After lunch with the six of us, Kaoru and Yu left Satsuki Emerald Park as they had declared. Apparently, their only business really was to make contact with us.

But what was it all about? Other than having a lively meal together, nothing special happened… Oh, come to think of it, they were talking secretly behind my back and Kohinata’s back about something, so maybe the real reason they came to Emepa was discussed there.

I’m a little curious, but if they don’t want me to hear it, I won’t force myself to ask.
Then we, the four of us from Sakura Sei Gakuen, decided to play with the Frisbees we had purchased. Incidentally, this was a response from the ladies, who said, “Since Karakusa and sugino kun went to the trouble of buying it for us, let’s play with it! and “………… (kokukoku)”. The latter is not so much a statement as a reaction.

The four of us decided to play frisbee first, and we were close enough to hear each other if we shouted a little. We started with Kohinata.

It’s a little too late to say this, but I wondered if she could throw it properly.
Well, I’ve never done it before, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to throw it well. …… Well, let’s give it to Keiichi for a while and see how he does. If it’s him, even if he throws it out of line and has to run, it won’t be a problem. I mean, it’s better than letting the girls run.

“Can you reach it this way? Do you know how to throw?”

I asked Kohinata in a louder voice, and she looked at me and nodded her head. She looked confident. Well, if she says she can do it, I’ll believe her.

But even if I say I believe her, in case the path from Kohinata goes the other way, she might feel sorry

That is a no-no. It’s a parental nonsense.
And if the KCC guys find out, they will definitely get angry.

I was determined to catch it wherever it went, so I sat back a little so that I could make a dash for the start. Even if it was thrown right behind me, I would still dash as hard as I could with my lack of exercise. It would be like a preparatory exercise for the gymnastic festival in June.

While I was thinking about this and catching my breath, Kohinata took the Frisbee in one hand and began to spin it around on the spot. Slowly at first, but gradually its speed increased.

“–Huh? Ko, Kohinata-san? Do your eyes roll?”

I was so flustered that the monologue that spilled out unintentionally turned into a polite one.
Perhaps she was building up momentum to compensate for her lack of muscle strength, but there was a real possibility that it was going to fly right behind me.

Before long, a Frisbee shot out of Kohinata’s hand.

“–Oh, oh!”

The Frisbee left Kohinata’s hand and flew toward me without any blurring, so much so that I almost lost my sense of perspective. It was so effortless that I was able to catch it without any effort at all.

“How did you manage to control it so well with that pitching technique ……?”

Just like in bowling, Kohinata’s control is too precise, isn’t it? Don’t you have too much sense?

When I looked at Kohinata, she was jumping up and down on the spot, perhaps expressing her joy at having done so well. She seemed to be jumping around with no expression on her face, as I could not see her facial expressions from a distance.

I could see that she was only jumping a few centimeters off the ground, but I expected her to be having a great deal of fun, given her usual appearance.

Kohinata seems to be having a lot of fun, and I can’t lose to her.
Since I’m here, I might as well try to throw to Keiichi in the same way as Kohinata.

“Here I go, Keiichi! I’m going to show you my pitching sense!”
“Pitching”? That’s not a pitch, is it? I mean, only Kohinata can do that round and round! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

After playing with all the toys we had brought, we decided to take a rest and go to the event plaza to watch a street performance.

The flyer advertising the event showed pictures of a man juggling flaming torches and balancing a stack of chairs.

After seeing Kohinata in action, who was somewhat of a genius, I thought to myself, “I guess Kohinata could do that”. She lacks power, but she has an athletic sense that more than makes up for it. It’s kind of cute in an unbalanced way.

So, we arrived at the event plaza in high spirits, but

“There are so many people here. …… It’s Golden Week indeed.”

There were so many people at the event that even I, who am over 170cm tall, had to stand up tall to be able to see the crowd. I was over 170cm tall, but the crowd was so large that I could not see much without standing taller than myself.

“Ahh~, I can’t see a thing. Should we give up this time? I’m fine with just looking at the other attractions!”

Saejima didn’t seem to really want to see this event, so she made this suggestion to me and Keiichi. Even though I am not a fan of crowds, if I can’t see the event to my satisfaction, I will be inclined to go in a different direction. It’s too bad, because I was looking forward to it a little.

“–Do you want to see it, Kohinata?”

When I asked that, Kohinata shook her head with a small sway. Her face was slightly downcast, and she was constantly nipping at my little finger. This is definitely something she wants to see, but is holding back because she doesn’t want us to see it.

In that case, the story would be different. Not good with crowds? I forgot about that!

“I want to see this, but is there any place where I can see it?”

I said to Keiichi and Saejima. They glanced at me and Kohinata, who was lying on the ground, and nodded in agreement. Thanks for being so perceptive.
But it’s not wrong for me to want to see it, you know? Well, usually I would have given up.

“If you go to that side, you’ll be a little far from the stage, but Tomoki’s height will let you see it, and Saejima will be able to see it too if she stands up tall enough.”

Saying so, Keiichi pointed to a place that was slightly higher than the surrounding area. But even at that location, Kohinata’s height is not going to be enough to see it. That doesn’t make much sense, Keiichi. I want to show it to Kohinata.

“Incidentally, Kohinata will be fine if you do that.”

While I was racking my brain for other ideas, Keiichi grinned and pointed in a certain direction with his chin. I, Kohinata, and Saejima all looked in that direction at the same time.

There was a father and son there, with their shoulders in the air.

…… Eh? Is it possible that Keiichi is asking me to carry Kohinata on my shoulders?

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