“I’m marrying onii chan!”
“No! I’m the one who’s going to marry onii chan!”

The high-pitched noise of cute little girls with identical faces echoed in one of the rooms of the apartment.

The girls are the twin sisters of the Otaru family who live in room 604, named Otaru Yuri and Otaru Kairi.
They are in the second grade and have an older brother, Otaru Yuto, who is one year older than them.

“Hey, hey, you two! Get along with each other!”

They finally stopped fighting after being quieted by their older brother Yuto, who rushed into the living room when he heard the sisters fighting.

“Why did you two fight?”

When Yuto asked the reason, they pointed at each other at the same time.

“Because Kairi (Yuuri) said that Onii-chan was going to marry me.”

Hearing this, Yuto sighed and put his hand on both of their shoulders.

“Listen to me, both of you. A man and a woman who are related by blood cannot get married.”


When Yuto admonishes them, the sisters simultaneously roll their eyes and open their mouths with a gaping mouth.

“So, Yuuri and Kairi, you’re going to marry a better-looking, cooler guy, not me, okay?”

Yuuri and Kairi had no idea what Yuto was talking about.
For them, Yuto is a smart, athletic, and studious older brother who is always praised by everyone and they have been in love with him as an older brother and as a boy ever since they can remember.

“Hey, hey, Onii-chan. Why can’t we get married if we are related by blood?”
“Onii chan doesn’t want to marry us?”

Yuri and Kairi asked Yuto in rapid succession.
Yuto, himself still in the third grade of elementary school, was at a loss for an answer, but he brushed it off with, “Well, there’s a law about that!”

From that day on, the twin sisters had been in a haze about their feelings.

But it was not until seven years later that the haze was cleared away.

“Onee-chan, it’s almost midnight, I’m going to turn off the light.”
“Wait, Kairi. I want to study a little longer.”

Yuri and Kairi are now in the third year of junior high school.
Yuri is a hardworking honor student who boasts the top grades in her junior high school class, while Kairi is a gal who only cares about nail art and accessories and has dyed her hair gold.

The twin sisters grew up at opposite ends of the spectrum, but the one thing that can be said about both of them is that they are beautiful and have a style superior to others.

Yuri is a hardworking honor student, but she tempts everyone with her erotic and voluptuous breasts that can be seen through her school uniform and her plump thighs, while Kairi, on the other hand, is the best gal in the school, always shaking her large breasts and slightly unbuttoning her chest and wearing her school uniform.

Their faces are so pretty and attractive that it is easy to understand why they are in the entertainment business, and they are the “first love hunters” for boys their age.

The girls are, of course, very popular at the junior high school they currently attend.
Yuri is popular among honor student boys, while Kairi is popular among the more mischievous boys, so much so that there is even a debate in the junior high school about which girl is the top beauty, Yuri or Kairi.

Yes, In the past seven years, they have become famous in the neighborhood as the beautiful twin sisters.

“I mean, you study too much, don’t you, onee-chan? Do you really want to enter the same high school as onii?”
“I-It’s none of your business!”

Even late at night, Yuuri is still gnawing on her study desk, and Kairi is cleaning her nails.
The two sisters are twins, so they have always had a room to themselves.

“K-Kairi is the one who keeps getting red marks. Are you sure you want to go to a different high school than onii chan?”
“I don’t like onii. I’m not a bro conlike you, Yuuri.”
“B-Brocon!? You’re totally wrong!”

Kairi put down her pencil, got up from her chair, and was about to leave the room.

“Where are you going, onee-chan?”
“T-to the bathroom.”
“Wait a minute. I want to go too.”
“Eeh …….”

Yuri and Kairi left the room together and went to the bathroom.

“I’ll go first, right?”
“I was going to go first, so I’ll go–“

As they walked down the hallway to the bathroom, arguing about who should go in first, they noticed that the light was on in the living room.

“Isn’t it about time–it’s time we talked?”

(Mom’s voice?)

They creep up to the living room door and listen.

“But isn’t it better if they don’t know?”

(Dad’s voice too?)

And then – the girls come to know.

“That Yuri and Kairi are not related to Yuto by blood–it would be better to keep quiet still.”


They returned to their room, looking into each other’s eyes.
It was such a shock that the urge to urinate instantly disappeared.

And that was …… their big wish.

“With onii”
“We are.”
“”Brother and sister-in-law⁈””

Meanwhile, Yuto, who knew nothing about it, was ……

“Woohoo, this new V-tuber is so cute!”

He was now just a non-goofy guy who sends superchats to V-tubers.

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Fan de vtubers

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I hate tsunderes so while I want to read this, I can’t

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Tsunderes? Bruh, what are you talking about? The sisters barely even qualify and it ends right away. They are not the problem.