“Eh? Is Yuuto Nii seriously there? At our campus?”

“…..Yuuto Onii chan is in there?”

“Yeah ! She said if there’s something we don’t understand, we can ask him to help ! Yuuto Onii san is a second year student at that university.”

The conversation between the three sisters begins immediately after the phone call with their mother ends.

It is only their third day at the university, and they are struggling just to use the facilities and get to their intended classrooms.

Mashiro, the eldest of the sisters, who is a firm but directionally inept student, has already lost her way more times than she can count on two hands.

“B-but, is it not embarrassing to meet him now…..? We don’t even remember his face, do we?”

“…I know that Miyu Onee chan is the most embarrassed to meet him. I remember you were taking a bath every day with Yuuto Onii chan.”

“……N-no, I didn’t take a bath with him.”

Miyu pouted her mouth while twisting her golden hair with her index finger. It was Mashiro who pursued her with a tough attitude.

“Hmm. Rather than saying that you were taking a bath together, didn’t you attack him yourself, Miyu?”

“….Ah, that’s right. Yuuto Onii chan was kind enough to let him wash her head and body.”

“L-like I said, we didn’t do that, seriously !”

Miyu’s face turns bright red as if she remembers that time, and she changes the subject.

“Or rather ! Kokono used to crawl into Yuuto Nii’s bed a lot. You always hugged him while you were sleeping.”


“You see, I got it right. Your face is blushing.”

“I’m not blushing…..”

“Okay, okay. You’re embarrassed to see him, too.”

“…I’m not as embarrassed as Miyu Onee chan.”

“You’re about the same !”

“Sleeping together and taking a bath together are totally different.”

The second and third daughters are arguing with each other.

The first daughter, smiling at the situation, plunges her mouth in a relaxed manner.

“Miyu and Kokono were very spoiled by Yuuto Onii san. I remember you guys cried a lot when you had to say goodbye〜. It’s nostalgic.”

“No, no, the one who cried the most was Mashiro Nee. You relied on Yuuto Nii for everything and shared half of the dessert every time it was served.”

“I agree. You cried the most at that time and used the most energy….so that’s what happened.”


Kokono looked at her petite body and said that, but that’s something she should never do.

“Hey, hey, [so that’s what happened] you said, what exactly did you mean when you said that’s what happened? Maybe it has nothing to do with my height. Miyu, you nodded a little too.”



The two look away from each other like they are being punished, and they sulk.

“Since the two of you are so big, even I still have the potential to grow taller….. It’s just that I grow slowly……. I’ll definitely make fun of you one day…….”

–She blurted out.

“It’s your fault that I got caught in the middle. Come on, apologize quickly.”

“I’m sorry…..”

This is the difference between the second daughter and the third daughter.

Kokono is pinched on the cheek by Miyu who is sitting next to her.

From her small backside, Mashiro, who was overflowing with the last boss-like aura [Gogogogo !] put down the pressure after hearing this apology.

“……By the way, are you two planning to meet with Yuuto Nii? It’s a complicated relationship, and if you meet, you’ll die just from the atmosphere, right?”

“But I still want to meet him….. If I miss this opportunity, I don’t think I’ll ever see him again.”

“If Mashiro Onee chan is going to meet him, I’m going too.”

“Eh, you two are really excited.”

Miyu, who thought that Kokono was also on her side, seemed taken aback.

“As I said earlier, we don’t know Yuuto Nii’s face, right? I don’t have his contact information, so how can we arrange our schedules?”

“Mom said that it will be fine. I think she will contact Yuuto Onii san’s father to make arrangements.”


“Miyu will see him too, right?”

“I-if the two of you are going to, then I have no choice, right? All together……”

Miyu also blurted out.

As expected of the eldest daughter, Mashiro, she brought out her honest feelings.


“I didn’t think this kind of opportunity would come around. Yuuto Onii san also went to that university.”

“Yeah. I thought I would never see him again.”

“Isn’t it scary because it’s too coincidental?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s really a great coincidence.”

Sitting on a chair, Mashiro is in a really good mood as she shakes her feet, which didn’t touch the floor.


“Mashiro Onee chan looks so happy.”

“You look just like you do when you’re eating dessert.”

“That’s because we get to meet Yuuto Onii san, right? All of us !”

Mashiro, who was in a happy mood with a voice that sounded like it had a musical note at the end of it, was smiling as she clasped her small hands together.

“I wonder what kind of thing I should talk with Yuuto Onii san〜 I wonder how it’s going to be !?”

A fluffy atmosphere enveloped the living room.

The atmosphere fills you with a smile just by being there.

However, the atmosphere was disrupted by Kokono’s words.

“I’ll have to ask Yuuto Onii chan if he has a girlfriend.”


“Wasn’t he Mashiro Onee chan’s first love……?”

“Tsu ! You’re wrong !?”

From Kokono to Mashiro.

“Well, uh, Yuuto Onii san is Miyu’s first love, right?”

“Huh !? That’s totally wrong ! !”

Next, from Mashiro to Miyu, who had been attacked.

“T-that’s right. He’s Kokono’s first love.”

“N-no he’s not…..”

The last one was from Miyu to Kokono.

The triplets, perhaps because they are triplets, exchange a few words in unison.

“W-well, in the first place, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first love or not, right? It’s not even clear what he looked like, and even if you look at him now, you probably won’t know.”

“T-that’s also true….I guess?”

“Yeah. You’re right.”

The three of them have come to a conclusion, but each of them has noticed something ever since they can remember.

They like the exact same type of men.

And these three sisters have no way of knowing.

They are unaware that, without their mother as their mediator, they will each meet a man whose face they have forgotten–

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