I Transferred to a New School and Ended up in the Same Class as Three of My Ex-girlfriends

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Rukawa Aoto has had former girlfriends.

In kindergarten, a promise with Kisaragi Noa, “When we grow up, let’s get married, okay?”
In elementary school, a promise with Yozakura Koharu, “Will you be my husband in the future?”
In junior high school, a promised to Onodera Himari, “Hey, can I always be next to Aoto?”

In each of those times, he dated each of them, but they all ended in “natural extinction.”

Aoto now has no girlfriends, and when he has to change schools for his parents’ reasons, he ends up with no friends.

“My name is Rukawa Aoto. Nice to meet you.”

This is the first time I introduce myself, the first time I meet my classmates.
Nothing but nervousness, but first impressions are important.
When I look up, my peaceful, peaceful school life begins. First, making friends — wait, Eh!!??
All three of my ex-girlfriends are in the same class!
And they all seem to still “like” me!
And what’s more, they were the top 3 cutest girls in the grade!

“Because he’s my Aoto.”
“he’s my Aoto kun”
“he’s my Aoto”

From that day on, the three ex-girlfriends, who had ended up disappearing spontaneously, started a big love war to compete for Aoto–?!