“Thank you for everything ~ !”

“I’m sorry to bother you Aya chan. See you at school.”

“See you~”

The three of us wave to Aya chan and Ryouma san. Then leave Aya’s house.


I walked around while humming a tune and thinking about the day’s events.

[Ryouma san. It was an early reunion, but I can’t believe that he was Aya chan’s brother.

He helped me at the convenience store, he helped the selfish me and even helped me with my studies …… and I even got his contact information! Maybe this is what you call a fateful encounter…!?]

[kyaa] As I was walking along while remembering what happened with Ryouma San, Hiyo Chan came up from the side grinning and started talking to me. 

“Oh my~oh my~, Saki chan is in a good mood~.”

“Ehehe~, of course I am~! I thought that I couldn’t meet him anymore !”

“I see, I see~. But he was exactly what Saki chan has said~. I didn’t believe it earlier in the morning, but when I saw Ryouma Onii chan’s behavior today, I knew that wasn’t a lie~. Ah~, I want to become the child of Saeki’s family too~.” 

“Eh !? Hiyo chan, are you perhaps, towards Ryouma san !?”

“Yeah~.  An older brother that pats me with such gentle hands, I want it more and more~. Well, there’s also the fact that Aya chan reaction was funny~.” 

I was relieved to hear Hiyo chan’s words, and then Micchan said [fufu] while laughing

“But if he’s such a good student and has such a handsome face, I’m sure he already has a girlfriend.”

“He? Girlfriend?……W-wwwwwwwwwhat’s the meaning of that, Micchan?”

“Ee??? No, I think it is normal for a guy like Ryouma san to have a girlfriend.”

G-girlfriend….I see, you’re right !

Why didn’t I notice that? ……

How can someone so kind, tall and cool not have a girlfriend? ……

Ahhh…there was no such thing as destiny. ……

As I was feeling down and depressed, Hiyo chan gave me a curious look and said to me,

“What? Why are you so depressed, Saki chan? It hasn’t been confirmed yet that Ryoma onii chan has a girlfriend!”

“No, because! there’s no way a cool guy like that doesn’t have a girlfriend~ ……Micchan is right~…ugh~…”

When I told Hiyo chan that it was obvious, she nodded her head and pointed to a nearby café.

“Hmmmm~? I don’t know why Saki chan was so depressed. Oh, I’m thirsty, so let’s go there and talk.~”

To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood, but Hiyo chan dragged me forcibly into the cafe.

After ordering a drink and sitting down, Hiyo chan starts talking about what happened earlier.

“You know what~? There’s something strange about it~. Ryouma Onii chan is such a cool guy, I wonder why we didn’t know about him until now. Aya chan told us about her brother recently, didn’t she? And at that time, she said, ‘I can finally talk about it now’~~”

“???W-what do you mean by that?”

When I didn’t understand what Hiyo chan was saying and asked back, Micchan simply explained what Hiyo chan wanted to say from the side.

“So what Hiyori is trying to say is that Ryouma san has had some sort of situation up until now, and now that it’s resolved, so Aya chan can finally talk about him?”

“That’s right~ as expected of Micchan~.  I was kinda stuck on the way Aya chan said it at that time~.” 

I was impressed that she could remember such a thing even though she is usually so silly, then  Hiyo chan continued.

“Besides, Ryouma Onii chan went to the same middle school as us ,right~? So it wouldn’t be strange if we knew about it, but the fact that we didn’t know about it until now is definitely something~. Maybe he refused to attend school, or he was taking a day of because illness~…..the rest is maybe he kept a low profile~?” 

I finally understood Hiyo chan’s words and nodded my head. 

“I see, so that’s what you meant. I’m sure we were in the same school for two years, but I never heard anything about Ryouma San~. He should definitely be popular because he looks so cool. I still don’t know what the reason was, but the last part about him keeping a low profile doesn’t make sense to me~.” 

“That’s right~I think so too. I don’t think there’s any point to hide his presence especially when he’s so cool, so maybe this is different~.”

If Ryouma san were my lover, I would definitely want to brag about it, and it would’ve been great if a popular person such as Ryouma san liked me. There’s no way I let him get troubled by keeping a low profile. 

I thought a lot about what I would do if I could go out with Ryouma san, and came to a certain conclusion. 

Then I took Hiyo chan’s hand who laughed [ahaha], got up from my seat and declared.

“Yosh! It has been decided, we’re going to investigate everything about Ryouma san starting from next week~! Then we’re going to make sure if he has a girlfriend or not ! !”


I declare that I will get to know Ryouma San first, in order to have a relationship with him from now on.

Then, it seemed like I stood up too loudly and the people around me were looking towards me. I felt embarrassed and said [I’m sorry] while bowing my head and sat back down. 

[…..I think it would be faster to ask the person himself directly….]

Misato murmured to herself while looking at those two people drinking their iced coffee.

Such mutterings were not heard by those two people who were engrossed in thinking of a strategy. 

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