Yuna side


Yuna finally settles down in the bathroom, but her cheeks are still red.

Looking in the mirror at her washing her hands, Nana folds her hands behind her back and opens her mouth.

“Seriously, what’s going on? That …… is too awesome, isn’t it? ……”
“I never thought I’d be attacked like that,……I might have lost for the first time,……”

Nana declares defeat, and Yuna finishes washing her hands with the corner of her mouth up and turns to face Nana.

Nana is the kind of girl who plays with men.

The girl is the daughter of the chancellor of the university she attends, so she is not afraid of anything, and at a recent blind date, she showed her cunning to smoke out the good looking guys who were after Yuna.

Such Nana confided in herself that she had lost.

In other words.

The man she loves has the capacity to make even Nana admit it.

“Yeah,……I knew Tsukasa-kun was good,……Love,……I,……When he said that to me just now, for a moment, I thought he was going to say something like that to me. When he said that to me earlier, for a moment I wanted to attack Tsukasa-kun and I couldn’t help it. …… But I …… gave him a hard time, so I felt sorry and…. …he was too kind …… to suffer like that while saving me, wasn’t he? ……”

Yuna starts to get excited again.

She had been enjoying every day full of happiness and hope thanks to Tsukasa.

The words he had said to her two years ago after he saved her from herself come back to her.

[I’ve never done anything like this before, so I didn’t know what to do,…… but if I had been more firm, you might not have had a hard time….. So this is…. …… my fault!]

Two years later, he still feels the same way.

Is there really such a straight, pure, foolish, and dedicated man in this world?

She was saved by him, but he had a hard time because of her.

In other words.

She has given Tsukasa a wound that cannot be healed.

She has caused him a tremendous amount of trouble.

Until now, she had been longing for Tsukasa.

He was her ideal man.

But seeing him so sad and his weak figure makes her love him so much that she loses her reason.


Come to think of it, Tsukasa told her before that he should have helped her earlier.

To him, She had only given him a small amount of comfort.

The salvation he gave her and the little comfort she gave him.

There was no way this could ever be balanced.

If I said it was a charity, I was nothing more than a thief.

Tsukasa was a human being just like herself, and yet she took the liberty of thinking of him as a strong, rugged man who had saved her from herself.

He had lost his parents and lived a very lonely life, yet she could not understand the deepest part of his heart.

Yuna bit her lip in frustration.

As if her heart ached, Yuna grabbed her huge left breast with her right hand, where her heart was located.

This is something she must atone for at all costs.

She must do something for him so that he would be able to protect her.

What she can do for herself.

It is

Be his.


Devouring oneself when he wants and obeying whatever he commands.

When her slender fingers, buried by this left breast of her own, become

When they become his burly fingers. ……


And then

And then ……

Beyond that is ……

Beyond his intense need for ……

To carry his child in her belly.

“!!! Nn!!!!”

Yuna rolls her eyes and stumbles.

“Yuna! Calm down!:

Nana holds her precious best friend in her arms.

The first time she saw Yuna in such a lewd manner.

The man who made Yuna look like this.

Kirishima Tsukasa.


“I understand how you feel, Yuna chi. But Tsukasa is quite reserved, so you have to be close to him.”

If she didn’t, she’d be clutching at Tsukasa herself.

It would be a disaster to take these swirling emotions out on him now.

Yuna caught her breath, thankful for the presence of her sister and Nana, who put the brakes on her actions.


It’s important to put your feelings out there, but there must be a feeling of putting Tsukasa first in order to do so.

“Let’s go back……. Nana.”

Yuna starts walking, her legs trembling slightly.


Tsukasa side

“She didn’t come. ……”

I knew I shouldn’t have said that.

I’m not an interesting person, so I guess I’m just a little sober.

Countless thoughts passed through my mind as the two finally appeared.

“Oh, Tsukasa chi, I’m sorry! Did I keep you waiting?”
“No. No, I’m fine.”

When they sat down on the chairs, Yuna looked at me and said,

“I can drink.”
“I thought you didn’t want to?”
“I want to drink …….”
“Oh, yeah, …….”

Yuna chugged the straw stuck in my chocolate mint latte again.


This time she didn’t try to show any sign of disgust and drank all the remaining chocolate mint latte.

Her expression of desperate endurance is very cute.

“I just said thank you that time, but I didn’t give anything back to Tsukasa-kun. So, please come to my house next time. I’ll treat you to a delicious meal. I’ll give you a present too. ……”
“No, no ……It’s nothing..”
“Please …… I want Tsukasa-kun to come. If it’s not too much trouble, I’m sure …… you won’t regret it.”

The first time I saw her earnest expression, I was speechless.

The moist blue eyes, the shoulder-length flaxen hair, the cute and well-shaped face, the huge bulge.

Everything about her moved me.

“…then, I’m waiting”

I couldn’t say no.

I could not say no because her face was so beautiful that it blew away my fears.

“Hihihi, Tsukasa chi.”
“Good choice.”

Nana’s eyes narrowed like a little devil and the corners of her mouth hung up.


Kiryu family

“haa…… Tsukasa……”
Kaede, Yuna’s older sister, is lying on her bed in her room, hugging a large stuffed bear.

“I want to spoil him,…… I’m sure Tsukasa-kun will be quite tired when he finds out Yuna’s true nature, and I want to love him so much,…….”

Kaede exhales hotly and buries the stuffed bear in her own chest.

The marshmallow, which is so bombastic that it surpasses Yuna’s, is

encompassed the entirety of the bear’s head.

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