Back in time, just before the scavenger hunt.

While many of the classes were having a blast, I was chillin’ by myself, taking a break at the end of the hall.

“Where did you go……?”

Since I had some free time, I was looking for my brother on a whim, but I couldn’t find him at all. He doesn’t seem to be in the supporter area, and I’m slightly amazed that I’m wandering around. But I was pleased to see him at the event, the sports festival, and I felt that he had grown up compared to when he was a shut-in.

“This will be the last event where students from different grades meet, and from now on I won’t get involved with him at school anymore.”

I don’t miss him per se because I see him at home even if I don’t want to. However, there’s still something that I regret. If possible, I wanted him to have more spotlight, and if I had the chance, I wanted to compete with him as a sister and brother together. Well, it’s probably too late to regret this now.

“And this is the last sports festival I can participate in”

Soon, my first and last competition will begin at this year’s sports festival. Last year and the year before, I competed in many events, but this year I could only participate in one event due to the student council. I’m extremely disappointed, but I tell myself that this is something I chose to do.

No, I was thinking about something else.

“That boy should be more active.”

At least, that’s what I really thought. Unlike my hard-working self, he has a wide range of overwhelming talents. He has a talent for study, sports, and above all, a talent for leading others. But I have the impression that he’s somewhat detached…..or even afraid to get involved with other people in the first place.

“It makes me look somewhat half-hearted.”

I joined the student council because I wanted to make the school a place where he could feel as safe and enjoy as much as possible. It was because of this strong feeling that I was able to rise to the position of student council president. However, it has been a little over a year since he has been at this school. Almost nothing has changed !

“What am I doing?”

He’s always nagging at me, but I really don’t have the right to say such a thing. But I could feel the distance between us shrinking, and before I knew it, we were having that kind of relationship. At first, I myself kept a distance from him because he’s my step brother, but now I think of him as my real brother and my precious family.

I really wanted to do things together during these limited three years (two years for him) that we could only do now as high school students. We could try going to school and going home together, having lunch together even though it might be troublesome because we’re in different grades, teaching each other our studies, and so on. And together…..the list goes on and on. But we never got to do any of those things, and now another big event is about to end.

(Oh well, that’s it.)

With this thought in mind, I watched the scavenger hunt in a daze. My class seems to be doing well, but for some reason, I can’t seem to be happy about it. Is it because I’m tired?

Time continues to flow mercilessly, and the scavenger hunt comes to an end. The winner of the final round was, of course, my class. I was so happy that I went to my friends and rejoiced with them, but I could not rejoice with all my heart. That’s how much I regretted it.

“Next is the relay.”

“If Miura is in the relay, we could win the championship !”

“If we can win this, there’s a chance of victory.”

“Good luck, Shiina san !”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

And so the final competition was about to begin. I’m not an athletic person by any means, by the way. I think I’m above average for high school girls, but I’m not as good as Nanase san, so I’m half-hearted. If anything, I’m just about the bottom of this relay group. Nevertheless, I was chosen to participate in the relay because this was the only way I could afford the time frame after consulting with the student council. When I see people competing in the relay, I feel kind of sorry for them.

“…….Hm, where’s Miura?”

“You’re right. He was right there just a moment ago.”

“That guy, his expression has been stiff lately. He must’ve gone somewhere to relieve his tension.”

Miura kun. He’s not only a class member, but also a member of the student council, so he’s probably the person who spent the most time with me at school. I was a little worried because although he occasionally gave priority to the soccer team, he basically never went away without notice.

“Shiina san, do you know anything about this?”

“No, I haven’t heard anything specific.”

“Well, we’ve got about ten minutes to spare, so it should be fine.”

If he didn’t show up on time, he would be considered to have declined the entry and would be disqualified, but his classmate said it was okay because we still had time and we’re talking about Miura. This is proof that he has earned the trust and confidence of his classmates.

(Maybe……it’s not me that should have been the student council president?)

I have spent the last two years as a student member with all my might, but I realized that there are a number of people who are more capable than I am. Miura kun and Sakura san have the capacity and ability to be much better than me. I even wanted to hand over this position to them.

(I finished the sports festival without being able to change anything and retired. Well, I didn’t cause any problems, so that’s good.)


No, it was the worst. I joined the student council to help him, but I couldn’t accomplish anything. This is nothing but incompetence. Maybe there was another way to approach him, or maybe I should have just been more proactive. But I wasted all the time I could have done.

(What’s left now are the exams and graduation……huh.)

When I thought about it, I somehow got cold to the event called the sports festival. At least, I wish I could have seen that boy being cheered with my own eyes at the sports festival or any other event where he did a great job……

“I’m sorry guys ! I’m a little late !”

While I was thinking about this, Miura kun, who had been missing, came back to the supporter area. His return brought relief to the class, and soon the boys participating in the relay were filling in.

“Hey, hey, where the hell have you been? We were worried about you.”

“Sorry, sorry, I had to run some errands.”

“Look, the relay starts in less than five minutes. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

“Yeah, about that.”


“I’m a little injured, so I’ve decided to sit this one out.”


“Well, I’m so sorry !”


Amid the hustle and bustle of the sports festival, the silence permeates. And

「「「「「「「「「Eeeeeeeeeeehh !?」」」」」」」」」」

The whole class screamed. And me, of course. Miura kun, who said the most outrageous thing out of the blue. According to his story, he apparently twisted his leg during the first round of the ball toss and injured himself. The injury was unavoidable, but since he was the best relay runner in our class, our class was demoralized at once. It was good that not a single voice of blame went up for him, but it still made everyone uneasy.

But as if to break the ice, Miura kun calms everyone down.

“Listen up, everyone. It’s true that I won’t be able to participate in the relay this time, but I’ve prepared a helper instead. I’ve checked with the management and they’ve given me the go-ahead.”

“Who are your helpers?”

Miura kun then brought someone from the back of the room. Who is that……? Or rather, what’s with the mask? Is that……a rabbit? It’s a pretty mask.

“Who’s that guy?”

“He’s an acquaintance of mine. He’s barely played a game yet, according to what I’ve heard. And, more importantly, he’s as athletic as I am. He’d be a good batting prospect.”


“Everyone, please.”

Saying that, Miura kun bowed his head. We had never seen Miura kun like this before, so everyone was surprised, including me. But perhaps because of his good nature, everyone immediately laughed at him and put their hands on his shoulders, which made the place more relaxed.

“Oh, by the way, what’s this guy’s name?”

“Um, let’s see…….Joker, maybe?”

“Huh, what’s that?”

“Yeah, I’ve decided. From now on, I will call him Joker.”

When Miura kun said that, he was poked in the stomach by….the joker (?) with a rabbit face. Apparently, he was not happy with the way he called him that. I mean, what the hell is he? A friend of Miura kun? Or is he a fellow club member? I think we’re in the same grade, but somehow I feel a sense of familiarity. I’m not bragging, but there aren’t many people I would call friends.



(……No way.)

“The final event of the day ! The relay will begin shortly ! Students who will compete, please gather at the waiting area immediately !”

The announcement, perhaps because it was the last event, was more passionate than ever before and echoed throughout the entire ground. Then the contestants started to head to the waiting area one after another. Most of them were smiling, but they were also determined to win……no, more than that.

“Hey, Miura kun…….”

“Well then, everyone, do your best!”

But my doubts were not answered as the group began to move on. I tried to stay there to question Miura kun, but there was no time, so I gave up. I’ll get the details from the two of them later.

With my mind somewhat in a haze, I followed the others as they headed for the waiting area with a large number of questions in my mind.

“Hey, why don’t you say hello too, Haruka chan? You know, shake hands.”

“…..Yes, right. Nice to meet you.”

With that, the joker (?) and I shook hands and looked at each other. That hand is cold, but somehow warm…..



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