When I woke up, it was past 9:30 in the morning.

Normally I wake up a little earlier, even on my days off, but maybe it was because I went to bed late last night, or maybe I was just tired from too many things going on, but it was already this late.

I mean, I hardly feel like I slept…….

I manage to hide my sleepiness and exhaustion and get myself out of bed.

Fwuah….while yawning, I came down to the living room and found Tachibana Juri senpai eating breakfast at the dining room table.

Juri senpai, wearing light pajamas, is sleepily munching on a piece of toast.

She looked like……a baby eating breakfast while dozing off, as you sometimes see in videos.

I felt bad about staring at the sleeping face of the opposite sex, so I walked through the living room toward the kitchen.

Then perhaps, noticing my presence, Juri senpai gave me a wide-eyed glare.

Then, she calls out to me with a sleepy look on her face.

“……Oh, you’re finally awake. Sleepyhead.”

You’re the one to talk, Juri senpai, but…….

I gave a light nod.

“G-good morning.”


Suddenly, when Juri senpai raised her face, I felt that she seemed more gentle than usual.

Somehow, rather than the usual impression of her being [beautiful] and [cool], it’s more like [cute].

-Ah, I see. It’s because she’s wearing no makeup.

When Juri senpai took off her makeup, I was surprised to see her childish face.

When I stared at Juri senpai’s face, her cheeks were slightly blushed and she turned her face away from me.

She glared at me with sideways glances, but the pressure was weaker than usual.

“W-what the heck…… You’re staring at my face…….”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I just thought you looked different than usual.”

“Wha….don’t stare at me !”

After saying that, Juri senpai covered her face with her hands and glared at me with teary eyes from between her fingers.


“Wait, what the…….”

“It’s true, you exhibitionist…..!”

“Y-yesterday was an accident…..”

It was mostly Juri senpai’s fault for entering my room without my permission…….

When I tried to make an excuse, Snepai turned away in a sulk.

It seems like it’s useless to say anything more, so I think it would be better to apologize honestly here…..

“Oh, um, Juri senpai?”


“I’m really sorry that I showed you something unsightly yesterday. I’ll do anything within the limits of what I can do, so……don’t report me…….”


Juri senpai kept looking away and gave me a quiet glance.


“It’s not like I’m angry. It’s also my fault for entering your room without permission…so, um, I’m sorry.”

“Ah, yes.”

No way, I didn’t think that she could apologize honestly like that, so I returned an empty reply.

“But I’ll take your promise.”

“Eh, promise?”

“Yeah, you said earlier that you would do whatever !”

Juri senpai turned around and smiled innocently.


The gap between the usual Juri senpai, who always seems to be strong-willed, made me involuntarily fall for her.

But I soon noticed.

“W-wait !I said I’d do anything, but Juri senpai, you said you were in the wrong ! No can do !”

“Huh? A man doesn’t take back his words, right?”

“Of course, sometimes.”

As expected, I shouldn’t have said that so easily……

When I was tormented by regret, Juri senpai looked up at me.

“Well, then……I’ll do one thing,……anything you want me to do……Asahi.”

“Eh……. Then, please make the “anything” I just said a no-no.”


Juri senpai made a blank face.

“No, it’s not supposed to be like that !”

“W-what do you mean….?”

“It’s supposed to be more like a shoujo manga–wait, don’t make me say it !”


When I thought she was smiling, she was angry…….Juri senpai, she’s a strange person.

Well, I’m sure she’s a good person.”


“Anyway, I’ll take your word for it ! No more no-can-do’s!”

“I-I understand……. So, what am I supposed to do?”

“Eh……. Well, that’s……um…… I’ll tell you another time……”

“Then, if you think of something, please let me know.”


That’s when the conversation ended and I was about to head to the refrigerator to prepare breakfast.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps coming from the hallway.

“–Juri, please get ready quickly. Everyone has already finished getting ready–ah.”

The one who peeked out of the doorway of the living room was Natsume Nagisa senpai.

Nagisa senpai was dressed in a light blue blouse and a long white flower-patterned skirt, looking like she was ready to go out.

When her eyes met mine, she stopped moving.

“N-Nagisa senpai……good morning……”

“G-good morning……”

When I saw Nagisa senpai’s face, I remembered what happened last night and it was kind of awkward.

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