I was watching V-tubers at home, as I usually do on holidays, when my mother told me to fold my own laundry, and I reluctantly got up from bed.
By the way, my sisters who are taking entrance exams are studying hard on their days off, Kairi is doing her assignments in her room and Yuri is going to the cram school’s study room.

“It’s tough being an entrance exam student, isn’t it?”

I think of my sisters’ entrance examinations as if they were someone else’s business.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Kairi and Yuuri talking much lately, instead of the two of them and me.

I have been thinking that there is a distance between Kairi and Yuri since Kairi became a gal, but they still talked at dinner and shared the same room for a long time.

“Now that they’re rivals for exams with each other, I wonder if they’re having sparkles all over……”

As I folded my own laundry, I was lost in thought.

“Ah, speaking of which”

I remembered something in the trunks I held in my hand.

“Lately …… my trunks have been looking awfully new.”

The black trunks I’m holding in my hand right now are trunks that I’ve been using for quite a while, but they seem to feel like new.

The feeling of rubbing between the legs and the sensation of fitting into positives is something that gets more familiar the more you wear them, so there is a sense of restlessness with new trunks, but …… these trunks are the only ones that don’t feel comfortable no matter how many times I wear them.
I wonder if my mom bought me new ones? But I’ve never seen two pairs of these trunks.

And that’s not the only mysterious anomaly. …… There’s something more problematic.

Yes, the tissues in the “hidden trash can” in the closet also seem to be down.

I’m beginning to suspect my mother in this matter.
She is the only one who ransacks my room, and I think she knows about it and doesn’t tell me.

I think even my mother has bad taste to secretly throw away her son’s tissues.

I have to tell my mother clearly.


When I came out to the living room, my mother, who was off work today, was sitting on a tea table by the window, enjoying her tea time in an elegant manner.
The scene was picturesque, even for my own mother.

The reason why Kairi and Yuri are called the beautiful sisters is because they inherited their mother’s strong genes,……, but that’s not important right now!

“H-hey, Mom.”
“What’s wrong? Yuto?”

I’m sorry to say that my mom is at teatime, but because we are a family that lives together, there are some things that need to be clarified.

“Mom,……, there is something you are hiding from me, isn’t there?”

The teacups in the hands of the mother fell down and made a clattering sound on the chabu-dai.

“H…HHH! How long have you known?”

You don’t have to get so upset over a mere tissue. ……

“Of course, I check it every day,……, because I hide it on purpose.”
“haa!? Wait, Yuto! What are you checking Yuuri and Kairi’s?”
“Yuuri and Kairi? I’m talking about tissues.”

I finally realized that what we were saying to each other was so different that I thought we were doing some kind of a comedy.

“I don’t know what Yuto is trying to say, but come to think of it, I was out of tissues, so can you go get me some? Also, some soy sauce for tonight’s simmering and, by the way, some toilet paper.”
“O-Ou…. I don’t mind.”

I agreed, and she took 2,000 yen out of her purse and handed it to me.

“Don’t forget the eco-bag.~”

I was bothered by the feeling of incompleteness.

I put on my shoes at the entrance and went out to wait for the elevator next to my room.

“Ah, Oni chan!”
“Ah, Yuri …… welcome back.”
“I’m home. Are you shopping now, Onii chan?”
“Well, yeah. Mom told me to go.”
“…. Well, since you’re here, I might as well go with you.”
“What’s the trouble?”
“Let’s just go”

Yuri pulled me into the elevator and pushed the button for the first floor.

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