Interlude 2 – Yuina’s POV 2


I broke up with Ryou and started to date Kenji kun.

I haven’t told my parents about this, that’s why my mother was worried that Ryou didn’t come to pick me up this morning.

I lied to them saying that I told them that I will go first. Saying that, I left home.

Then, I went to school with Kenji kun. I entered the classroom with a floating (Happiness) feeling. For some reason, everyone knew that Ryou and I had broken up. I wondered why, it seems like Ryou told them that we broke up.

It was unusual, but I didn’t care. Then I boasted to my friends that I’ve started to date Kenji kun. But, not everyone was very happy about it. But why though ?

Well it’s fine, I think back about this morning. I looked for Ryou to ask him why he didn’t wake me up in the morning like usual, but he was nowhere to be found.

I took a look at the class, I asked Kikuchi kun and the boy who seat’s in Ryou’s place the whereabouts of Ryou, that boy has a handsome face. To be honest, a few steps cooler than Kenji kun.

Then, suddenly Kikuchi kun said with a displeased face [Are you really saying that?]. I didn’t understand the meaning of that.

While I was wondering about what he said, the boy sitting in Ryou’s seat opened his mouth and said

“Did you perhaps forget my face ? What a terrible person. The person you’re looking for is here all this time.”

I didn’t catch what that meant. No, I didn’t understand it. This person can’t be Ryou. When I couldn’t say anything, the boy said he was Ryou.

“Like I said, I am Saeki Ryouma. Your childhood friend Saeki Ryouma that you dumped on  the phone call last friday. I heard that you’re looking for me, what do you want? As for me, I don’t have anything to do with you.”

“Ha? You’re Ryo-, are you really Ryou…?” 

That’s all I could say.

“Who else can you see?” 

Weird. Ryou cannot be this cool, and he has never used such strong language against me. From that, I said terrible words to Ryo, who had changed.

“It’s a lie…because Ryou looked so dirty and sloppy, his tone wasn’t even that confident, anyway, he’s lame…” 

From that, I got really impatient when they said it was not my business. I tried to get hold of Ryou and get him to stop dressing like he is now because we are childhood friends. I thought he would obey me because I told him to, but Ryo talked back to me.

It’s weird. This is not Ryou.

After that, the chime rang. While in class, I spent my time with a gloomy feeling. I told him to come to the rooftop at lunchtime. I decided to wait on the roof during lunch.

But he didn’t come. Ryou didn’t come. Weird. Ryou has always listened to what I was asking him so it’s really wrong.

Frustrated by Ryo not coming even after waiting for a while, I returned to the classroom and hurriedly ate my lunch as lunch time was about to end.

Then Kikuchi kun came back to class and I asked Ryou why he didn’t come.

“Wait ! Why didn’t you come to the rooftop! You’re about to miss your meal !” 

“I never said that I was going. You selfishly said to come and went back to your seat without waiting for a reply.”  

“You’ve been saying this and that for a while…! Hmph whatever, you definitely have to tell me after school ! Got it !?” 

After I get Ryou’s consent,  I’ll definitely talk to him, so I peg him every recess from then on. 

Then, as soon as the homeroom was over, I went to Ryou’s seat, because it would’ve been troublesome if some strange rumors were going to spread out in the classroom, so I took him to the rooftop. 

I was at my limit as soon as we got to the rooftop. 

“I’ve already told you this morning, but you have to change your appearance back to usual starting tomorrow!! In my mind, it’s been decided that you have to look lame! Get it!? This is not a request, it’s an order!!”

Therefore, I would’ve been happy if I heard that Ryou was going to drop his current look, but something was off with Ryou’s  behavior. 

“Pfftt, HAHAHAHAHA!!!” 

“W-what is it ! What are you laughing at all of a sudden !” 

“Well, you just said the thing that I think you’re going to say. It’s really interesting you know…sigh, seriously what is  wrong  with your head, hahahaha ! !”

“Ha ?! D-don’t make fun of me, even though you’re just Ryou !!”

I didn’t really understand why he was making fun of me that bad. But, when I heard the following words from Ryou, my mind suddenly went blank. 

“Who do you think is gonna listen to your order, you cheating woman?” 

I didn’t understand what he meant by that. Cheating? Me? I don’t remember doing such a thing.

“You were cheating on me, look back and think hard about your own actions.”

Looking back…I didn’t just break up with Ryou and date Kenji Kun. Thus, Ryou said that he  followed the two of us on friday. 

“H-huh !? You mean that you followed me !? Tailing people is the worst! It’s the same as stalking !” 

I had no idea that Ryou had done that. I may have had a lousy childhood friend.

“Be quiet, can you? Our way home is in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter if I just happen to see you there.” 

That’s unreasonable. I couldn’t contain my irritation anymore. Then Ryou continues.

“It’s not unreasonable, it’s a matter of how you say it. I mean, you say that those kinds of people are the worst, but aren’t you putting yourself into those categories? That time when you two were holding hands, what happened after he confessed to you?” 

When told this, I remembered my actions and finally understood what Ryou was saying.

“I was confessed to, so I started to go out with him, then….a.”

“It looks like you finally remember. Yeah that’s right, when you were dating me, you kissed another guy, right? So who’s the worst now?” 


“That’s what? What is it? Are you saying that it’s not cheating when you kiss another guy even though you have a boyfriend?” 

I can’t say anything back. Why did I not understand what that meant? I fell silenced and facing down, as I did that, Ryou told me everything that happened.

“You see, all this time I’ve always listened to your demands. That’s because I’m dating you, and also because it was a demand from someone who likes me. That’s why I’ve always endured the appearance that you made me into. No matter how much I was being made fun of…no matter how much I had been beaten..! You turned a blind eye to me like that! Even so, I…I’ve always  told myself that it was okay because you will never leave my side, no matter how I would look someday, I’ve always endured it because you told me so, at least that’s what I thought… ! ! !”

I-I made Ryou think like that 

“I-I don’t mean it to be that way for Ryou..”

“Shut up !!!! and then, you betrayed me !!! You asked me to do it so I did it !!! Who picks someone rather than a long known childhood friend !? You did it !!! Who would listen to someone like that !!!?”

I sat there, almost in tears.

“Haaaa, listen. I will not hear anything you say anymore. From now on, I have no desire to get involved with you anymore,”

“I-I don’t want that ! because we are childhood friends…”

I don’t want that ! I don’t Ryou to be gone !

Rather than atone my own sin, I prioritize my desire to not let go of my childhood friend. 

“You’re the one who betrayed that childhood friend !! How can you be so selfish !! I’m not that soft to be your childhood friend again !!!”

No way…is this the end of our relationship as a childhood friend so far? 

I was in despair. Then I was told by Ryou his final word.

“…..well, we found a new person for each other, it’s fine like this, right?” 

“Eh, what do you mean by [each other]…”

“You have Sawada, and I found a new girlfriend. Unlike you, she’s nice and not the kind of girl that forces you to dress weird. She’s the best girlfriend I’ve ever had.”

“Y-you’re lying…that’s…” 

I couldn’t believe it. Ryou already belong to someone else? 

“I wouldn’t lie in a situation like this. Well, you should get along with Sawada, okay ? I’ll be happy on my own. Goodbye.”

Wait, wait for me Ryou. Don’t go.

My voice can’t come out well.

I couldn’t stop crying the whole time, that’s why my voice won’t come out. 

After that, I kept crying while watching Ryou’s back as he left. 

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I have to be honest, kinda pissed with this girl already lol. Recently the type of childhood friend and girlfriend self-destruct is rising

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