Episode 12 – After school, Fluffy (Fuwa – Fuwa)



I called out Asahi who had finished his afternoon class and was getting ready to return home. 

“Hey, Asahi. Are you going home with Akari Chan and the others today?” 

“Yeah, of course Ryouma is coming too, right?” 

“Ah, I was just about to ask that.” 

It was my intention from the start, then I nodded to Asahi as I raised my bag. 

“Is that so, well then let’s go. See you all tomorrow~.” 

“See you tomorrow.” 

After we waved our hands to our classmates and left the classroom, we went to the school gate where we were supposed to meet Akari Chan and the Others.

Then, in front of the school gate, there’s Akari Chan who’s waving cheerfully towards us and Igarashi San who’s smiling as she modestly waved her hands. 

The students around seem to be fascinated by the sight of Igarashi San. 

“Thank god. Saeki San seems to be with us today.” 

“Yeah,  I managed it somehow today.” 

Igarashi San, who talked to me as soon as I joined the group, reminded me of yesterday’s trip home, and as we both laughed, the boys’ gaze around us quickly turned to me. 

I could see that the male-seniors were glaring towards me, but I was used to those strange stares so far, so I continued my conversation without paying any attention.

“Hey hey, it’s the first time that the four of us returned home together, so why don’t we stop by? Like going to arcades, karaoke, or family restaurants.” 

Asahi suggested that we stop by somewhere, but I never stopped by on the way home  with friends before, so I gave him a word. 

“Sorry, I don’t know anything about that, so I’ll leave it to you.” 

Asahi agreed with my statement, and so he made a plan for after school activity. 

“Well then, why don’t we stop by the arcades, and after that, we can buy something sweet to eat.”



I was a little bit excited about my first side trip with my friends.


When we arrived at the large arcade near Asahi’s couples usual train station, we exchanged some money and went to the crane game section. 

“I’ve never done this before so I don’t know anything about it. Are there any tricks to play this?” 

“Ah, usually you can’t get it off just by one shot, so you’ll have to gradually shift it closer to the hole. For the first 100 yen, you can grab anything random to see how strong the crane arm is and see how it opens.” 

“I see.” 

I thought I should get something nice since Asahi taught me how to play it, but there is nothing in particular that I want.

When I was trying to figure out what to do, I saw Igarashi San staring intensely at the stuffed cat, so I decided to call out to her. 

“Do you want that stuffed cat?” 

“Hya ! Ah, S-Saeki San…..well, I…I was looking at this and I thought that it was cute. Ehehe.”

[Hmm. Just like Asahi said earlier, it looks like you can’t get it in one shot if you do it normally, but…hm? If you put it in there, it looks like it will lift up.]

Somehow I felt like I could get it, so I put 100 yen in the coin case and moved the arm as it was.

“S-Saeki San, why did you put the money in?”

“Ah, I was just looking for something to do, so I thought that I could get something that  Igarashi San wanted. Well, that was unexpectedly easy .”

With that, I took the stuffed animal and handed it to Igarashi San.

“Okay. here, would you take it?”

“Woah…so fluffy and soft. Ehehe~it’s cute~.”

I was captivated by Igarashi San, who smiled happily while hugging the stuffed animal. 

“….huh!! Oh, um, thank you very much! o-oh yeah the money…” 

“Ah, it’s fine, I got it for 100 yen. Come on, let’s join Asahi and the others and play something else.”

“W-wait a minute Saeki San~! P-please accept the money~!”

I started walking towards Asahi and the others while feeling embarrassed. I managed to convince Igarashi San, who had caught up with me and was determined to give me the money, to pay for my share with someone that I would play with later.

“Hey, Ryouma~listen to me~I couldn’t get the thing because I was done playing Pawamaji~

…hm? Koharu Chan, that stuffed animal?” 

(TL/N : パワーマジ/pawamaji, I think it’s translated to power magic but i could be wrong so i put it as it was ) 

Asahi, whose money had been sucked out by the crane game, noticed the stuffed animal that Koharu Chan held. 

“Ehehe, Saeki San got it for me.” 

“Eh~! I’m jealous~! Hey hey, Saeki Kun ! I’ll pay you, so could you get that for me?”

“Ah ! That’s not fair, Akari! Hey, Ryouma~get one for me too~that thing cost me 5,000 yen~!”

I was relieved that I didn’t get any funny looks, and decided to try for the prize they both wanted.

“Can’t help it with you guys. I don’t know if I can win it though, but I’m gonna try first.”

After that, I took a stuffed cat with a knife stuck in its head and white eyes for Akari Chan.

Akari Chan was excited, saying it was cute, but I couldn’t understand.

I was going to get the Figurine that cost Asahi 5000 yen, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it. Later, after the clerk’s assistance and an additional 100 yen, we got it. The truth is that figurine only cost 1000 yen, don’t mind.

After enjoying the arcade, we decided to buy crepes from a nearby booth and eat them.

Of course, we paid for the two girls.

As usual, Igarashi san said she would pay for it. But thanks to Akari’s persuasion, she reluctantly let me treat her.

“Letting the boys play it cool with me in this kind of thing, I’m a truly good woman~! Ehehe, thank you, Asahi!”

“Is that really how it is…..t-thank you…. I’ll pay for it myself next time!”

“You’re welcome. Well, I look forward to the next one.”

For some reason, Igarashi San’s stubbornness made me smile, so I made a promise for the next time.

Yeah, I can’t believe I’m going out with someone like this…..

I bite into my crepe, imagining how the four of us can play together from now on.

But this peaceful time cannot last forever. Of course an annoying thing would happen.

“Aa, Ryo, Ryou !”

I can hear someone calling me with an annoying voice, and it was Yuina and there was also the group of guys who were staring at me this morning.

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