A few days later

I came to the pub where we were meeting.

A 4:4 blind date.

I have no expectations.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to please a woman.

I’ve never even talked to a woman before.

However, when I saved a beautiful girl from being attacked by a guy, I felt like I was able to talk to her.

It’s strange.
I went to the table, thinking

Then three boys and three girls had already arrived and were chatting with each other.

When I looked at Yusei’s appearance, I felt that he was a bit tall, but the two guys were very handsome and gave off a good vibe.

The three women were all high level as Yusei said.

I was wondering if it was okay for me to join them.

I was dressed in the same style as the Uniqlo models, so even though I didn’t stand out, it was hard to say that I matched up to those girls.

“Oh, Tsukasa! Over here, over here!”

Yusei spotted me and beckoned me happily.

So I whispered “Hello” and sat down in an empty corner seat.

Then the two handsome guys said, “Thanks for coming” and “Nice to meet you.”

Then the blonde girl sitting across from me opened her mouth with a bright expression.

“All that’s left is Yuna-chan!”

Hearing the bright blonde-haired girl’s words, the bluish-haired girl said in a troublesome tone.

“It’s really rare for Yuna to come to a mixer, isn’t it?”

The girl with reddish hair who looks like a junior high school student opens her mouth mischievously, looking at the girl with bluish hair who takes a short breath after drinking her drink.

“I wonder if she likes any of these people? Hihihi.”

Hearing the words of the baby-faced girl with reddish hair, the two handsome guys open their mouths, suddenly coming to life.

“Well, our goal today is to have fun, so let’s drink a lot and talk.”
“That’s right. Since we’re all here, we should have fun!”

Seeing their reaction, the baby-faced girl with reddish hair grinned and opened her mouth.

“Or maybe they’re both after Yuna…”
“”No! That’s not true!””
“Hahaha! They both sound so emo!”

The baby-faced girl with reddish hair giggles and looks at her female friend beside her.

Then the blonde-haired bright girl giggles, while the blue-haired girl chugs her drink, looking disinterested.

I think the three girls here are too cute enough, but are these two handsome guys planning to take it to even higher heights?

I know it’s a near-zero chance, but it would be a miracle if I could get one of them to exchange contact information with me.

Well, I’m here to make up the numbers, so I should try not to ruin the atmosphere.

As I was thinking that, I heard a voice saying

“Sorry. I’m late, aren’t I?”

The last person arrived.

Strangely enough, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, I felt that her voice was vivid and easy to hear.

The girl whom Yusei had praised as being similar to Hiiragi Kaede.

A girl so good-looking that the two handsome guys sitting next to her had their eyes on her.

Well, it doesn’t make me look less, and I lifted my head while drinking my drink and looked toward the girl named Yuna whose voice I heard.

Then my eyes met Yuna’s.

And right away


I was so shocked that I dropped the cup containing my drink.

She had black hair when I saw her before, but now she had shoulder-length soft hair dyed flaxen, and her face was even more well-defined than before. Her face is even more beautiful than before. She looks like a celebrity or a movie actress.

Her long, thin, ivory-colored, beautiful legs stretch out from her tweed miniskirt, and wine-colored pumps protect her feet.

On top, she wears a black lace top that modestly reveals her collarbone. And while she is thin around the waist, a ferocious bulge draws my gaze as it goes up. I could tell at a glance that it was even larger than before.

In short, it was her appearance and good looks that convinced me all at once that I had been praising her appearance so much.

Someone often jokingly says, “She looks like XX.”

The girl in front of me, Yuna, is really as good looking as Hiiragi Kaede.

In fact, the two handsome guys were staring at her in awe, and the other guys sitting in the other seats had their gazes glued to her as well.

But what surprised me more than her appearance was

It was the gaze emanating from her clear, deep-sea-blue eyes.

It was the same as that time.

She looked at me with such intensity that it was as if she was overwriting her own existence in my brain, as if she was putting her soul inside of me.

If I was not careful, I could have been swallowed by her eyes, and the girl Yuna was staring at me so intently that my eyes were piercing holes.

Me too.

I stared at her as a conditioned reflex.

Then, my body suddenly became hot and

my heart was racing and I felt like it was going to explode just like that time.

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1 year ago

“unfortunately I don’t have the skills to pleasure a woman” uh, you sure it’s supposed to be like that? Kinda sus man idk :\