“H-hey. What are you talking about with that [Ice Princess]?”
“Oh, I’m curious too.”

It seemed like it would take a little longer to get back to normal.

The number of people has decreased compared to yesterday, and when it increases, Eiji is there to help, saying, [I don’t care if you make the ice princess angry] so there’s no problem.

And lunch.

“……When I think about it again, you’re awesome too. You’re going to the other side too, just like yesterday.”
“I don’t feel comfortable unless it’s Nagi’s bento for lunch.”
“She sure grabbed your stomach properly. ….Well, I can’t speak for others either.”

Eiji took out a blue lunch box. I was skeptical about that, which was unfamiliar to me.

“Bento. Did she make it for you?”
“Oh. It seems that she was inspired by you two. I’m glad she could make it.”
“Hee.That’s great.

But I have to remember to be grateful. What should I do on a regular basis? Think about it.

“Speaking of which. School ends at the beginning of next week, right? Are you doing anything this weekend? No, I’m not going to invite you out.”
“……Oh, Christmas.”

I’ve forgotten a lot lately, but it was already Christmas this weekend.

I’ve forgotten a lot lately, but it was already Christmas this weekend.

“Hmm? From the looks of it, you haven’t made any plans yet?
“That’s right. I don’t know if she’ll spend it with her family or me. Ah, yes. I’ll tell you first, but I’ll be going home for winter break. Together with Nagi.”
“……That’s a big event to pass off as a casualty. “

I chuckled at Eiji’s surprise.

“Well, it’s because I’m her fiancée. ……I’m also a pretty heavy guy. I’m aware that I messed up Nagi’s life and I want to take responsibility for it.”
“That’s fine. I’m sure it’s a heavy thing for both of you. if you’re not dissatisfied with your life, that’s fine for now. Marrying someone you’ve dated since high school seems like a rare case, but I’m sure there are others out there if you look for them.”

I nodded in agreement.

“That’s true. By the way, Eiji, are you two going somewhere for Christmas?”
”Ah. I’m going to go to karaoke in the morning, and at night I’m going to go out a little bit to see the illumination …….And probably stay the night. I know Kirika’s parents.”
“……I see.”

There’s also illumination. I wonder if Nagi and I have been there before. Thinking about the fact that it’s Christmas alone……no, that’s not going to happen.
Then Nagi would say, [Come to my house].

“What’s up?”
“Christmas present. I hadn’t decided at all. I can’t even talk to Eiji about it, as expected. Don’t worry about it.”
“Yeah. Everyone is happy to receive it. ……Hey, no matter what you give her, it will make her happy.”
“…That may be true. I can’t choose properly. Well, whatever. Should be fine”

I thought of a few candidates. I should ask Nagi if there is anything she wants, too.

With that in mind, I brought the side dish of fried eggs to my mouth.
As usual, the bento was very tasty.



Nagi was humming a tune in a good mood as she chopped vegetables on the cutting board. I was watching Nagi from the side.

Wearing an apron, Nagi looked very homely. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and it swung fluffy whenever Nagi moved her body. As I stared at her, Nagi glanced at me.

Our gazes entwined, and soft sunlight shone in her eyes. Nagi put down the knife and washed her hands. After wiping her hands with a towel, she approached me.

I felt like doing it. The first time, please.
Nagi’s hand was gently placed on my chest. Nagi stretched out her back naturally and put her soft lips on mine.

She put her soft lips on mine.

The sweet smell wafted through the air, and her silky hair was momentarily swept away.
Her hands, a little cool, catch my heartbeat. Nagi’s body warmth is transmitted from her lips.

Nagi’s blue eyes stare at me. Her eyes narrowed happily.

But it was only for a few seconds. Nagi parted her lips as if she was regretting her name, and stopped standing tall.

“…… Souta kun’s heart. It’s pounding so hard.”
“I’m sorry, it’s not good for my heart. I’m going to prepare my heart a little more–“

“Hey, Nagi,…… what are you doing?”
“I’m so thrilled, you know?”

Before I could say anything, Nagi took my hand. ……I pushed it to a place where I could feel the heartbeat. It changes shape.

“N-Nagi…what are you doing?”
“I’m nervous too, you know?”

From the depths of that soft touch, I can definitely feel my heartbeat. but……

“Nagi. This is, um. Not good.”

A place where you can feel the pulse. Naturally, it’s a place close to the heart…

When I looked at Nagi while writhing at the soft touch of her hand, she smiled even though her face turned bright red.

“M-me too……um, I like to feel Souta kun’s heartbeat. We’re even.”
“E-even if you say that…..”

Nagi suddenly averted her gaze.

“….You don’t like it?”

I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

Otherwise, my head would be pretty much like that.

I shake my head to clear my mind. But they didn’t go away.

“I-I don’t hate it, you know….because I can’t stand it anymore.”

I managed to say that. Nagi finally let go of my hand. Then, with a slightly swollen face, she turned away.

“…You don’t have to hold back.”

She muttered softly.

My heart makes an unpleasant sound.”

Calm down. Calm down, me.

I put my hand on my chest. It was the hand that had just touched Nagi……and I couldn’t help but feel my own heart beating in sync with hers that I had just felt. Her heart beats fast.

Then–me and Nagi. It took us a few moments to calm down.


Somehow, by the time we ate dinner, things were back to normal. I think it’s a good thing that I found myself back to normal. No, I’m embarrassed when I suddenly remember.

“How was it?”
“Yeah, it’s delicious. Very,”
Today’s dinner was simmered fish, miso soup, and boiled spinach.

All of them are very delicious. When I firmly told Nagi so, she smiled happily.

“I’m glad !”

And so the two of us talked about many things over dinner.

From conversations with friends to casual matters in class. We never ran out of things to talk about.

After we finished eating, we cleared our plates and talked.

I decided to ask her something that had been bothering me for a while.

“Nagi. I have a few questions, is that okay?”
“What is it?”

Nagi’s expression became stiffened, as if she sensed my mood.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to answer it… What happened with the president’s son that you were supposed to marry?”

If it was true that day, he was supposed to have a blind date with Nagi–if I’m correct, his name is.

“You mean Minamikawa san, right?”
“Yeah, that’s right. I don’t mean to force you to talk about it.”
“No, it’s all right. Papa made it all right.”

Then Nagi told me what happened after that.

Soichiro san is highly skilled at his job, but I heard that his negotiation skills are outstanding among them.

He went to Minamikawa san’s place and explained everything from one to ten. After admitting his own inadequacies, he negotiated and negotiated.
As a result….there were various compensation payments and other exchanges, but the burden on the company run by Soichiro san was not that great.

“……But the thing with Papa. There may be things he hasn’t told me.”
“It’s so that you don’t feel responsible.”
“Yes. But I don’t expect Papa or Mama to talk to me right now, and some of the things we talk about may be difficult. I believe that someday, when the time is right, they will tell me.”
“……Yes. I think that would be good.”

Of course I’m not irrelevant either. I’m the one who ruined everything.

“…..I should go to thank him again and apologize.”

But my words were stopped by Nagi.

“This time, Souta kun got involved in my family’s problems. Even so, Souta kun helped me…….helped us. So there’s nothing to apologize….If you want to thank Papa for clearing things up, that’s fine. Apologizing is no good.”

I was surprised at first, but if Nagi says so….. it might be better.

“I understand. I’ll go say thank you. I wanted to meet and talk with Soichiro san and the others soon, even if it was just to deepen our friendship.”
“They should be busy until the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. I’m going to Souta kun’s house, so it doesn’t matter much. I think it will be no problem after the winter vacation. I’ll talk to him.”
“Thank you.”

And it was getting to be a good time to talk.

‘Well then……I would really like to stay over today. But since Mama and Papa are waiting for me in the living room these days, I think I’ll go home.”
“Yeah, I understand. ……Nagi. Can I ask for two last things?”
“Yes? What is it?”

I stopped Nagi from standing up and after a short pause…..I looked her in the eye.

“Christmas. What are you going to do, Nagi? …..What do you want to do?”
“I’ll stay with Souta kun.”

Nagi replied without a moment’s pause. She just smiled and gave me a soft look.

“I want to be with Souta kun.”
“I-I see.”

I was frozen for a moment by those words that hit me like a straight ball.
And Nagi stared at me. I looked at her with a serious expression.

“On Christmas. I have a place I want to go. Is it okay?”
“…..What is it? I haven’t decided yet, and any place is fine.”

Even though I replied, Nagi suddenly became silent.

Her eyes, which should have been staring at me, went down. Her hand was tightly clenched.


I called out to Nagi and approached her.

I took her hand, unclenched her fist and squeezed it.


I called her name again. Nagi finally looked up.
Her face was terribly tense…and I could feel an emotion akin to fright.

“Say anything. I’ll accept it all.”

When I said that, Nagi nodded slightly.

“I want to start over. What happened at that amusement park.”

That’s what she said.

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