“I’m home.”

When I came home in the evening, my voice is the only one that echoes futilely at the front door.

My parents both work, and they always come home late.

So I’m home alone most of the time.

Well, I used to feel lonely a lot, but now that I’m in high school, I’m thankful for the freedom that comes with it.

“Well, let’s cook dinner….hm, there aren’t any ingredients at all.”

I went to the back kitchen and opened the refrigerator, which contained only juice, beer, and snacks.

“I wish they’d at least buy something we can eat.”

I grumbled to myself as I went to the front door and put my shoes back on.

Then I went outside.

I headed to a nearby supermarket to do some shopping.

The area in front of the station and along the seaside are prosperous, but my house is in a residential area with relatively few people.

There are only a supermarket and a convenience store a short walk away.

I’m really glad to be in a quiet place like this.

These days, no matter where I go, it’s always full of tourists, and it’s just too noisy.

“……Hm? That preson again.”

I was passing a convenience store in front of the supermarket when my eyes fell on a woman standing in the parking lot.

The woman I saw earlier in front of the station was Hyori senpai.

She must live around here after all.

“Well, it’s none of my business.”

She is probably meeting someone I don’t know.

Maybe it’s her boyfriend. If she’s that pretty, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had a boyfriend.

As I continue on my way, I notice that no cars are parked in the parking lot of the supermarket.

“Eh, they closed today? Seriously.”

In front of the supermarket, there was a sign saying that the store was temporarily closed.

They said they would be closed for three days for interior construction.

“Oh, well, I guess I’ll just go to the convenience store and get something to eat.”

I turned around and went back to the convenience store.

For a moment, I wondered if Hyori senpai was still there, but as expected, she was nowhere to be found.

I went into the store and headed for the magazine section.

“I might as well browse through this week’s series anyway.”

I’m not much of a manga fan, but I like what’s trendy as much as the average person.

I picked up a weekly manga magazine and flipped through it to find the manga I was looking for.

I’m currently addicted to romantic comedies.

As I have no connection to romance in the real world, I can only be thrilled by the joys and sorrows of cute girls in fiction.

I guess this is how I became an otaku.

I wonder if when I become a university student, I’ll be shut in and play gal games all the time.


While I was absorbed in my manga, a customer came in.

For some reason, I thought of the pervert I had accidentally knocked down this morning, and when I looked at him, he was of course a completely different person, but he was wearing the same old coat.

It was spring and he was dressed very strangely.

I felt uncomfortable and had a bad premonition.

I headed to the toilet in the back, planning to go to the toilet quickly and then buy some food before heading home.

“….I wonder if anyone’s in there.”

But it was in use.

I felt awkward waiting in front of the men’s and women’s restrooms when a woman came out.

So I decided to hold off on using the restroom and quickly finish my shopping.

At that moment,

“Kyaaa !”

“Hey, give me money !”

I heard a shout and a man’s low voice coming from the cash register.

“Hey, all the customers here, don’t move ! If you call the cops or anything, I’ll kill you !”

The man’s voice echoed throughout the store.

I was in front of the restroom, so I had no idea what was going on inside the store.

But this is definitely a robbery.

Are you kidding me? Am I going to die here?

“Hey, if that guy in the back moves, I’ll kill him too !”


The man peeks toward the restroom from the side of the cash register and spits threats at me as well.

I looked and saw that he was holding what looked like a knife in his right hand.

Only in the world of manga can there be heroes who, when told not to move, still move bravely and subdue the criminal.

I was just a high school boy with nothing to live for.

I don’t want to die, so of course I don’t make the slightest move as instructed.

Or rather, I’m too cowed to move.

The sight of the man with the blade had completely freaked me out.

“Hey, give me the money quickly.”

The man went back to the cash register.

At that moment, a voice came from inside the locked bathroom.

“Robbery…..what should I do……I don’t want to die.”

It is a woman’s voice.

She sounds very scared.

Well, of course.

But if it’s someone inside the restroom, they might be able to call the police.

It’s the lowest form of bad manners to talk to a woman you don’t even know who’s in the restroom, but it’s an emergency now, so what the hell.

“Um….can you call the police?”

“Ah……but I don’t know if he can hear me.”

“Well, that’s……I’ll take care of it.”


I know I sounded pretty cool, but I really have no idea what to do.

But there was no time to hesitate.

I asked the woman to call 110, if we were noticed, then so be it.

The woman immediately started talking to someone. It seems that the police were able to reach her. 

We can manage with this.

I leaned against the door of the restroom, feeling a little relieved.

“Who are you talking to? Ah? I hope you didn’t call the police !”

“Oh shit……”

The man detected my suspicious movement.

The man was coming towards me with a devilish look on his face.

“Hey, is there someone in the bathroom? Hey, what’s going on?”

“W-who knows? I don’t know……”

“I’ll kill you if you lie to me. Don’t you fucking kid me, you little shit !”


The tip of the knife in the hand of the man who is slowly approaching points toward me.

I’m so scared that I’m about to pass out right now if I pee in my pants.

But if I fall, the woman inside will also be affected…

“Get out of the way, kid.”

“I-I can’t move.”

“Ah? What did you say?”

“I can’t move…….”

My waist is weak.

I can’t move at all.

And if I move even one step, I’ll probably piss my pants.

I was too scared to do anything.

“You’ve got a lot of guts, kiddo, defending a person inside. But you know what, I hate guys like that ! You all act like you’re the good guys ! Die, you son of a bitch !”

Suddenly, the man becomes enraged and rushes toward me, pointing a knife at me.

At that moment, the man’s movements seemed to be in slow motion.

Ah, maybe this is what it’s like when you die.

I had never even held a girl’s hand.

When I’m reborn, I want a girlfriend…….

The fear I had felt earlier was a lie, as I calmly awaited the moment.

I thought that when there was nothing I could do about it, people would forget about their fears.

I was ready to die, but then the image of a man rushing toward me, slipping and flipping over in front of the toilet with the sole of his foot facing me, slowly played in front of my eyes.

“Whoa…..ugh !”


The man, whose feet were caught on the floor, which was probably freshly cleaned or slightly wet, hit his head on the floor as hard as he could and fainted.

I sat there for a moment, still not quite sure what had happened, but realizing that I had apparently survived.

Then I heard the sirens of police cars outside.

Several police officers rushed into the store.

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6 months ago

That’s hillarious. Naah, no way that just happened

6 months ago

It’s like a different version of Rito’s ability. Rather than having lucky perv moments, MC creates unfortunate accidents for criminals.

6 months ago
Reply to  Koukiri

Blud have bootleg Wonder of U ability