It was Friday, a few days after the day I went to the library.

I let out a loud sigh as I listened to the homeroom.

Lately, I’ve been reading novels introduced to me by Nagisa senpai until late at night almost every day, and I’ve been watching movies believing in the words “input is important” written in the instruction manual .I was sleep deprived.

After confirming the contact information while chewing on the yawn, the class president, Usami, who seems to have something to say, goes up to the podium instead of the teacher.

“Next Monday after school, we will have a script meeting, so those who are in charge of the script should attend the meeting.”

Usami’s message was addressed to the script writers.

Next Monday……

I believe we had to prepare a plot for the script meeting.

To be honest, I had not yet decided on a plot or even an idea.

Oh boy, I don’t think I can write a plot in the next two days…….

Maybe I’m not cut out to come up with stories like this.

I almost let out such a weak voice.

“Sigh, I don’t know what to do……”

When homeroom is over, I pull my bag over my shoulder and leave the classroom.

On my way down the stairs to the entrance on the first floor――I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, it’s you, Asahi.”

The student council secretary Tachibana Juri senpai called out to me.

Behind her are vice-president Kohanai Futaba senpai and accountant Natsume Nagisa senpai.

“Ah, Senpai, good work.”

“Oh, good work.” “Good work~” “Good work.”

All three of them have their bags slung over their shoulders and seem to be on their way home.

I wondered if there were no student council activities today, and thought it was unusual to see them at the elevator entrance at this time of the day.

Because I always had an image that they were always working for the student council until the last minute after school.

I noticed that I couldn’t find my sister.

“Hm, where’s Hanabi?”

“Hanabi chan is in detention for student council president work.”

“I see, I guess I don’t have to rush through dinner then.”

When I unconsciously said that to myself, Futaba senpai laughed softly.


“I’m sure Asahi kun will make a good wife~”

“I’d prefer to be a son-in-law if possible……”

“Futaba’s right, you’re a good cook and very attentive, so I think you’d make a wonderful bride.”

“Eeh, even Nagisa senpai……”

Suddenly, Nagisa senpai had only properly talked to me one-on-one, so I was a little surprised that she would make jokes like this when she was with Futaba senpai and Juri senpai.

Nagisa senpai reminded me when I was surprised by her unexpected side.

“Come to think of it, how is the script progressing?”

“Ah, I haven’t been able to come up with that at all…….”

Juri senpai, who was listening to the conversation next to me, tilted her head.

“A script? You wrote one, Asahi?”

“Erm, my class is putting on an original play, and I’ve been assigned to write the script.”

“Asahi kun, are you thinking of a story~?  I wish I could go see it~”

“It hasn’t been decided yet that I will be chosen. I mean, I haven’t even come up with any ideas at all…….”

Involuntarily…..I let out a sigh.

I don’t like to appear weak in front of anyone, but more than that, I feel awkward when I think about the plot.

Then, Juri senpai suddenly gave me a dazzling smile like the sun.

“Then, we will think about it with you !”


“You two are fine with it, right? It sounds interesting.”

“Of course~ I will help !”

“If I can be of any help to Asahi san, I’d like to cooperate.”

“No, I feel bad.”

Even though they should have been busy with student council activities, I thought it would be really bad if they had to go out of their way to help me with my job.

However, Juri senpai has an incomprehensible look on her face.

“What are you talking about? We said we wanted to do it.”

“Did we bother you by any chance,…..?”

“I don’t say you were a nuisance. Rather, it’s really helpful…..”

“So it’s settled then.”

“Yeah, you could rely on us more, okay~?”

The seniors smiled kindly.

It’s true that I really want to cling to straws in the current situation where I can’t even come up with an idea.

Moreover, the three of them are the ones I can rely on.

I thought about it for a while and then decided to take their word for it.

“Well then, thank you very much.”

And so we moved to a family restaurant in front of the station.

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