After being informed of various matters by my homeroom teacher, Shinonome-sensei, in the staff room, I slowly begin to make my way to my classroom. It had been a while since I had been to school, but nothing seemed to have changed.

“If it’s been about 10 years, it’s fine, but if it’s only a month or so, it won’t make that much of a difference.”

The main content of the communication was about class credits. She told me that because I had been absent from school for a long time, my attendance days were very close to the end, and she gave me some very specific information about how many more days I would have to miss in order to be retained in school.

“If I was cheating, I could understand how this would be handled, but it’s not. ……”

I was the one who wanted them to tolerate it somewhat since I had a legitimate reason for being in the hospital with an injury, but apparently that was not acceptable.
So I can hardly take any more time off during my sophomore year. So I can hardly miss any more classes during my sophomore year, which means I have to go to school from now on no matter what happens.

“If I get sick or something, I’m screwed. I’m in a desperate situation, and it’s really depressing. ……”

As I was mumbling to myself, I arrived at the classroom and slowly entered. I enter the classroom slowly, and for a moment, all of my classmates’ eyes are on me. But there was no one who tried to talk to me.

“…I knew it.”

I had a feeling this would happen when I was a loner with no friends, but needless to say, actually experiencing it firsthand made me feel very sad.
And when I got to my seat, I got down on my desk and started pretending to be asleep as usual. The reason I do this is simple, I have nothing to do in the classroom and I just want the time to go by quickly.
In the beginning, I used to read or prepare for class, but I quit because it became painful for someone to see me doing something alone. Then, as I began to doze off little by little, I heard a familiar voice from the entrance.

“So, Riona said she really wanted to be with one chan.”
“Yes, yes, I know how much Reona loves her sister,”

It was almost certainly Reona’s voice.
At first I was very confused when Reona and Riona spoke to me at the same time, but recently I have gradually become able to distinguish between them.
The other voice was probably Suzumiya Fuka, Reona’s best friend. I was not there when I arrived at the classroom earlier, so she must have been in the restroom or something.
Incidentally, Reona belongs to the so-called “yokya” group, which is made up of the most popular boys and girls in the class.    
It goes without saying that Reona is the top of the caste in the class because she is a beautiful mix girl with excellent communication skills.
Therefore, she would never have had anything to do with me, a loner and a laggard at the bottom of the caste.
While I was thinking about this and continuing to pretend to be asleep, I heard footsteps approaching my seat. And when I stopped in front of my seat, the owner of the footsteps suddenly blew on my ear as hard as she could to see what I was thinking.


I jumped up with a startled yell and found Reona standing there, looking like a child who had successfully pulled a prank.

“Ah, Ryoya-kun, you’re awake after all!”
“W-What are you doing all of a sudden?”
“Sorry, sorry, I just felt like playing a prank when I saw Ryoya-kun.”

Reona said such a thing without any sign of offence at all. I was about to protest against her, but I stopped myself from doing so when I noticed the countless stares from around me.
I looked around and saw that all the eyes in the class were on the two of us, and we were totally making a scene. I was completely noticed by the classmates, probably because I had raised my voice to them earlier.
My classmates were looking at me with curious eyes. Some of them were looking at me with jealousy, and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable.
It is only natural that some of my classmates would be uncomfortable with the fact that Reona, the idol of the class, and I, a loner, are communicating in this way.

“……It’s really noticeable and seriously embarrassing, so can you give me a break on this one?”
“Mouu, I can’t help it. I’ll let you off the hook for once.”

When I spoke to her in a voice that only Reona could hear, she responded in the same whisper, as if she had read the air.
Then Reona went back to her seat as if nothing had happened. Soon after, the members of the same group asked Reona about what had just happened, but she seemed to be evasive about it.
As for me, I was still feeling extremely uncomfortable and could do nothing more than lie down on my desk and pretend to be asleep until the first period class started.
I put on my earphones and completely shut out the whispering voices from around me, and just pretended to be asleep until class started.

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

Wait no news about the crime scene??

1 year ago

That would be absolutely unacceptable. I’d be raising such a stink if I’d been stabbed after saving peoples lives and they told me I had attendance issues. Lol, fuck right off.

11 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

true i was like wtf ??

4 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

It is completely unfair and probably even illegal.