I’m Reincarnated as a Mob in an Otome Game, and Somehow I Become the Heroine’s Target. Eh? I’m a Mob, You know?

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16818093072821681055


When I woke up, I was reincarnated as a mob from Luna Chronicle, an Otome game that my sister forced me to play.  
My name is Sid von Grundy.  
I am the third son of a baronet. Typical low-born aristocrat.

“Alicia, you commoner trash, get out of school now!”
“Hey! Don’t treat people like trash!”

I am transferred to a scene where the heroine Alicia is being bullied by the villainess Farnese.
The day before, I was being power-harassed by my boss at work, and I ended up getting mad and getting angry at Farnese…

“Thank you for helping me out. Umm …… are you free tomorrow afternoon?”
“Eh? Are you talking to me?”

The heroine came on to me, putting aside the handsome target, and ……

“Grundy, it’s a duel. If we win, don’t ever come near Alicia again. ……”
“Oioi. Why are you doing……?”

The prince, who is the target, challenged me to a duel.

“Damn ……! I can’t lose to a baron….”
“I’m taking it pretty easy on him though…….”

I’m a mobster, and I won the duel.

Episode 1 – I’ve been reincarnated into the world of Otome games.

Episode 2 – Called by heroine

Episode 3 – Even though Alicia is mine. ……!

Episode 4 – Heroine is sick

Episode 5 – For some reason, Prince Claude came to me

Episode 6 – I’ll never forgive that person. ……! Farnese’s point of view

Episode 7 – It must have all been Grundy’s doing…….Claude’s point of view.

Episode 8 – The flags are all over the place.

Episode 9 – If I lose, I’m in trouble. …… Farnese Perspective

Episode 10 – She’s been brainwashed by Grundy………….! Claude’s point of view

Episode 11 – Strategy meeting to defeat the idiot prince

Episode 12 – Flagging off the targets…….Prince Claude’s point of view

Episode 13 – Now I can slaughter Grundy………Farnese point of view.

Episode 14 – Do you want to see Farnese sama naked?

Episode 15 – Does Sid san have a girl he likes?…..Alicia’s Point of View

Episode 16 – I am the perfect prince, and yet…! Claude’s Point of View

Episode 17 – The frustrated prince and the villainous young lady

Episode 18 – The main character cheat is too strong

Episode 19 – It would be a complete victory over royalty

Episode 20 – You are already not a prince–Prince Claude’s point of view

Episode 21 – Me as Grundy’s Servant?! Farnese’s Point of View

Episode 22 – I would like to get Grundy san! Charlotte’s Point of View

Episode 23 – Farnese that can be leashed-Farnese Perspective

Episode 24 – Called by Charlotte

Episode 25 – Grundy is full of garbage, Prince Claude’s point of view

Episode 26 – Farnese becomes a maid

Episode 27 – Scouted by Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte

Episode 38 – We’ll be enemies