“Haa. ……”
“What’s up, onii san? Did something happen at school?”

I let out a sigh and my sister, Mirei, worried about what was wrong.
I was not comfortable talking about it, even though I arrived unexpectedly.

“No, I mean, you know. I’m fine after all.”
“That’s the kind of thing that bothers me the most. It would be fine if it is. What if there’s something wrong?”
“Actually, Saki cheated on me. ……”
“Eh? Really, Saki san was cheating on you ……?”
“Definitely, because I saw her go to a hotel on the way home today. …… Sorry, that was a bit sudden.”

Remembering this makes me uncomfortable, angry, and sad all at the same time.
Even if I wanted to break up with her, it would be impossible in this state.
Besides, next Saturday is exactly our two-year anniversary.
Because of this, I had been working hard at my part-time job to send her a good present, but now it didn’t matter anymore. I wonder if it was too much of an imposition.
No good thoughts came to mind, and my thoughts went from bad to worse.

“It’s all right, brother. Thank you for telling me. I don’t have any experience, so I may not be able to say anything to comfort you. But I know you were trying your best, because I was there watching. So, you know, let me help you, even if it’s slowly.”

As I sit on the sofa, she gives me a gentle hug from behind.
Then the perfume spreads softly. I feel embarrassed and ashamed, and I also feel pathetic.
But I was still grateful to have someone to support me. Thanks to that, I was not so distraught.

“Thank you, Mirei. I will try my best again.”
“Yes, you’re always like that, onii chan. I am very worried about you. Don’t be in a hurry.”

Even my younger sister is this worried about me.
I am very happy that she worries so much about me, even though I am in such a state.

“I’ll try not to be in a hurry. I haven’t sorted out my feelings yet, and if I’m going to break up with her, I’m going to do it thoroughly.”

I decided to make it impossible for her to get away with it.
It may be enough just to go to the hotel, but if you are going to break up with someone, you want to make sure that there is no way to get away with it.
That way, I would be able to leave without any regrets.

“I think that would be good. That way, I think you can leave without any regrets. I will help you as much as I can, so please do your best, onii chan.”
“Thank you so much. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m home…I’m so tired, Dad is so tired.”

As I was thinking that, my father came home.

“Oh, welcome home, Dad. Thanks for your hard work.”
“Welcome home. Thank you for all your hard work.
“Oh no, I’m so happy to be greeted by my children. …… Shall I buy something for you? Oh, Kanata is limited to 500 yen.”
“Don’t make a blatant difference, Dad. Then I’ll have fried chicken.”
“I’m fine. Just your feelings.”
“Dad will work harder! Let’s go out as a family this weekend.”

I looked at my dad who was thrilled to be alone, and he naturally laughed. I looked at the clock, thinking how funny he was even at a time like this, and realized that it was already evening.
So I started moving to get ready for dinner.

“I’m home…hey, dad’s home too, isn’t he?”
“Welcome home, Mom. Everyone’s home.”
“Yes, I heard some happy voices, what’s going on?”

Everyone laughed and Yuko san came home as well.
Dad told her what was going on.

“Well, I was wondering if we could all go for a drive this weekend?”
“That sounds great. I have a day off, too, and we didn’t have the same day off, so let’s go.”
“Well, then, we’re all set?”
“Yeah, that’s fine.”
“All right, everyone, think about where you want to go.”

In the warmth of the room, I was happy again.



(Onii chan was being cheated on – that’s unforgivable. ……)

I think so in my room. But I can’t put it into words, so I just stick a pen in the photo with Saki’s face on it.
After doing so over and over again, I finally took a break.

(But that’s okay, because with this elimination. It’s a shame, since I could have hung out with onii chan from school. I’ve been trying to be nice to him, but I don’t need that anymore. What should I do? I have to be patient, but I feel like I’m going to tell him. ……)

My brother is my brother-in-law.
When I was in elementary school, my mother married my current stepfather, Sagami Haruhito, so I now have an older brother.
In the beginning, I didn’t open up to him because of all the things that had happened, and I said some terrible things to him, but my brother always smiled at me with a warm smile, and above all, he gently wrapped me in his arms.
So I gradually became attracted to him, and before I knew it, my feelings for him went beyond love. Besides, we are in-laws, so we can even get married.
The others think they are the best, but I am the only one who knows everything about my brother. Not just what he likes or dislikes. I know what he likes, what type of hair he likes, what his habits are, and so on.

That’s why I spent so much time making him the way I wanted him to be.
But now I don’t have to put up with it anymore. I can only give him credit for breaking up with her, even though I can’t forgive her for monopolizing my brother in junior high school for trivial reasons.

(I just don’t want onii chan to get hurt, who’s been trying so hard all these years. …… I still shouldn’t let him out of the house. …… I know it’s not realistic yet, but I’ll make him a full-time househusband around the time I graduate from high school. ……he’s the only one there, I’m the only one he sees, and my only onii chan…..)

I shuddered as I imagined the future to come in the not-too-distant future.

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1 year ago


(Onii chan was being cheated on – that’s unforgivable. ……)

giogio who likes yanderes
giogio who likes yanderes
1 year ago

they are in laws? not step siblings?

1 year ago

It’s a translation thing, I’ve seen many step relatives being writting as in law, don’t know if there’s no concept of step in japan, or if they just prefer to referer to people as in law instead of step, but it’s something i’ve seen time and again, most translator don’t even notice the mistake, since in japanese is written brother/sister/father/mother in law, when the relation is actually of what we call step.