The next day I managed to fix my step sister’s mood.

I had to leave the house earlier than usual. The reason, of course, was to get breakfast at a convenience store. I usually don’t have to intervene in the kitchen situation because either my step sister or my mother usually cooks it.

My step sister is jealous that I have better cooking skills than her, so she doesn’t let me cook when we are alone. Incidentally, my step sister also went out a little earlier than usual.

“But, she gave me 500 yen, including lunch money……”

With this 500 yen, I had to decide between breakfast and lunch today. I can’t help but smile wryly at the situation like an office worker with debts. Or rather, it’s all Nanase’s fault.

“The bank is not open at this hour, and I must have forgotten my cash card.”

I have some money in my account, but I don’t carry a bank card, so it’s impossible to get money. I tried to simulate the best combination of products in my favorite convenience store.

(I can buy one bread and one rice ball. After that, I can buy a suitable side dish of bread…)

As I walked toward the convenience store, I saw a familiar face. Who could it be but Yukihana, who invited me to her house yesterday. She was standing alone in the parking lot of the convenience store.

(Come to think of it, she also bought her lunch at the convenience store.”

I knew that she always came to school early, but I had no idea that she had stopped by the convenience store at this hour. If I were the usual me, I’d still be at home playing with my phone.


As I was watching Yukihana from afar, a student I had never seen before came out of the convenience store. For a moment I thought it was a girl because of her neutral face, but when I saw the uniform, I immediately realized it was a boy.

Then Yukihana joined him and they walked together toward the school. Apparently she didn’t notice me watching from a distance. But…..



A male student who was walking with Yukihana. I felt like I met his eyes for a moment. However, I ignored it and walked into the convenience store as if I was replacing them. The other side also seems to ignore me, so I didn’t even come back to talk to them.

(Would they even notice me looking at them from that distance?)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a guy who looked dreadful. I was sure that he was a very crooked guy when he was with Yukihana, but the moment our eyes met, my body felt danger and I braced myself for it. I wonder how long it has been since I have felt this way.


I don’t think there’s anything to say right now, but it seems like he’s going to the same school as me. Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but I’ll keep an eye out just in case.

“Well, for now, let’s get some food.”

I decided to forget about what I had just said and stared at the food items in the convenience store. After some deliberation, I decided to buy two rice balls with tuna mayo and two sweet buns.

The onigiri had been heavily criticized on TV, but it seemed that the convenience store had started a sales promotion campaign to take advantage of it. The pop-up says something like [Worthless……] and as a result, sales are increasing or something.

When I left the convenience store, I checked the time on my phone. It’s about 30 minutes until homeroom. The distance from here to the school is about five minutes on foot. I could afford to eat a piece of sweet bread for breakfast.

And I hurry to school and put on my school shoes more smoothly than usual.

(At any rate, before I go to the classroom……)

I could have gone to the classroom and eaten it, but it would have been too conspicuous in the morning. Besides, I prefer to eat alone.

I drew a map of the school in my mind and picked out places where there would be no one around at this time of the day.

(The rooftop is off-limits to begin with. The library is also off-limits. The stairs over there that I mentioned before are currently used as a luggage storage area for the soccer club.)

Unlike college, where classrooms may be freely open, there are not so many classrooms conveniently open in high school. But I remembered this morning when I saw Yukihana.

(I remembered that there was an equipment room.)

I had a strategy meeting alone with Yukihana once. I and other students have used this room several times because it is not marked as off-limits. Now that I think about it, I have a history with that place.

I had a chance to see Nanase having a meal there alone the other day. And most importantly, a year ago, I was in this place with my step sister……

(Well, I’m just thankful I found a place I can use now)

I stopped thinking deeply, and I proceeded to go to the place. I go inside, but as I expect, there seems to be no sign of anyone. I sit down on the top of an unused jumping box and fish through the plastic bags.

“Well, I have to supplement my nutrition.”

By the way, I bought two kinds of bread, anpan (red bean paste) and hotdog-like bread. I chose the anpan for breakfast. It would have been perfect if I had milk, but I forgot it because I bought tea.

With a little regret, I slowly started to eat the anpan. By the way, I was not particular about whether I chose the coarse bean paste or the hard red bean paste, and I chose the hard red bean paste that happened to be easily accessible. My step sister seems to be a fan of coarse bean paste and sweet bean paste.

I’d like to settle down for a while after what happened with Nanase and Yukika.

Too many things have happened in the past few weeks. The first was Kisaragi and Yukihana’s case, then Shinkai, and now Nanase. Well, so much has happened in this short period of time. It should be quiet for a while……

Rattle rattle rattle

As I was thinking this, the door to the equipment room quietly opened. I didn’t have time to hide my appearance because it came out of nowhere, and the other side didn’t think anyone was there either, so they stiffened up when they saw my face. I mean, why?

“Hm, Senpai?


The root of all evil I was swept up in yesterday. Nanase Natsume stepped into the equipment room.

Perhaps I was born under a star that gets me in trouble. While thinking that, I slowly stuffed my cheeks with red bean paste.

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Lord of the Mysteries
Lord of the Mysteries
1 year ago

Thanks for the Chapters! …Also could i ask the Translator to pls put in whenever a POV changes….

1 year ago

It bit strange he didn’t consider that she’d end up going there