“A-as expected…. I’m tired…”


I threw myself onto the bed.

Saturday morning. I woke up and noticed that Misuzu, who I was supposed to sleep with, was not in bed with me.

“….Hee. Misuzu went home.”

We spent the night talking, but in the end I couldn’t change Misuzu’s mind.
That bratty little sister……

As I was doing so, I received a call on my phone.

“Who is this early in the morning on such a holiday?”

I muttered to myself and looked at the screen.

Akari Fujisaki

I answered.

I had no choice but to pick up the phone

“Good morning, Minamino-san. Did you and Sakurai kun make up with each other?”

she asked, sounding a little worried.

“You didn’t come to school on Friday, and I was a little ……, no, I was very worried.”
“I’ve made up with Kirito for now. decided to start our relationship anew, from ‘strangers’ once again.”

When I said this, Fujisaki Akari laughed a little.

“Well, good for you. So, have you given up on family yet?”
“No way. But I’ve given up on being a sister and brother. I’m sorry I was such an idiot. Now……”

We’ll be a ‘husband and wife’ family.

“Hmmm. I see. But you know, it’s tough, right? Sakurai kun, 99% of his heart is occupied by Kitajima Towa san, right?”
”Hmph. I know that. But, you know, he said. My strong point is that I never give up no matter how bad the odds are. I have a strong competitive spirit.”

And then

“Well then, Minamino-san. You are free today, aren’t you? Come to the school gymnasium now and attend my self-practice.

Since you took Friday off on your own, I’ll give you a good squeeze.”

What a thing to say

“Gee, funny you should say that. I’ve been wanting to get my revenge on you. In exchange for your voluntary training, I’m going to ask you to rematch me in a 1-on-1!”
“That’s fine. I was planning on it.”

We have a deal!

“I’m on my way! Wash your head and wait for me!”

I said and ended the call with Fujisaki Akari.

Then, after changing into my uniform as I was going to school, I got my basketball shoes, gym clothes, and towel ready and packed them in my bag.

“Mom!!! I’m going to go to school for a bit and knock the sassy girl off her feet!”

I say this to my mom in the kitchen.

“There are onigiri (rice balls) there, so eat while you go. You can’t fight if you’re hungry.”

So I put two onigiri on the table in my pocket and said

“I’m going!”

and left the house.

I eat one onigiri (rice ball), and in high spirits, I hop on my bicycle and head to school, park it on the bike parking lot, and run to the gymnasium.
I have had a good night’s sleep, so my body is light.
Unlike that time, I am confident that I can move quite well.

Fufufu. Wait for me, Fujisaki Akari!
I’m going to beat you to a pulp!

After changing in the locker room, I entered the gymnasium to find not only Fujisaki Akari, but also another woman.

“Good morning, Minamino-san. Akari’s self-directed training is pretty tough, but can you keep up?”

The head of the women’s basketball club was the one who told me that. She is Sato Yuko.
She is a large player, reaching 180 cm in height for a woman.
Her nickname is …… “The Court Dominator.”

She is a versatile player who combines speed and technique while being a large player. To be honest, I think she is a better basketball player than Fujisaki Shuri.

“Hmph. I’m not like those freshmen who are just a bunch of woody bums around here. I’ll get there with plenty of time to spare and say, ‘Ah, is this how it’s going to be?'”
“Right? I’m not going to go with some wooden newcomer there. You have a good personality, don’t you?”
“Hhaha! You really have a personality that Akari likes, Minamino san. All right, then, let’s start after we do the preparation exercise!”

And “Fujisaki Akari’s Voluntary Training,” which began in a friendly atmosphere, was so hard …… that I threw up. ……

“I-I can’t do it anymore. …… I can’t run. ……”

My legs were pumped after repeated short dashes from one end of the court to the other.
As I was about to fall to the gymnasium floor, Fujisaki Akari said to me with a smirk and a laugh.

“Huh? Minamino-san, we’re only halfway through the dash, remember?”
“N-No way! I’ve already done 50!”

I heard Fujisaki Akari say back at me with a cold look in her eyes.

“The short dash is 100. As basketball players, you know how we small guys live, right? We all have technique. The rest is speed, stamina, and guts. And guts.”
“……I-I know, I know that!”

I slapped my shaking legs and stood up.

“Don’t tell me fifty more, I’ll do a hundred or two hundred!”
“Haha! Good, that’s the spirit, Minamino-san!”

And I did the rest of the short dash with guts. ……

I’m on the floor of the gymnasium in a big heap, and Fujisaki Akari is laughing at me… She handed me a drink.

“I-I take it gratefully. ……”

I open the cap and drink the cold drink.
I-It’s going to bring me back to life!

“After this, we’re going to practice shooting from the three-point line.”
If you make ten. That’s it.

“Hmph. That’s plenty, isn’t it?”

Three-point shooting is only 70% accurate if you can shoot it free.

“Fufunn? Ten shots in a row. By the way, if you miss even one, you have to start all over again.”
“……,Y-you’re lying!”

I-I’m losing daylight!

“What does a small player like us need to accomplish in order to drive inside?”
“Shooting ability…..”

Drive inside and make a layup.
In order to do this, you need to show your opponent that you can also do it from the outside. You need to show your opponent that you have the option to do this from the “outside” as well.
Inevitably, shooting ability ……, especially from the three-point line, is a must.

And so, Fujisaki Akari and Sato Yuko finished practicing their three-point shooting in the morning.
I couldn’t …… finish it. ……

“If you’re making eight in a row, you’re doing great, okay?”
“The first time Akari did it, she could only do six.”
“S-Shut up! You’re distracting me!”

Eating a rice ball for lunch and Fujisaki Akari and Sato Yuko are looking at me and laughing.

I have now scored eight in a row.
If the next one goes in, I’ll have nine, a new record!

I shoot a shot that I don’t even know how many I’ve already hit.
With a beautiful stroke of parabola.


and passed through the ring.

“One more!”

And then I made my tenth three-point shot and fell to the gym floor.

“I did it!”
“That was amazing, Minamino-san!
“Wow, your last-minute concentration is remarkable.”

I ate the rest of the onigiri my mother had given me.
The saltiness of the onigiri soaks into my body.

“Now, Minamino-san. It’s time for you to get ready!”
“…… eh?”

I was taking a break after finishing my onigiri, when Fujisaki Akari said to me with a smirk on her face.

“We’re going to play one on one!
“No way!”

How can we have a proper match in this condition?

“What? Is Minamino-san going to run away from the match she’s challenged to?”
“I’m going to do it! I’m going to beat you to a pulp!”

I stood up vigorously and declared war on Fujisaki Shuri.

But as expected. ……

I was knocked down by Fujisaki Shuri.

The time was 15 o’clock.

“My self-discipline ends here. I have a date with Yuto after this until tomorrow morning.”
“H-he’ll say you smell sweaty. ……”
“No, I’m going home once. After that, I’m going to …… ehehe until the morning.”

Fujisaki Akari, with her cheeks flushed with a smile, said, “I wonder if they still intend to ‘move’ after all this.
I wonder if she still intends to ‘move’ after all this. ……

“I’m going to meet with Ken after this too, I suppose. Well, he said he was going to go to the youth baseball team with the senpai who took care of him, so after that, I guess.”

These two ‘senpai’ are monsters. ……

”I’m going to …… go home and go to bed. ……”

I said and left the gym, exhausted.

So I came home full of wounds, took a nap, took a bath, and ate a delicious supper my mom had cooked for me before returning to my room.

Thanks to my nap, I was much more tired from practice.

Tomorrow my muscles will probably be sore, so take it easy. Then I’ll be able to move normally again on Monday.

Just as I was thinking this, my phone alerted me to an incoming call.

“Who is it?”

I looked at the screen and saw

[Sakurai Misuzu]

I looked at the screen and saw it

“What is she doing at this hour?”

I picked up the phone and heard Misuzu talking to me in a serious voice.

“Rinne chan. I just took a bath with Towa san”
“……I-I don’t understand why you’re taking a bath with Kitajima Towa san, but what’s wrong with that?”

In the first place, why is she calling her by name?
I’ve got endless questions, but I’m going to listen to her anyway.

“You see, I was thinking I had boobs, too. In fact, they are so big that they are more than a little Rin-ne-chan’s.”
“Hey, Misuzu, are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

It’s not small! I’m just a little short!
And I’m just starting to grow!

“Towa san’s boobs are seriously bad.”
“……, you’re lying.”

“I’m not lying. It might be a national treasure now. If she takes off her clothes and there’s something like that hidden in there, Rinne chan doesn’t stand a chance.”
“I-I may be losing in the boobs, but …… in other parts. ……”

“Your personality is an outdated tsundere, and you look like a beautiful girl, but my onii chan has been looking at that face for ten years now, okay? And your boobs are ……yeah?”
“I-It’s not that bad right?”
“Yes. If she presses her breasts against you like that, your rationality will be paper-thin.”
“W-What am I supposed to do…..”

I muttered to myself, and ‘poor breast’ came to mind.

“I’m going to remind you that breast size isn’t everything!”

I said and ended the call with Misuzu and called Senpai, the poor-breasted one.

“….. Minamino-san? You’ve got some nerve to call me so many times just when I’m about to start.”

I called her quite persistently, and she finally picked up!

“Fujisaki-senpai! I have something I want to ask you!”
“I have a feeling that nothing good happens when you call me Senpai. You seem grumpy”

I don’t care if I look grumpy!

“Tell me how to make a man fall in love with me even if my boobs are small! You must have a secret plan, since your boobs still beat the big-breasted vice president’s!”
“My boobs are not small! They are just a little short!”


Tutu Tutu……

“W-What a useless senior!!!’

I then grabbed my phone and shouted.

“I’m going to remind you that boob size isn’t everything!”

The next morning.

I got a message from Fujisaki Shuri.

“Minamino san. Let me tell you the answer to your question from yesterday.”

“Breast size isn’t everything! You are not going to say that right?
Then polish up your weapons.
You have good legs, just like me, so show them.
But only show them to him, not to everyone else. So make the skirt of your uniform longer.
play with him. If you ever get a chance to do that, you’ll show him your weapon.
That’s about it. Well, why don’t you ask the ‘master of side love’ about your preparedness rather than me?
I’ll talk to Shiori chan

“I see. …… ‘legs’. That was helpful! Fujisaki-senpai!”

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