We set off on horseback for the giant settlement. As we approached the bushes, checking our map, an eerie atmosphere enveloped the area. The leaves, stones, and trees were three to four times larger than our human habitat and smelled of blood.

Sensing the eerie atmosphere, we decided to get off our horses and walk.

As we walked along, being conscious of making as little noise as possible, we saw something white lying on the ground.

“Human bones……”
“……Eric, stick with me.”

Sophia and I have swords, but it is highly doubtful that we will be able to compete with the big giants. There is so little information on giants that we do not know what their weaknesses are or how strong they are.

The mere fact that they are large does not give us a complete picture of what kind of beings the Nephilim are.

As we were walking through the hazy bushes, we heard a strange sound.

“Gooooooo ……”

“Eric! Someone’s coming!”

And we quickly go to a big tree to hide ourselves.


We quietly looked in the direction of the sound.

And then..

There was a giant.

He was over 5 meters tall, with red hair, and 12 fingers on each hand and foot. It walked on two legs, but it was clearly not human.

It was a ……

It’s a monster.

Scary ……

I’ve never seen anything like that in Japan.

When I came to my senses, my legs were trembling. I was born and raised in peaceful Japan, and I had never done or seen the act of killing a human-like being.

So, when I thought of having to fight with those Nephilim, I started to lose my backbone,

I fell on my buttocks.

The Nephilim heard that sound,


It’s coming for us.


Sophia quickly pulls out her sword to block the Nephilim’s attack.


The sound of Sophia’s sword clashing with Nephilim’s huge sword reached my heart.

“This is …… strong!”

and Sophia pushed Nephilim’s sword before retreating and attacking. The two of them move their bodies so fast that I can’t follow them with my eyes, and fight with their swords.

Watching them, I was stunned, and eventually, Sophia cut Nephilim’s leg.


and with a roaring sound, the Nephilim fell down. With a lean movement, Sophia swung her sword to slash at the giant’s head, but,

“! To stop a sword with your hand is …… tremendous power,…… Eric!”
“Pull out your sword and stab this Nephilim’s head as hard as you can!”

Sophia appealed with an impatient look on her face. But I couldn’t move. My back was shaking, and I couldn’t even stand up.

“Eric! You’re going to make up with Luvia!”

Luvia…… her sad face…… I don’t want to see her sad face anymore. I’m not going to be able to do anything about it. I’m not going to let the girl I love get in danger, even if it kills me!

“Yeah, I’ll do it!”

After saying that, I pull out my sword and run toward the Nephilim with my fighting spirit burning.



The Nephilim who ate my sword let out a desperate cry and drew their last breath. One curious thing is that the Nephilim have double rows of teeth, like fish.

I gasp, pull out my sword, take a swing, and put it away. Then I opened my mouth to thank Sophia.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you go through all that trouble.
“No. Eric is an amateur. It’s great that he managed to kill the Nephilim.”
“I wanted to make things right with Luvia, and I also wanted to protect Sophia chan.”
“Eric …….”
“Let’s go ……. Our destination is further in, we have to hurry!”

“Her Highness Princess Luvia…… is still too dangerous here. As you can see, even Princess Sophia, who is said to be the strongest swordsman, could not finish him off by herself. If we were targeted,……
“…… No, I’m not leaving. I’m going after those two.”


Sera and Mandane are doing some work in the basement lab of Blinken’s mansion.

“(Sera) It’s amazing, by the way,…… that you don’t even have to write directly by hand, just press it, and you can produce a large number of flyers in no time at all.”
“(Mandane). I think Blinken san is a very bright man for inventing this method.”
“(Sera) I call it Blinken Letterpress! If the world knew about this, it would send shockwaves through the publishing industry.”
“(Mandane) Fufu, yes, that’s true. But for now, let’s concentrate on distributing this mass of flyers to the people of the Kingdom of Henesys!”
“Sera is a very nice girl!”
“Mandane-sama is the one who is so clever to talk with Blinken-san and come up with this way of doing things.”
“I was able to come up with it because of my desire to help Eric! We’ll spoil Eric a lot later!”
“Yes! I understand! But first, we have to get the word out about all the bad people who are trying to take over the Henesys Kingdom!”
“Sera, come here.”
“Princess Mandane ……”

They are both beautiful. But the girls didn’t even know the ink was on their clothes as they embraced each other.

“Fake is no better than truth. So let’s trust Eric and Sophia.”
“Yes, …… because they have a bright future ahead of them.”

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