“That was interesting.”

I whispered to myself as the end roll ended.
The movie had received mixed reviews on the Internet, but I personally found it interesting.
As I got up from my seat, I heard the following words from the audience

“This movie was interesting, wasn’t it, Saku kun?”

I heard a familiar voice from behind me. It was just a few hours ago.
At that moment, I got the biggest chill I’ve ever felt. Or rather, I feel death.
I fearfully turn around.

“Saku kun, I didn’t hear that you were going to the movie theater.”

There, for some reason, was Shiina with popcorn in a Ziploc bag.

“Why are you here?!”

I instinctively moved away when I saw her.
If she hugged me here, she would kill me.
She’ll either come around behind me and strangle me, or she’ll stab me with a knife.

I’ll be killed for sure. …………If I run away and stay in a movie instead of going to school, I’ll be killed for sure. …………

Shiina is smiling on the surface, but I can feel the murderous intent behind it.
I mean, how does this guy know where I am? I’ve turned off the location data on my phone.

Maybe there is a hidden app, I should ask her while keeping myself safe for the time being.

“Hey, I have a question. How did you know where I was?”
“Hmmm~? How do you think?”

Shiina leans forward and asks me how it happened.

“Don’t do anything dull, just say it.”
“Why are you so angry~, Saku kun’s so impatient~”
“Shut up and say it!”

I asked her in a pissed-off tone.

“It was you who ran away from me, wasn’t it, Saku-kun?”

And she runs over here and grabs my hand.

“No, that’s…”
“You lie, Right? You got on the train on your own, even though I told you to wait for me, didn’t you? And why are you coming to the cinema instead of going to school? Is that to get away from me? That’s right, because I’m sure you ran away from me when you were on the train. What do you think? Tell me, Saku-kun, hey hey Why do you run away from me, don’t you like me? Why can’t I be good enough for you when I’m so devoted to you, or did you want someone prettier, with bigger tits, and more devoted to you than me? If so, I’ll try harder, I’ll be prettier, I’ll have bigger tits, I’ll serve you better, and if I’m still not good enough, then you’ll stop running away and stay with me, won’t you?”

Without stopping, a bullet of words shoots from Shiina’s mouth. Her eyes have no light and her words have no inflection.

I’m scared, scared, stop it.
If you look at me like that, I’m scared stiff.

If I keep talking back to her, she’s going to kill me.
I have to choose my words so I don’t make Menhera any worse or make her angry.

(TL/N : I don’t know bro…this is scary..should I continue?)

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1 year ago

Keep it going. This is hilarious lmao.