“Hey, aren’t you looking a little pale?”

“…..Don’t worry about it.”

I knew it was too much for me to drink such a sweet drink after the sweets buffet. I have the most upset stomach I’ve ever had. Or rather, I feel genuinely sick.

It’s amazing that my step sister can drink that sweet stuff in one gulp. Even though Nanase did not eat at the sweets buffet, she put her hands on her hips and chugged it down in opposition to my step sister. They even started a fast-drinking contest in the middle. The result was an overwhelming victory for my step sister.

“You’re pretty good.”
I reluctantly accepted the ticket. If I had not accepted the ticket, my step sister would have probably looked at me as if she doubted my humanity.

After handing me the ticket, Nanase stepped back with a satisfied look on her face.

“I’m glad to hear that. With this, the clearance sale…, I was able to make effective use of it !”

I thought I heard something bad for a moment. Well, it’s said that he appeared in a role that dies in the first five minutes, and watching the movie for the remaining hour and a half without him would be hell.

I try to give the ticket to my step sister, but she doesn’t want to accept it. I look at her face and she says to me in exasperation.

“I’m probably going to be so busy that it’s going to be hard for me to make free time. So you’ll have to hold onto that.”

“Eh, no, but…….”

“I’ve got two of them, and I’d like you to invite some good friends over.”

Nanase, who drank soft serve ice cream, was told by my step sister. I don’t know the person who made my step sister say such a thing.

“Even so, this is pretty delicious.”

“Oh, you have good taste. There are also chocolate and green tea flavors, so I’ll buy you a drink next time I have the chance.”

“I’m going to gain weight, so do it in moderation.”

Before I knew it, a mysterious bond had developed between my step sister and Nanase. I’ve heard that girls get along fast, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it.

“Speaking of which, what brings Nanase san to this place?”

“Ah, the thing is…..”

Nanase took something out of her bag with a rumbling sound. If I look closely, I can see that something like a poster was folded. And she spread it out carefully.

“Is this a mystery movie that will be released soon?”

“Yes, I’m going to play a minor role in this movie. I play the role of a schoolgirl who is killed within five minutes of the start of the movie.”

“……You poor thing.”

“That’s just a story, you know !?”

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the two are not the same.

Well, I think it’s probably a pitiful thing with various meanings.

Nanase has made a name for herself as a model, but recently she seems to have begun to reach out to dramas and movies. It seems that everything she appeared in so far has been a supporting role, but if that’s all she’s been able to do, I’m sure her future work will be safe.

“So, next week, a preview will be held at the movie theater in this department store. That’s why I came here to inspect the venue.”

“Hee. I see.”

I couldn’t help but be impressed. The reason is that I was genuinely interested because I have never had anyone like this around me, and my step sister, who is rarely moved by emotions, was even more impressed than I was.

“Well well, I never thought I’d be able to come this far myself.”

“It’s all thanks to your efforts. You should continue to cherish that feeling.”

“Ah, yes.”

Nanase flinched a little after being honestly praised. It’s true that my step sister sometimes praises someone out of the blue, so it’s not good for the person’s heart. It’s not that much of a surprise that she is usually too cool for that.

“Oh yes, here’s a little something to thank you for earlier !”

Then Nanase went through her bag again and pulled out two tickets. I looked at them carefully and saw that they were movie tickets.

“You can invite one of my family or friends to this preview event. So, by all means, I’d like to invite both of you !”

“One? There’s two tickets……”

“Between you and me, I might not be able to go to the screening because of my schedule. In the first place, I know everything about the movie, so I don’t want to waste this ticket…” ……”

Nanase handed the tickets to both of us apologetically. But my step sister, being herself, shook her head while looking apologetic.

“I can’t let you give such a precious thing to us. Besides, it’s just proof of your efforts…”

“In that case, I’d like to return the favor, then. I owe each of you, so I’m going to repay you for that.”

Nanase looked at me with a shy look. It’s free to feel indebted to me, but in the end, I feel like the situation was resolved even if I left it alone.

Because Nanase’s physical ability is obviously extraordinary.

Today, the distance is not like the other day, but rather closer. That’s why I could see this woman’s bones and muscles up close. After all, her muscles are clearly more developed than those of female students of the same age. She is wearing pants now, so I can’t see it well, but I think her leg muscles are clearly developed.

My guess is that she’s learning martial arts such as kickboxing or judo while modeling.

I would have to compare the two to know for sure, but she definitely has more physical ability than Shinkai Sakura. If she were to participate in a sports festival, she would probably win the top prize or be named MVP.

“Um, that’s why I want you to receive it. Do you not like it, Senpai?”

Nanase peeked at me anxiously. When I turned my face towards my step sister, she looked at me with a sigh of astonishment.

“……I’ll take it for now.

If only I had a friend like that. Is it out of concern for Nanase being in front of him that I didn’t add that one word? Or is it just an annoyance? Somehow, I have a feeling it’s the latter.

(No, seriously, what should I do with this?)

I should try pawning it off. Maybe I can sell it for tens of thousands of yen. I don’t need it so much as to think like that.

“I gave you the ticket for now, so please let me know what you think of the movie next time ! Well then, I’m going to take my leave now. Thank you for the delicious drinks !”

With these words, Nanase ran and disappeared into the crowd of the department store. If someone dressed like that found out in the crowd, they would normally report her. Or rather, she’s really fast.

“…..I’ll leave it to you to handle the ticket. Have a good time.”


“Look, don’t make that kind of face, we’re going home.”

Then we stepped into the crowd just like Nanase. Is it because he is overwhelmed by the crowds around me, or is it because I’m at a loss as to what to do with the ticket I received earlier?

“Oh, come to think of it, Mom isn’t here today, so please buy some ingredients for dinner. Here’s the note for dinner.”

“Eh, what about your Nee san?”

“I’m going home first to study. I have a grade test coming up, and I don’t want to waste my precious time off.”


That’s how I ended up with a mission to buy ingredients on the first floor of the department store. I’ll leave it for another time when I get into a terrible situation because of a special time sale.

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