I made major changes to the reganda system. You could say that I tore everything down and rebuilt it.

The skills I have built up and the love I have for the three sisters. We are sitting on chairs in the conference room, trying to evaluate how good they are.

The coffee that Arisa always makes me tastes more bitter than usual.

In the somber atmosphere, Ai nee is staring at me with a serious expression. She is also a beautiful president wearing glasses, and her gaze is so sharp that it gives me goose bumps.

“Okay, I’ll announce the results.”

I replied in a small voice, being hit by the aura that Ai-nee gave off. Then Ai nee put her glasses back on and opened her mouth again.

“Just to be clear, I’m not going to favor you just because we’ve known each other since we were kids. This is my job.”
“Yes. I know. ……”
“For about two months, I’ve been running the workflow on the system that Yuu-chan built as a trial run. The result is ……”

Once off, Ai-nee takes a deep breath, Arisa and Sera look at her with a calm expression. I also focus my attention on her lips.

“Work efficiency, cost cutting, these two aspects have been improved beyond comparison.”

I look at Ai nee, who has a bewitching expression on her face.

“Oh ……”
“I’ve always relied on freelancers and outsourcing, so I’ve been paying a pretty high fixed cost every month, but thanks to the system Yu-chan created for me, I’ve been able to centralize it all. Fufu.”

I smile at the sight of Ai nee looking at me with her eyes slightly moistened, as if she were a mother looking at her adorable son.

“Yu is amazing. It was always very difficult for me to do practical work. But thanks to Yu, I was able to work efficiently. There are still many things to improve, but compared to before, there is a difference between hell and heaven. It’s amazing that a job that used to take an hour can now be done in just 10 seconds with the touch of a single button. ……After all, my master……Yu is wonderful.”
“It’s nice to hear that from someone like Arisa, who does all the practical aspects of reganda.”
“Ai nee sama consulted with many people for me, but it didn’t work out very well. But Yu did it.” 
Earlier, the frozen atmosphere had made me nervous, but now a relaxed air was pouring in.

“You worked like a zombie for six months!”
“What do you mean, “zombie”?”
“Your eyes were completely dead.”
“Well, that’s what happens when you work all night long.”
“But you were so bright. Still is.”
“I don’t understand the work that Ai nee and Arisa nee are doing because it’s so difficult, but when I got home, they were both raving about Yu ni-chan the whole time!”

When Sera told me, I looked at Ai nee and Arisa without hesitation. The two of them nodded their heads with the corners of their mouths slightly lifted.

What Ai nee couldn’t do, I could do.

I had been working for an IT company for a long time. That’s why I know how difficult it is to do what I have done at Reganda. I know how difficult it is to do what I have done at Leganda.

Even if you create a system, if it is not compatible with the business of Reganda, it may be better to do without it.

Still, I wanted to return the love I received to everyone, and I wanted to walk proudly with everyone, so I worked the project to death.

If the work were easier, I could do more.

We could increase revenue by allocating resources to do new work, or it could be a benefit if we use it for our employees.

Either way, I got the job done.

There are a lot of things to tweak and improve, as Arisa pointed out.

But it is great that we were able to lay the foundation for the system.

From now on, I will continue to do my best to make things as easy as possible for the three of them.

As I resolved to do so in my heart, I suddenly felt dizzy.

“Yu-nii chan?”
“I’m just a little tired.”

As I stumbled to a sitting position, the three of them suddenly turned to me with expressions of concern.

Perhaps the fatigue that had built up over the past six months had been released.

“Yu-chan, would you like to stay at our house today? Tomorrow is our day off, so we can take care of you in various ways.”
“Yuu needs some peace.”
“That’s right! Yuu-nii chan worked so hard!”
“Haha thanks for ……. But I need to rest alone today.”

For some reason, as I look at the three faces, my inner self screams at me to rest alone now.

I look away from the brown, green, and red eyes that seem to suck me in and look at the wall clock.


I decided to take Ai nee’s word for it.

Arisa and Sera got in the car with me.

When I arrived home, I got out of the car and said goodbye.

“Thank you for everything today.”

Then, Sera asked, her eyes wide open, as if something had just occurred to her.

“Oh, Yuuni-chan! What are you planning to do tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow? …… well, I guess I’m going to do some cleaning. I haven’t been doing much.” 
“C-cleaning …….” 
“Arisa? What’s wrong?”

The pretty Arisa, poking her head out of the car, made an implied expression.

“It’s …… nothing. Mast….. Yuu, take a good rest today. For tomorrow.”
“Ah yeah,…… Arisa and the others, be careful going home.”

My body froze slightly at the mysterious power of Arisa’s words.

As I idly watch Ai nee’s luxury car leave, I am reminded of something.


After six months of hard work, I have naturally not had any for a long time.

I feel a little sorry to dump this pent up desire on Ai-nee.

I said I would rest alone today because I don’t feel that if I stay with Ai-neenow, things will probably happen that far exceed the level of pampering.

I’ll stay home all tomorrow.

“Haha …… I’m so tired today, I think I’ll just shower and go to bed.”


The next morning

In front of the entrance of Yuma’s house

“Yu, good morning.”
“Did you have a good night’s sleep last night?”
“Y-yeah. What’s more, why is Arisa here?”

“Cleaning up.”

Arisa in a maid’s outfit appeared.

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Holding back? No problem! Maids exist to solve that kind of situations.