my breasts and have sex with me in your dreams, okay?]

“……G-good night.”

Leaving behind a cute smile, Saki closes the door. Therefore.

[Hm? By the way, Misaka senpai, if things don’t work out and she breaks up with Sakata senpai, what will she do then? Will she cut ties with both Onii chan and Sakata senpai? Or…..No way, will she approach Onii chan?

Onii chan is a wonderful person, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happened to him. Have you ever started dating a friend of your boyfriend who turns out to be a really attractive person, and you’re more attracted to him than your boyfriend?

Hmmm? So maybe it’s not that things aren’t going well with her boyfriend, but rather that her relationship with him is not going well because she’s fallen in love with Onii chan? Or maybe she doesn’t want to make the effort to make it work anymore?

Huh? Could it be that Onii chan is in trouble? She hasn’t made any move up until now, but now here comes the cat burglar who wants to steal Onii chan away from me? Hmph…… So that’s it. Oh, that’s right…….]

Through the door, I could almost see a black aura rising from Saki.

[If that’s the case,……then she’s the enemy.]

The voice in Saki’s mind stops and she walks away stuttering.

Um……she really scares me. I’m going to be okay, right? Saki is a kind-hearted girl after all, right? There won’t be a sudden development of suspense, right?

With a strange feeling of unease in my heart, I lay down on my bed. I should be sleepy, but I couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

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6 months ago

MC is a pretty good actor if he was able to fool Saki into thinking he didn’t know that she knew.