The next morning

I woke up.

I could not believe it.

Yesterday’s events were like a dream.

I was reunited with the girl I had saved in the past, but she was also a beautiful girl with good looks whom I felt embarrassed to talk to.

And Yuna’s older sister is the famous movie actress, Hiiragi Kaede.

“Is it a dream?”

Looking at my empty room, I naturally wondered if everything was a lie and not a story created by my own imagination.

I suddenly felt such a sense of unease in my heart.

In fact, those two sisters are just out of reach.


This too-mysterious feeling that consumes my heart is still there.


Even if this were real, there is no way I would ever be close to Yuna and Kaede san.

It’s the nature of unattractive men to be quick to make mistakes and be embarrassed.

Well, I will always be an unattractive guy whether I make a hasty decision or not.

I’ve never had a girlfriend.

One thing is for sure, Yuna has a painful past, so I shouldn’t show her anything that could dig up her trauma.

I don’t even know when I will be able to meet her.

She is definitely a popular person.

I’m sure there are countless guys who would be interested in her besides me.

Let’s forget about it.

I have a part-time job today.

As I got off the bed with that thought in mind, my phone rang.


I was so surprised that I immediately unlocked my phone.

[Good morning! It’s Saturday, what are you planning to do?]

I responded with bated breath to the message, which had no emojis or emoticons, just the gist of the message.

[Good Morning. Today is my part-time job.]

I sent the message and within a second I received a reply.

[What kind of job?]
“She responds quickly ……”

I was surprised again, but I gave it right back.

[I work in the kitchen of a maid cafe.]

I replied, and there was a long period of silence.
After about 30 seconds passed, I finally received a response.

[There are many beautiful and pretty girls at maid cafes, so don’t look aside and do your best at work!]

Beautiful girls, huh?

Well, it is true that there are many beautiful and pretty girls in maid uniforms there.

But when it comes to appearance, Yuna’s level is by far higher.

If the maid at my part-time job is an existence that is within reach (but still unreachable), Yuna is like she is in a different dimension, just like that.

It does not make me feel any less of her, and even if I did, it does not mean that I would get a girlfriend.

[Good luck with your work!]

I replied and went to the kitchen to boil water and eat cup ramen.

Yuna side

Yuna is quite impatient.

She sent a message early in the morning because she wanted to get to know Tsukasa as soon as possible.

It was the first time for Yuna to talk to a guy privately on ain app.

She could guess from yesterday’s conversation that he has a part-time job.

But the part-time job is…

“Maid Cafes……”

Her heart aches as if it is constricted.

Tsukasa is working there.

He works with pretty maids.

Yuna, dressed in a nightgown that is slightly exposed at the breast, is lying on the bed and grabs a huge marshmallow on her left side with her thin right hand and shudders.

“Maybe I said something unnecessary…..”

Yuna grips her phone with her left hand and looks at the exchange with Tsukasa.

[Maid cafes are full of beautiful and pretty girls, so don’t look aside and do your best at work!]

Why did I write this?

As soon as she heard “maid café,” the first thing that came to her mind was the image of Tsukasa hanging out with maids and doing naughty things with them.

Tsukasa is a normal high school boy, and he would be a good-looking guy if he dressed up.


If the maids knew how good Tsukasa was, there was no way they would leave him alone.

He is the man who made her heart so crazy.

That’s why she wrote such a message to him as if she was his girlfriend, without thinking of herself.

“He’ll think I’m a heavy woman. ……”

Yuna mumbles anxiously and puts more pressure on the hand that is holding her breast.
Thanks to this, Yuna’s thin fingers dig into her breasts.

“Yes,…… I’m a heavy woman,…… I don’t care about other men, but only to Tsukasa,……”

Shes thinks about it every day.

She want sto be with Tsukasa.

To be dependent on him. Want to be stroked on the head. Want to hold hands. Want to smell Tsukasa’s scent. Want to be hugged by Tsukasa. Want to feel his body warmth. Want to sleep with him. Want to go out with him. Want to be touched. ……

And then ……


Yuna starts fiddling with her phone, her breath bouncing.

[Maid’s Clothes]

She googled it and found a lot of maid outfit shopping sites and cosplay models.

“…Me too”

Yuna enters a mail-order site, selects a few maid outfits that look good, and buys a few.

When Yuna finishes shopping, she bites her lip and makes a clenched fist in frustration.

Yuna is tremendously jealous of the maids at Tsukasa’s part-time job, whom she has never seen before.

This was the first time she had ever been jealous of a woman over a man problem.

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