Since I had arrived at the appointed station 30 minutes earlier, I went to the washroom and washed my hands. After that I had to check for any strange spot in the mirror. 

I had Asahi pick out an outfit for me when I went shopping with him yesterday, as I thought he had good taste. 

When I regained my composure, I went through the ticket gate to the fountain where we were supposed to meet. There I found a couple of guys calling out to a girl. 

I rushed towards them, thinking that something I had anticipated was about to happen. 

“Um, so I was waiting for someone…”

“No, it’s okay〜not every day that I can get to meet a cute girl like you, so I couldn’t miss this chance. Just a little bit, really,” 

“You idiot, you’re too persistent.” 

“Huh? Don’t be so serious, you also want to play with this girl too. Hey! We can just go to the cafe there, okay?” 

“Etto.. ah” 

I put my hands on the guy’s shoulder and pulled him away from her, then I walked in front of those guys to interrupt them. Just what I had anticipated, the one who’s been called out is Koharu. 

“R-Ryouma kun !” 

“What the hell, don’t get in the way !” 

As soon as I came, the expressions that they made towards Koharu began to change as they were glaring at me. 

“Excuse me, this girl is my girlfriend. I’m sorry, but can you try someone else?”

In the meantime, I’ll ask them to keep a low profile so they don’t make trouble. 

“Tsk, so you have a boyfriend. I mean, you do look like a model. Hey, give me that girl. A guy with a face like yours, there will be plenty of women coming to you, so what’s the big deal, right?”

I thought that he would back down now that the girl’s boyfriend was here, but as soon as he saw my face, he started spouting nonsense. 

“Huh? Don’t say something absurd. I have to be with this girl. If your way of thinking is to mess around, why don’t you study up on your morals before you pick up girls?” 

I wanted to keep things as quiet as possible, but I was irritated by the blonde flirty statements and ended up talking back to him harshly and made him feel agitated.

“What the hell, you bastard ! even though I asked you nicely! Take this!” 

The guy got angry hearing that and tried to hit me. But he didn’t seem to be used to fighting and was only trying to punch me in the face, so I avoided his punch and pushed him back, then he lost his balance and fell into the fountain. 

Bashan ! !*

(TL/N : sound effect ) 

I hugged Koharu so that she wouldn’t get splashed, and when I calmed down, I apologized and turned around to that playboy.

“Pfftt ! ! Gahaha !” 

“H-hey, are you alright ?” 

I walked towards the guy who came out from the fountain, grinned at him then looked down from above and gave him some advice. 

“I won’t forgive you if you get involved any further, but what are you going to do?” 

“Hah !? Do you think I’m gonna run away quietly after you did this to me !?” 

“Oi, that’s enough! There’s people gathering around, so it’s bad ! Let’s just go !” 

That Chara Boy tried to bite back, but the guy next to him pulled on the guy’s arm to stop him.

“Tch! You’re gonna get dumped by that girl anyway ! Remember when we meet next time ! !” 

The Chara Boy spat it out and went away soaking wet.

“Ryouma Kun ! Are you okay ? I’m sorry because of me….”

“Aaa, No. Sorry I’m late getting here too. Sorry to make you scared like that. Come on, let’s get going.”

The words that she said to me as we’re about to leave, reminded me of that incident in the past.

“It’s alright. I’m always on Ryouma kun’s side no matter what.” 

I tried to turn the conversation so that Koharu wouldn’t realize what I was saying, but she held my hands with both of hers and looked up at me with a gentle smile and told me so.

Long eyelashes, beautiful hair, and makeup showed that she had put more effort into it than usual. 

“Koharu….everyone is looking at us..”

I was so embarrassed because Koharu was like that. So I told her that everyone was looking at us. I don’t want my embarrassed red face to be seen.

“….eh? Hyaa! I-I’m sorry!!” 


[that’s foul…like that…] 


“A couple of beautiful girl and handsome boy.”

“They are both so shy and cute~!”

Looking at our situation, I was even more embarrassed when the people around me started to whisper at the sight of us. 

“U……aaa…….L-let’s go !!!”

Perhaps unable to stand still in this situation, Koharu takes my hand and begins to walk quickly in the direction of our destination.

A lot has happened, but this is how our first date began.

??? point of view

“Just because you look a bit cool…annoying.” 

I happened to be out and noticed the commotion in front of the station and watched it from a distance. 

Then, two guys happened to pass by me and looked annoyed. 

“Tch !! What the hell is that guy’s problem ! You’re fucking embarrassing me! You’re fucking disgusting!

“That’s why I told you not to do that. If I hadn’t stopped you, you would have been beaten to a pulp by now. I told you that guy was bad.”

Ara, it’s those idiots who were beaten up earlier.

……Oh, I just thought of a good idea!

I followed them as they passed by and approached them, offering a suggestion.

“Heyy Onii chan~. Don’t you want to get revenge on that guy from earlier?”

It’s your fault for putting me through all this and looking so happy.

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