After school, I was at a family restaurant in front of the station with Futaba senpai, Juri senpai and Nagisa senpai.

We entered the restaurant and the waitress showed us to a table for four by the window.

Futaba senpai sat next to me, and Juri senpai and Nagisa senpai sat across from me.

Then, the distance between the seniors was closer than I thought, and I once again realized that I was surrounded by upper class girls.

I felt uncomfortable and restless.

As soon as we were seated, Juri senpai picked up the menu and opened it to the dessert page, and the two girls leaned forward as if peeking in, pointing at the menu.

“Hey, doesn’t this tiramisu look delicious?”

“This strawberry parfait looks delicious, too.”

“Right~I can’t decide which one is better~”

The atmosphere of the girls was so peculiar that I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by it.

Then Futaba senpai, sitting next to me, brought the menu closer to me.

“Asahi kun, have you decided already~?”

“I-I’ll have the drink bar.”

“Eh, you’re not going to eat anything?”

Juri senpai tilted her head.

Futaba senpai said to go along with it.

“You’re going to use your brain from now on, so sugar is important, you know~?”

“Let’s see, then I’ll have this pudding…….”

“Whoa~, the pudding looks delicious. I think I’ll have this one too.”

Futaba senpai leans over to look into the menu.

T-too close……. And it smells really good……

When I was nervous, the two people sitting across from me also leaned forward and peered into the menu.


“It’s true that pudding is also a hard choice……”

“It’s the ultimate choice…….”

Nagisa senpai and Juri senpai stare at the menu with serious faces.

As the faces of the beautiful seniors approached me, I realized that my body temperature had risen sharply.

After a while, when everyone’s menus were decided and they finished ordering, Futaba senpai and Nagisa senpai stood up.

“Asahi kun, what would you like to drink?”

“Ah, I’ll go get it.”

“Asahi kun, you should sit down. I’ll go get it.”

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll have an orange juice.”

“Yeah, okay~”

I mean, I wanted to leave this place for a while and rest my mind, but I couldn’t ignore Futaba senpai’s kindness, so I decided to obediently accept it.

Next to her, Nagisa senpai looked at Juri senpai.

“What would you like, Juri?”

“I’ll have a melon soda, please.”

“I understand.”

The two of them nodded and walked toward the drink bar.

Juri senpai and I were alone at the table.




A little further on, Juri senpai started playing with her phone.

I may be overly self-conscious, but I wonder if Juri senpai is still thinking about the incident from the sleepover, and it’s making her feel strangely awkward.

I should probably talk about something…….

I frantically racked my head, and what came to my mind was the image of Juri senpai looking at the desserts on the menu with sparkling eyes just now.

I know it’s a selfish image, but the fact that Juri senpai has a sweet tooth is a bit of a gap.

“Juri senpai, do you like sweets?”

“W-what the hell. Is it bad if I had a sweet tooth?”

“I don’t think so. I think it’s rather girly.”

“Hey, you…’re saying that kind of thing again….!”

“Eh, did I say something that offended you?” I’m sorry…..”

“Hmph, it’s nothing……!”

Even though she said that, Juri senpai glared at me with a red face, probably because I made her angry after all.

Maybe I got the topic wrong……

When I felt apologetic, Futaba senpai and Nagisa senpai returned to their seats with drinks.

And Futaba senpai offered me an orange juice in front of me.

“Here you go~”

“T-thank you very much.”

“Juri, it’s your melon soda.”

“O-oh. Thanks……”

When Nagisa senpai handed her a melon soda, she tilted her head in confusion as if she noticed something strange about Juri senpai.

“What’s wrong, Juri?”


“Is that so……?”

Nagisa senpai still had a dubious look on her face, but perhaps thinking that it would be bothersome if she pursued it any further, she quietly withdrew and sat down on the sofa.

Then, Nagisa senpai clapped her hands with the bread without waiting for the dessert she ordered.

“Then, let’s get down to business.”

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