I feel like my head is clearer after talking to Shiori san yesterday.

The days have been raging since I heard that fortune-telling. If I get through the last Friday and Saturday and Sunday, the week will be over.

Yuzuha found out that I was a prince and I was confused about a lot of things when I found out that I had also helped Kirishima and Shiori-san in the past, but thanks to Shiori-san, I felt like I was able to be positive.

(Really, I can’t be more grateful to Shiori-san. ……)

I wake up in the morning sun.

It’s the last day of the weekday. It’s a hassle today too, but I quickly get ready to go to school…

“Ah, Good morning, Tsukkun.”


—Before I could do that, my childhood friend was in my room.

“There’s still time, but do you want to …… sleep some more?”


“Ah, or do you want to …… um, …… sleep together?”


The girl smiled shyly, a smile that exuded a little courage.

Her beautiful face is clearly visible even in my vague consciousness when I wake up, and her captivating words give me a strange sense of comfort in the morning.


“…… trespassing?”


“You can’t, you know? It’s allowed because it’s a childhood friend frame, but if it’s someone else, you could end up in the care of the wild policemen.”

“I only do it to Tsukkun, and I made sure Misato-san let me in!”

Yuzuha puffs out her cheeks and taps my thighs through the sheets.

Unlike me, she was wearing her school uniform and seemed ready to go to school.

“You told me …… that we should go to school together.”

“I know, but …… why are you in my room?’”

Why don’t you just relax in the living room like you usually do, watching TV or something?

I glanced at the clock, but there was still time.

“Well, Misato-san said, [Look at Tsukkun’s sleeping face, he’s so cute!
and so we barged into the room….”

If I go to the living room and see my sister, I’ll attack her.

“B-But I didn’t see you okay?! That’s right, I did see a little bit, but I felt bad…….”

Yuzuha looks down with her cheeks stained.

A vocabulary book is in her hand, suggesting that she was studying.

I guess she saw it, but what she just said doesn’t seem to be a lie.

“…… Let’s have some food for now. Oh, have you eaten?”

“No, I haven’t eaten yet!”

“Well, let’s eat together.”

I got up and got dressed before washing my face…



Come to think of it, Yuzuha is now in the same room.

I was trying to prepare as usual, so I wasn’t paying attention to consideration at all.

Once we entered high school, we started going together when we met on the way to school. It had been several years since Yuzuha had come to my house like this in the morning, so it seemed like Ihad become neglectful around that area.

“I thought about it before,……, but you’re pretty sturdy, aren’t you?”

I’m sorry, so don’t look at me so hard, young lady.


“Come to think of it, there’s a forest school coming up soon, isn’t there?”

Yuzuha says something like that on the other side of the table while chewing on a piece of bread.

“Ah, come to think of it, it’s about time. Was it before Golden Week?”

At our school, a two day and one night recreation is held early in the new term.

However, the target group is first-year students who are still getting used to their new environment, and the event is designed to deepen the friendship between new students.

What is perhaps a little unusual is that some of the second and third year students follow along and look after each other.

This would be on a volunteer basis, with each class asking for a wish list, and the second and third years would be invited to take part.

“Will Yuzuha volunteer?”

“Yes! I think it’s better to experience this kind of event because it will be useful later on!”

“As expected, you want to be a teacher. Be proactive.”

I’m not going to do it because it’s too much hassle for me.

However, it might be a good event for Yuzuha, whose dream is to become a teacher.

If you become a teacher, you’ll probably have the opportunity to lead students on school trips, which is sure to be a valuable experience.

“Well, there are regular exams before that.”


Yuzuha’s grades cannot be described as good.

I don’t mind participating, but the test that will affect my current career path is probably more of a problem.

“Ah, you know… Tsukkun. Um, I have a request for you…”

“Okay, I’ll teach you again.”

“Ugh …… as always, sorry, okay?”

Yuzuha looks apologetic and depressed.

Normally, she would say, [Thank you, Tsukkun! As expected, you came first in class! That’s cool☆] with a smile on her face.

Is this also because she knows I’m the prince?  thought things were getting back to normal, but…

“I’m not saying I don’t like it or anything, so don’t worry. When I teach, I get to do my revision for that.”

“I’m trying to be a teacher, but I can’t study and …… I’m kind of pathetic.”

“No, you’re not.”

“But it’s a pain in the ass, isn’t it?”


I took a bite of the bread and honestly said what was on my mind.

“If you said you were sleeping during class, that would be a problem, but I know that you are taking the class seriously and studying at home. How can I feel bad?”


“Besides, Yuzuha and I are close in the first place, you can just say ‘Thank you!’ like you always do.”

I don’t really like this kind of sad face.

She has a pretty face, she would look much more attractive if she was smiling.


Yuzuha, who has finished eating her bread, slowly stands up.

And then, sitting down beside me, for some reason, she slowly hugged my waist.

“……H-hey? What are you doing suddenly becoming a koala, young lady?”

“…… Tsukkun is as fault.”


The soft touch and the faint sweet smell stimulated me.

However, while I was confused, Yuzuha was elsewhere…

“I just want to hug you.”

She blushes and buries her face in my stomach.

I couldn’t say anything because of how cute she looked, and even I felt embarrassed.

(Damn ……, this is hard.)

A beautiful girl hugs me.

It’s impossible not to be happy about it.

But, being hugged so suddenly and having no experience with women, there was no way I could cope with it smartly…

“I can hear Tsukkun heartbeat all the way to your stomach. ……”

“S-Shut up…..”

I couldn’t pull my lovely childhood friend off me until I finished eating.

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