“Sorry……. Your shoulder must be hurt……”

A listless voice echoed in the quiet room.

Kurokawa san is always so cheerful that it’s just uncomfortable for me, but…….

It’s because she’s that kind of person that she’s always paying attention to her surroundings, and it can be tiring.


For a moment, I almost misunderstood her, but that’s what this is.

She’s still relying on me as a friend, right?

“Are you okay?”

In response to my voice, Kurokawa san’s shoulders shook.

“Umm. I think…I might not be okay…..”

“Did you have a bad day or something?”

“Right. That’s how it feels.”

Kurokawa san is silent as it is.

It’s hard to understand what she’s thinking because she doesn’t look at me, but I can tell that she’s mentally exhausted.



It can’t be helped……

I quickly put the tea cup and saucer on the table and reached out to Kurokawa san.

Then I stroked her head as gently as possible.

Now, now.

Just like I did with Hana san.

“Ahaha….. Geez…..I’m not a dog, you know?”

But, well-

It worked, didn’t it?

I laughed a little.

When I said that, I heard a soft voice saying [Yeah…..]

“It’s just.”


“I heard that just by having someone listen to your problems, you can mysteriously clear your mind……”


“Koa….no. Kakei san told me something like that before.”

Come to think of it, at that time–I’m glad I was able to consult about my step brother.

For the first time, I thanked the koala woman.



Suddenly–Kurokawa-san becomes grumpy.


“You’re getting along really well with Umi, aren’t you……”

Kurokawa san muttered a few words, and for some reason, a wind began to blow through the room, even though it was midsummer.

Then, Hana san, who was supposed to be sleeping peacefully on my lap, pulled herself up and dexterously opened the slightly open door–staring at me with dim eyes.

As if to say [You’re not reading the air.]

What……Hana san…….

You’re going to leave me alone in this situation?

No way, right?

It’s not good for the two of us to be alone.

Besides, please tell me how to follow up after this.

Please help me.

Ignoring the voice in my heart, Hana san walked out of the room while shaking her hips.

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