Where did Hanabi take my clothes……!?

I’m going to have to go back to my room naked.

But, well, if there’s any consolation, it is that Futaba senpai is taking a bath right now.

In other words, now is my chance.

Worst case scenario, Hanabi can see me naked. No, it’s not good.

In this case, it’s unavoidable.

I was about to go back to my room before Futaba senpai came out of the bath, when I put my hand on the door of the changing room.

“–Hanabi, do you know where Juri went?”

“Juri? Wasn’t she in my room reading a book?”

I heard a conversation between Hanabi and someone else from outside the changing room.

Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t Futaba senpai the only friend who comes to stay over……!

I can’t leave the changing room with this.

If I left naked, I’d be labeled as a pervert bastard.

Hanabi will give me the cold shoulder, and her friends might report me to the police.

On the other hand, it would be bad if Futaba senpai comes out of the bath while I’m waiting in the changing room.

W-what should I do……?

No, the only way to survive is to return to the room so that Hanabi and her friends don’t find me.

If they find me, it’s game over. The sex offender route awaits.

But to get to my room from this dressing room, I have to go out of the hallway and take the stairs by the front door to the second floor.

To get to the stairs, I have to pass through the living room, and even after going upstairs, there is a possibility that I may run into someone in Hanabi’s room, which is next to my room.

I had to be very careful.

I timidly opened the door to the changing room, and after checking that no one was around, I quietly stepped out into the hallway.

I was wearing only a towel wrapped around my waist.

There was no way Hanabi’s friends–let alone a woman should ever see me like this.

I stepped forward, backward, and stealthily.

I walked slowly down the hallway, trying not to make a sound.

If I continue straight ahead, I will reach the stairs by the front door.

But first, I need to pass by the open door of the living room.

I thought about closing the living room door, but since it was a closet door, I decided that it would be less likely to be found if I just walked past it with my breath held tight.

At last, I approached the living room.

I proceeded slowly down the hallway, paying more attention.

And, at that moment–

Something got entangled in my legs and I fell to the floor.

I was so focused on the living room that I didn’t notice it, but before I knew it, the towel around my waist had slipped off and dragged me to the floor.

It caught my foot and I fell.

Damn, why do I always screw up at times like this? No, it is precisely at times like this that things like this can happen…..or when you’re in a panic.

“–Juri, are you there?”

Oh, no. Someone is coming……!

Footsteps approached me from inside the living room.

I looked around, but there was no place to hide nearby.

If this continues, I will live as a pervert who showed his naked body to his sister’s friends.

That absolutely can’t happen……

However, the footsteps were already very close by.

A woman with medium black hair and a calm atmosphere emerges from the doorway of the living room.

“Hm, is anyone here…..?”

T-that was a close call…….

I ran as fast as I could to the stairs by the front door.

I managed to hide in the nick of time.

The student council treasurer Natsume Nagisa senpai popped out of the living room doorway.

Nagisa senpai looked around with a dubious expression on her face.

“I’m sure I heard a noise. Where in the world did Juri go……?”

In addition to Futaba senpai and Nagisa senpai, the secretary Tachibana Juri senpai also came.


All I have to do now is go back upstairs to my room at the end of the hall, but I can’t let my guard down.

Hanabi and Juri senpai are still there.

I had to be careful not to run into them.

“Hm, this is…….”

Suddenly, Nagisa senpai frowns as if she has noticed something.

And at the same time, I also realized something serious.

The towel that was supposed to be wrapped around my waist until a while ago was gone.

I was so busy trying to hide that I didn’t notice it at all, but now there was nothing covering my lower body.

To make matters worse, I had apparently left the towel in front of the living room.

Nagisa senpai picked up the towel from the floor.

“T-this smell is…….”

While saying that, for some reason Nagisa-senpai tried to bring the towel closer to her face――

“Ha. I-is someone here…..?”

Nagisa senpai switched over to this side, perhaps sensing my presence.

I immediately bent over and held my breath.

I wondered what Nagisa senpai was trying to do, but I climbed the stairs carefully so as not to make any noise and reached the second floor in order to escape from this place before my presence was noticed.

The hallway on the second floor was dimly lit because the lights were off.

There was no sign of anyone.

Hanabi and Juri senpai must be downstairs.

With a sigh of relief, but remaining vigilant, I passed the door to Hanabi’s room and finally made it to my room.

“Ah, my clothes…….”

I found my clothes in front of the door of my room, probably brought by Hanabi.

Good grief, I’ve had a terrible time because of this…….

I picked up my clothes, which were folded neatly and left there for now, and went into my room, not knowing who I might run into at any moment if I changed in a place like this.

Then I let out a deep sigh.

Sigh, I can finally feel at ease…….or so I thought.

“Ah, welcome back. I’m borrowing a manga.”

The clothes I was carrying fell to the floor with a plop.

I looked toward the voice and saw a girl with a short blonde bob lounging on my bed in a navel-baring camisole and shorts that showed off her beautiful legs.

She must have noticed my return by a noise, because she was slumped over, her eyes down on the manga, her legs flopping as she called out to me.

I was so startled that I couldn’t help but let out a squeal.

“W-why……why is Juri senpai in my room……?

“Hm, ah, my bad. I just wanted to borrow some mangas–“

Juri senpai turned around and stopped moving.

And her face gradually turned bright red…..


Juri senpai raised her voice from her usual determined expression with teary eyes.

“Hyaaaa~~~!? W-why are you naked ! !”

Juri senpai’s high-pitched voice echoed in my room.

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This guy has some incredible luck (both way)

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