Shortly after Alta and the others left the royal castle, they arrived at the Mersana Temple.

They forcefully evaded the priests who were trying to answer them at the entrance, and went straight into the temple.

After hearing from the priests that the Pope was in the chapel praying, he hurried to the temple.

When he opens the door of the chapel, he sees a woman standing there, dressed in a pure white priest’s robe.

It is Pope Leila.

She is the mother of Fiala, and she is a lady with long silver hair and a beautiful, innocent atmosphere.

Leila bowed politely to Alta.

“This is His Highness Alta, it’s been a long time.”

“Hello, Auntie Leila, good day~. You are still a beautiful witch as usual. Please hand over the ” Seal” that my father has entrusted to you~.”

“I understand. I have it right here.”

Leila, who is at a delicate age, is called “auntie,” but she keeps a blank expression on her face.

She took a palm-sized square box on the altar and presented it to him.

Alta opened the lid on the spot and found that it undoubtedly contained the king’s Seal.

However, despite confirming that it was genuine, he frowned.

“…… You’re so easily unresisting, aren’t you? What are you up to?”

Alta stared at Leila with a hunch.

“I don’t …… care who is the head of the country, as long as we, the servants of the Virgin Mersana, keep our faith,”

“I love that kind of dry thinking,……, but you’re not usually that type of person, just the mother of a hard-headed daughter, are you?”

“It is to prevent the shedding of blood for no good reason. The people behind this are assassins, aren’t they?”

“I see,……, to protect the precious priests. Well, as long as you I the Seal, I have no complaints. …… I am now the king of Grateka! See, all those women who gave up on me! I’m back at last, hahahahahahahaha!”

Alta rejoiced.

He thought of his four fiancees who had left him.

The man who had once been a beggar was now on the verge of becoming the king of the Holy Land of Grateka. He was intoxicated by his own bad luck.

It was then.

A raven, a “spy raven,” enters through the window of his room.

“Cawk! Boss, I’ve got a message from Pee-Pee Pomple – the royal castle has just been recaptured! Please return immediately! The ringleaders are “Seti the Reaper” and his friends.”


Alta’s elated mood suddenly changed and he was startled to the point of shouting.


Let’s go back to one day ago.

I, Seti, had detected disturbing developments in the Holy Land of Grateka in connection with Alta, and was hurrying to the castle with everyone in tow.

While we were on our way, a magical dove descended and told us in real time what was happening in the castle.

The magic dove was a technique released by Manisa’s father, the “Great Sage Magus”.

The Duke of Murand, a nobleman who is the king’s chief advisor, had asked for help with 《High Consciousness Magic》.

In fact, Duke Murand had been active as a mage in his youth, and was said to have been an old acquaintance who had competed with the magus.

According to the information, Alta already has 100 assassins under his command, and the royal castle is completely overrun.

In addition, Princess Eliza is in prison, and King Rotakka is being kept close by because he is needed for the signing ceremony for the succession to the throne.

“According to my father, Duke Murand’s stalling tactics have worked, and the situation seems to be stalled until Alta gets the Seal. ……, but it may just be a matter of time.”

On the move, Manisa looks concerned in the carriage.

“I guess so…… Considering the mobility of the assassins, I am sure that the former King Arlos will be brought there tomorrow. By the time we arrive, we’ll be at the very last minute, at best. …… If Queen Eliza gets her head chopped off, Alta will have his way.”

“But, Seti san. The seal that Alta wants is not in the possession of Lord Arlos. My mother, Leila, took it when he abdicated, and I believe it is now in the temple of Mersana.”

“Is this true, Fiala?”

She smiled softly like a saint.

“So, even if Alta were to have an audience with His Majesty Arlos, it would still take some time, wouldn’t it, Seti dono?”

“Karina is right. We should ride to the royal castle as it is! I’ll rescue Queen Eliza and I’ll settle things with Alta!”

Since he has gone this far, I will slaughter Alta without any more mercy.

But how did he suddenly get all these assassins to follow him?

The people who follow Alta must belong to Hades, the assassination organization.

If so, the boss, Mors, must be involved.

When I met Alta again before, the shadow of Mors was flickering in my mind.

He must have contacted Alta in order to kill me.

Even if it was a grudge, he was the one who hated me the most and had the closest relationship with me. ……

“So, Seti, what’s your plan when you get in?”

I was holding the reins of the carriage, and next to me, Miriel was tilting her head.

“I think we should look at the situation first. Our priority is to rescue Queen Eliza.If it comes down to it, I’ll draw Alta and the assassins away, and I want you all to rescue the queen.”

“I will fight with Seti. I have to support the rear, right?”

“Hey, Miiri! Don’t play games! As a knight, it is my duty to protect Seti dono’s back!”

Karina is making a strong argument, but when was it decided?

“No, I’m the one who can heal, right? Seti-san.”

Even Fiala is appealing herself.

I can repair myself if I have some wounds,…….

“You don’t understand at all… It’s obvious that versatile magic would be easier to support in many ways. I won’t hand over Seti-kun’s back to you girls!”


At Manisa’s assurance, the three beautiful girls have blue streaks on their foreheads and their pupils are dilated.

It seems like they are trying to kill someone.

Hey, hey, can you stop struggling in the carriage? We’re on the move, okay?

“Seti oni chan. If it’s to protect the queen, Hina can fight too. I’ve improved my gun too.”

Hina is waving her hand at the weapon in the holster at her waist and smiling lovingly.

It is true that she has improved her skills quite a bit, but …….

“I want you to stay here with Shabazo, Hina. I want you to protect this kitchen wagon,…… because it’s an important place for us, please.”

Yeah, okay!”

Hina’s carefree smile eases the tense atmosphere.

No matter how much you hone your fighting skills, it’s still too early for this child.

No, it’s not. …… I want to create an era where these kids don’t have to fight.

For that purpose, I will become the “Death God Seti”

The next day, we arrived in the Holy Land of Grateka.

Thanks to Fiala and Manisa, who are daughters of influential people in their country, we were able to pass through the checkpoint in secret.

We did this in order to avoid detection by Alta as much as possible.

As soon as we entered the country, we learned that Alta was leaving the castle with 50 of his men.

As Fiala had said, they were heading for the Mersana Temple to obtain the Seal.

“That’s a good chance. Let’s surprise the castle while we still have the chance! Manisa, can you magically contact Fiala’s mother and tell her to hand over the Seal to Alta without resistance?”

“Okay, Seti kun!”

“I can handle about 50 assassins on my own. From what I’ve heard, Alta doesn’t have even the top brass with him. Everyone please rescue Queen Eliza as planned.”


Kalina, Fiala, Miriel, and Manisa nod vigorously.

Normally, these girls have their quirks, but when they unite, they are a beautiful and powerful party.

Then, I activated my ” stealth skill” and infiltrated the royal castle on my own.

The plan was for me to cause a commotion inside first, and then the girls would go to the queen’s rescue.

As soon as I infiltrated, I heard that former King Arlos had been killed by his son Alta.

Have you fallen that far …… that you would not hesitate to take your own parents in hand?

Alta, you have gone too far.

I’ll settle this here!

I stubbornly made up my mind as I ducked for cover.

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