“Oh my, how unusual for you to come home late?”

It was my step sister, who was relaxing in the living room, and called out to me after I returned home unusually late. To be precise, she was playing with her smartphone rather than relaxing. She was probably communicating with a friend.

“Did you finally make a friend?”

“No, I just stopped by a bookstore to browse.”

“I see……you’re not making a scene, are you?”


“Why are you using the question mark?”

My step sister was taken aback by such an exchange, but I was upset to the point of not being able to enter such a conversation. I mean, even the conversation we’re having right now was just a random fit without any particular thought.

To that extent, Nanase Natsume’s words were imprinted on my mind.

(Those were definitely the words that negated the person I am today.)

Perhaps I had been somewhat forgiving Nanase Natsume. It started with the incident at the public morals committee meeting and the encounter with my step sister. Then the chase and the visit to Yukihana’s house the other day. Since entering high school, I have never had this much contact with anyone other than my step sister. Even the ones I used to be involved with, I hardly talk to them anymore.

(After all, one day I will disappear too…….)

Why were Nanase’s words so deeply etched in my mind? The reason is simple. It’s because I recognize that my existence is distorted. In other words, I am in the wrong right now. And that I can disappear at any time.

I’m sure everyone wants me to disappear. To erase the existence of me (now) and bring back the existence of me (Back then).

“……Don’t bullshit me.”

I mutter to the wall in my empty room. The words of Nanase may have included concern for me, but it was a roundabout way of denying my very existence. I won’t approve of what she said.

“Moreover, for me and my step sister to look alike…..”

It’s true that the crepes were delicious, but I’m not as obsessed with sweets as my step sister. And first of all, my step sister and I are not even blood related. To put it bluntly, we are strangers.

On the contrary, all the family members in this house except me are….



I get a headache because I remember something I don’t want to remember. The thing is, I couldn’t do anything about that incident because it happened before I entered elementary school. And there’s no point in remembering it now.

I took off my uniform, changed into my loungewear, and dive straight into bed. I was tired of thinking, and my brain was genuinely tired from playing so many games with Nanase. If it were possible, I would like to sleep slowly without thinking about anything.

“Ah, come to think of it.”

The headache I had just had reminded me of something unpleasant, but at the same time, I remembered something. It doesn’t really matter to me now, but to the world, it was a tragic event. A vague memory about someone I would never associate with again.

“It’s about time, Dad`s discharge.”

Nanase took a shower immediately after coming home. Kanata played a number of games with a cool face, but at this time of year when summer is approaching, playing arcade games so seriously will make you sweat. She had taken precautions against the smell, but now she wondered if she smelled strange.

“Senpai, the last part was kind of funny…….”

It was hard to read the change in his expression because he is exactly just like Hisui, but to Nanase it looked like he was having some kind of conflict. It was as if she was watching Hisui or herself in elementary school.

With these thoughts in mind, she turned off the hot water in the shower and soaked in the bathtub filled with white bath salts. Then she reflected on what had happened after school today.

“Even so, Senpai, he was amazing in every game. I would have lost the punching machine if I hadn’t cheated.”

Nanase was honestly impressed by his power, but at the same time, she also saw that he was not taking it seriously. Nanase knows because she actually kicked against that hard pad. She knew that the senior’s power was not like that.

“I wonder who would win if Senpai got into a fight with Hisui?”

Nanase compares their physical abilities without favoritism. She didn’t know anything about Kanata but when it comes to Hisui, Nanase knew better. The reason is that they had a serious fight once.

The reason for the fight was that Hisui made fun of Nanase’s game skills. The two of them were about 50-50 in terms of their gaming skills.

“At the very least, Hisui is stronger than me, and Senpai probably is, too. Hmm…..well maybe Hisui.”

After thinking for a while, Nanase concludes that way. That senior may also have knowledge of martial arts, but she believes that Hisui is probably a little better overall. Rather, Nanase wanted Hisui to be superior.

Nanase knows that Hisui worked so hard to protect her sister that his blood soaks through his veins. He had never skipped a beat in his studies or anything else, and had always been himself. Nanase thinks that Hisui deserves to be rewarded and wants to support him for his efforts.


“That person, I knew he was that big brother from back then.”

Nanase was convinced of that after today’s exchange. The face, the voice, the back. The scene of the sunset she once saw still lives on in Nanase’s mind. The same for the other two.

“But his atmosphere really changed a lot.”

Something must have happened to him without her and Hisui’s knowledge. There was no passion in his eyes just like that time. Nanase thinks that she will never be able to make those eyes shine again. But if she could, she would……

“Fuu, I’m going crazy”

Nanase’s chest got a little hot and she realized that her head was starting to feel dizzy. She then left the bath and changed into the loungewear she had prepared. Her mother often scolds her for wearing only underwear under her large T-shirt, but Nanase has no intention of changing that. She went to her room and took out her smartphone.

“I should’ve asked for Senpai’s contact information.”

To Nanase, Kanata is like a benefactor who changed her way of thinking. She may hit a wall again in the future. In that case, she would love to talk to him again.

“Ah, it’s a full moon.”

She looked outside and saw a big moon floating in the dark night. Nanase’s favorite view is the sunset of that day, but she loves the full moon just as much. It seems to illuminate only herself in the world, and she feels as if she can become the hero if she bathes in its light.

Not a princess who can be rescued, but a hero who can rescue. She is certain that this will help that person and Hisui. Nanase hopes so, quietly closing her eyes and praying.

“It’s almost time for the sports festival.”

Nanase opens her eyes and mutters to herself as she watches the full moon. Maybe she can see the seriousness of that senior. There will be events where the different grades will compete against each other, so he and Hisui might be fighting against each other?

“Whatever lies ahead, I’m looking forward to it myself !”

Words from a boy who was once a hero to a boy who had lost his way. And the girl who just stood by and watched. Their thoughts and wishes intersect, and in a roundabout way, he gave the young boy who had lost everything a new choice.

But it is a story that will not come true for a little while longer. The stormy event of the sports festival is about to happen.

Nanase is alone with a smile on her face, dreaming of the view she will someday see. Hopefully, it will be more glorious than the scene she saw that day.

Chapter 3 A Girl Who Was Fascinated By The Scene Complete

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