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A day has passed since I met him.

This is a room in a tower apartment.

It is here, in the strict security of the building, that Yuna wakes up in the morning.

She woke up from her bed in her spacious room, her cheeks pale pink.

She had hardly slept at all yesterday, despite taking a longer than usual shower and lying down in a refreshed state.

She couldn’t suppress the excitement that was running through her body, and it took quite a while for her body to calm down.

“Ah …… Tsukasa.”

She reflected on what had happened so far without getting out from under the covers, which contained a lot of her body’s scent.

I’ve always wanted to see you.

I’ve always ……

To the man who protected her virginity and saved her life, but left her without demanding anything in return, not even telling her his name.

She was so upset because she almost did something terrible to him that time that she just stood there and didn’t go after him.

She thought she would see him again if there was a chance.

Because men are creatures that approach you on their own regardless of whether you want them or not, she assumed that he would eventually remember the uniform she was wearing, identify her, and come to her.

But he did not appear.

Yuna has always been the center of attention because of her unrealistic good looks.

No man would leave her alone like that, and men with fulfilled instincts approached her.

However, her mother and father protected her until she was in the seventh grade, but when her parents were killed in an accident, the tragedy began.

Her sister was very busy, working various jobs to raise her.

So, the second and third grades were the most difficult time in her life.

Although she barely kept her virginity, she was sexually harassed by countless men.

Her childhood friend, Nana, helped her, but she could not prevent all of the men’s attacks.

From classmates, college students, working adults, handsome men, creeps, and uncles, ……

They approach her without permission and try to put their desires on her without her permission.

That’s why all men are scum.

She thought they were all pre-criminals who must be castrated and never bother her again.

Even though these men may pretend to be kind, inside they are always only interested in their own appearance, and like a dog on the prowl, they are always vigilantly eyeing you.

It was in this situation that I met Tsukasa.

At that time, she wanted to give up everything.

She thought that she was going to be raped by that crazy man and end up having to live with a trauma that would never go away.

When her mother was alive, there was a line she always used to say.

“Someday, a man will appear who will really …… truly love Yuna-chan, so ……”

When that pickup guy attacked her, she honestly resented her dead mother.

He didn’t show up at all, did he?

On the contrary, she is about to lose her virginity to the most disgusting part of herself.

While she was experiencing the sadness of betrayal and the negative emotions of fear, regret, and despair, a miracle occurred.

A boy who flew the man away with a body blow, and then he just stabbed the man with a stun gun, knocking him out.

He looked like an ordinary guy who could be anywhere, but she still vividly remember the way he held the stun gun.

And ……

And the line he uttered after saving herself.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, so I didn’t know what to do,…… but if I’d been more firm, you might not have had a hard time,…… so this is …… my fault!”

Even now, just remembering the words he uttered excites her like a jolt of electricity.

His kindness in saving herself, but rather apologizing and worrying about her.

“It’s my fault……!”

It’s not my fault, it’s Tsukasa’s ……

Those words saved me from myself.

[Yuna-chan is so cute. It’s not my fault.]
[Haa…… haa…… Yuna-chan is too beautiful, I can’t take it anymore! Sorry, this is Yuna-chan’s fault.]
[Yuna, aren’t you getting carried away just because you look so good?]
[You’re really happy, but why are you acting so cocky? You’re really annoying!]

It was always her own fault.

Both boys and girls misunderstood her, got excited without permission, and talked bad about her without permission.

That’s why she thought she was a cursed child.

But Tsukasa.

destroyed her own stereotypes.

Of course, Tsukasa did nothing wrong.

In fact, he has done nothing but good things.

But just by saying so, she could give me peace of mind.


As was mentioned earlier, he didn’t show up.

Usually these things disappear spontaneously as time goes by, but her feelings for Tsukasa were getting bigger and bigger day by day.

So, if she had time, she would go to the place where she had been saved and hope that he would pass by, even though she was afraid of him.

But he was not there.

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