That’s how I witnessed the inauguration of the new student council president, but the effects of the last sports festival were also happening around me. Specifically, Kisaragi, who’s in charge as the class president.

“Geez, I can’t find much information.”

It seemed that she was actively looking for Rabbit Man (me), and was asking for information from various students. I was actually asked too, but I quickly ended the conversation by making it muddled. I didn’t want to make her suspicious in some strange way.

“I guess I’ll just have to go through the entire third grade class after all. I’m sure he’s a senior, and the tournament will be over soon. I have to scout him out somehow before then !”

I wondered if it would make sense to ask third-year students to join the club at this time of the year, but many club activities still have some kind of tournament coming up, and there are few places where third-year students have retired. Even my sister has been active in the Archery club since she quit the student council, and she’s planning to participate in the upcoming tournament. If she wins, she will be able to participate in the nationals.

(Come to think of it, this high school was rather strong in club activities.)

Centered on the sports club, club activities at this school have produced some results at the national level. As expected, I don’t think there were any club activities that won national championships, but there are several club activities at a level that could advance there. The ones that are getting a lot of attention at this school right now, as I recall, are the soccer club and the women’s volleyball club. Rumor has it that they are not only in the running to win the national championship, but are even on the verge of winning it.

In any case, the fact that it has become difficult to move on as a result of these circumstances may have something to do with it. Miura didn’t expect this to happen either. I’ve heard that my sister is also helping me by misrepresenting my situation, so I’m actually in a pretty dangerous position.

(But still, I’ve never been involved in club activities.)

I had never participated in club activities before. I had no idea what I could learn from club activities, and I simply didn’t like the idea of being tied down by an organization, so I chose to go home without even thinking about it. Naturally, I had no intention of belonging to any clubs until graduation, nor did I intend to take any action.

“Hey Ruri, let’s go look for that rabbit person together……”


Suddenly, next to me, Kisaragi asks Yukihana to help her find someone, but Yukihana doesn’t care and disappears somewhere. It’s after school, so I guess I’ll just go home. I’m planning to go home soon after I’ve finished my work for today.


(……Is about time.)

I look at my watch and look for the right moment to leave the classroom and head straight to the library. The library had recently reopened after being banned due to some problems between students. Come to think of it, I don’t even hear rumors about the Shinkai incident anymore. The director and other upper management are no doubt involved in this.


I went straight into the library and went back and forth between the bookshelves, pretending to look for a book. The bookcase is a very good place to start. Then someone comes to the position across from the book I was staring at. We were facing each other through the bookshelf.

“It’s tough being popular, isn’t it?”

“Shut up. Get on with it.”

“Okay, okay.”

The person who spoke to me was Miura, whom I had first made contact with at the sports festival the other day. I had been exchanging messages with him via chat on my phone, but he suddenly asked to see me and called me into the library. According to Miura, there were no librarians or library committee members in the library at this time of the day.. As I had been informed, the library was only occupied by me, Miura, and the students who were concentrating on their studies. It was the perfect place to have a secret talk. And our voices wouldn’t reach the other side of the room.

“The last sports festival attracted a lot of attention, but I didn’t see any movement on the chairman’s part after the event. I hear he’s going about his business as usual.”

“I’d like to ask you about the source of the information, but is that what you’re going to talk about when we meet face to face?”

“No way. I’ll get to the point later.”

Miura said as he picked up a book and pretended to read it. I don’t trust all the information he brings because he doesn’t reveal where or who he gets it from. In fact, I distrust him more. It seems that there’s someone who’s cooperating with him, just as I’m cooperating with him, but he’s not letting up at all. He probably won’t show their face until we’re done. At least, that’s my conclusion.

“There’s no movement from the chairman. But there was movement in the Yukihana group and Shinya’s side.”

“……They should have nothing to do with each other, right?”

“Yeah, I think so too. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but there will be a big move or announcement in the near future in the Yukihana group.”

I remember that Yukihana’s attitude in the classroom was always calmer than ever. No, it’s better to say that she was playing it cool. It was the look of someone who’s about to take on a strong opponent.

However, I put that aside for a moment and listened to the other topic.

“So, what’s the move on Shinya’s side?”

“I was able to find out because I was working for the student council until the last minute. Somehow, he’s going to transfer to this school.”



“Well, yeah.”

To be honest, I knew he was coming. I heard about this later, but right after I stopped going to school in middle school, Shinya transferred to somewhere else. He did not say goodbye to Shinkai, his classmates, or even his club mates.

This is my prediction, but something unexpected must have happened there as well. And so, as if to escape, I moved to my own place. I don’t know why, but because of that, I was in a situation where I couldn’t do anything because he had disappeared. Then, after several years, he returned to his own territory. He moved to Ichinose High School, where his parents serve as the board chairman.

“The class he transfers to is 2nd year class 2. It’s not your class, so don’t worry.”

“I see.”

The class next……that is, Shinkai Sakura’s class. If the student council knew about it, Shinkai would of course know that Shinya was coming to this school. I’m sure Shinya is like an old friend to her. What kind of chemical reaction will occur? I have no idea.

“He probably doesn’t know that you’re here. You have a different name, right?”

“Yeah. My last name has changed from Tachibana to Shiina.”

“Then it’s all right as long as you don’t try to show off. And needless to say, don’t let him see your face. It’s a miracle that you are able to fool Sakura chan.”

“Hmph, I don’t need to be told.”

Physical condition control. It’s possible to some extent by adjusting sleeping hours and eating. Up until now, I’ve been deceiving myself by making adjustments here and there and growing my bangs. Furthermore, the changes in my voice and height due to my growth spurred me on.

I can’t say it myself, but I have a different impression of the person I used to be. In other words, the deeper the relationship, the harder it is to spot the difference. However, there’s no guarantee that this would work with Shinya. I would have to be more careful than ever before, even though I would be tied down. I must not act in a conspicuous manner like I did at the sports festival.

“I wanted to make sure of that, so I decided to meet with you in person today, lil bro. Do you understand?”

“In the sense that you want to see my face, I’ll understand.”

“I see. That’s good.”

“And don’t call me [lil bro]. It’s weird.”

“You’re getting less and less reserved by the day, aren’t you? I’m a senior, after all. I’m the former vice president of the student council, okay?”

Saying that, Miura left the library. I feel like a weight has been added to my body. I was so lazy and sluggish.

“According to Miura, Shinya won’t be here until next week.”

I still have a few days to spare. I have to get together what I should do and what I shouldn’t do during that time. If there’s room for more, I’ll explore a little more about Yukihana.

Assuming that that guy’s story is true, then there’s a connection between the Shishiyama family and the Yukihana family. And whether their daughter and son, Yukihana Ruri and Yukihana Hisui, are involved in this. I need to carefully investigate this matter as well.

(If Yukihana is on Shinya’s side, she would be an enemy too.)

Because we are next to each other, she’s the closest person to me in the classroom. Since the seat change has not been discussed yet, Yukihana will still stay in the seat next to mine. What if she’s communicating with Shinya?

Not only should I be on the lookout for her, but she would be picked out as the person I should be most wary of without question.

“There are a lot of problems.”

But I feel a sense of comfort. I’ve been fishing a long, long time, and now I’ve finally got the hang of it. Because I decided to go to high school and came all the way to this school in order to beat him…….

Meanwhile, in the student council room

“Haruka senpai, are you really not going to tell me?”

“Yes. I don’t know anything about it.”

“I see.”

Haruka had not finished taking over the Student Council duties on time, so she cut short her club activities to visit the Student Council office. Sakura, who has completely taken on the role of student council president, was sitting proudly in the student council president’s chair. They had just been talking about their work as the student council, and during their work, Sakura was trying to ask Haruka about the rabbit-faced person at the previous sports festival.

“You seem to be very obsessed with that masked person, what’s up with that?”

“I think he might be someone I knew in middle school.”

“H-hmm. I see.”

Naturally, Haruka does not know the connection between her brother and Sakura. The wall between siblings has thinned somewhat, but they haven’t talked that much about it. So, of course, she has no way of knowing that her brother and the junior she trusts the most were in the same school.

(Eh, Kanata knows Sakura after all?)

When I was watching Sakura and Kanata during the previous incident at the Public Morals Committee, I was the only one who noticed that Kanata was acting a little different than usual. I thought he might be nervous, but I began to realize that’s not the case, as I guessed from the current conversation. But

(As expected, it’s not a good idea to mention his name without his permission, is it?)

Haruka’s quick thinking had prevented her from revealing him without his knowledge. This is probably due to the fact that the siblings have grown closer during the sports festival the other day. However, it can’t be helped that Haruka would raise unnecessary speculations.

(I wonder what kind of relationship they have. I don’t think they were dating or anything like that……hmm?)

After all, she doesn’t have the key to get to the answer on her own. That’s why this story ended up being so vague.

“By the way, do you have a new student coming in next week?”

“Yes. Do you know it?”

“I was president of the student council until the very last minute, you know? I had heard that much before.”

She knew about the transfer student here. The fact that he is the son of the chairman had been burned into Haruka’s mind.

“It’s strange. The chairman’s son transferred to another school at this time of the year.”

“Yes. But personally, I might be a little happy. I knew this man when I was in middle school.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. And he’s transferring to my class. It’s nice to make new acquaintances.”

With that, the two of them finished their conversation and finished their work for the day. Haruka turns once again to bow to the Student Council Room where she had just said goodbye a few days ago. Sakura looks on a little sadly. But since she has already said her thanks and goodbye, she doesn’t say anything this time.

“I’m wondering if you’d like to go window shopping with me afterwards?”

“Oh my, it’s so unusual for Sakura to ask me out on a date. Fine, I’ll tell my family that I’ll be home late.”

“I see. Then I have to buy something for Senpai as a thank you.”

“Geez, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Or rather, that’s not window shopping, is it?”

Saying that, the two of them laughed. These two have a good relationship with each other. The relationship between the student council president and vice-president has evolved into a relationship between a good senior and a good junior.

Then Haruka goes shopping for clothes together. The reason why her heart was more excited than when she usually comes to see the shops alone was unknown to her.

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