“Yuzuha, the bowl is over there, so hold on to it.”


After school on the day when we successfully obtained a volunteer slot to go to forest school.

With the test ……, I was cooking a slightly extravagant supper.

Apparently, a young lady who had never cooked before had started to learn, and this time Yuzuha is in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, my sister, who has university, and my parents, who have jobs, are not at home.

Yuzuha was the same way, so she decided to eat at home with me at the right time.

“Even though sekihan comes in packs at my house, Tsukkun always makes it.”

“It’s a bit time consuming, but you can do it in a rice cooker. If that’s the case, I’d rather make it myself from start to finish.”

“Come to think of it, Tsukkun has always been the type of person who wants to get things done himself.”

Beside me, Yuzuha laughs.

It’s true that if I do something, I want to see it through to the end, but…is that something to laugh at?

“Fufu, nostalgia.”


“Remember? When I was crying because of my bad grades, and you tried so hard to teach me how to study.”


When she was in the second or third year of elementary school, Yuzuha burst into tears once.

She was wondering why her test scores were so low even though she was supposed to be studying. Yuzuha’s parents knew that she was working hard, so they weren’t angry at her, but compared to those around her, she seemed to have reached her limits.

It was a long time ago, so to be honest, I don’t remember much about it.

“In the beginning, I couldn’t get any points up…even though I thought it was no good, Tsukkun never gave up and kept telling me, ‘Don’t give up, you’ll be fine because I’m here, do your best and you’ll have a smile at the end. Let’s do it!’ or something like that. So when my test scores went up, you were happy with me.”

Yuzuha places a bowl of red rice on the table, and then begins to take out plates and cups from the drawer.

“Actually, you know, I thought I wanted to be a teacher when I saw Tsukkun at that time, you know?”



Yuzuha, with a nostalgic look on her face…

“I also want to be there for them until the end, and when their score goes up, I want to be happy with them …… I wanted to be a teacher like Tsukkun at that time.”

I didn’t know that Yuzuha had thought that.

I had always heard that she wanted to become a teacher, but I had never asked her why.

The reason why she still wants to be a teacher is because she is still not good at studying.

I remember the itchiness of being the one to do it, but there is also a part of me that is happy.

I smiled jokingly to cover up my embarrassment.

“Well then, do your best for me and become a teacher”

“Haha, I’ll do my best, teacher!”

Yuzuha smiles happily and cutely.

Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help but get a kick out of it.

(…… Really, this kind of thing is charming, isn’t it?)

Not trying to deceive, I suddenly think as I place the food on the plate.

She is bright and her little gestures are cute. And yet she also has a core that allows her to pursue her dreams.

I had never been conscious of her before because I had never tried to look at her properly.

When I think about it again, I really think my childhood friend is an attractive girl.

“N-now that I think about it, Tsukkun…”

Suddenly, Yuzuha blurted out.

And then…

“Somehow, umm …… cooking dinner together is like being newlyweds, isn’t it?”


She began to say such things.

“N-Nanananannananbaiiyotto!?” (TL/N : literal translation)

“…… what dialect?”

Where was it? I’m pretty sure it’s kyushu ……not, wait

(Damn …… when I was weirdly aware of her, I was unintentionally flustered ……!)

I wiped my mouth and deco-punched the forehead of Yuzuha, who was looking at me worriedly beside me.


“You should say that line only after you can cook with a knife. You can only make a salad without using a knife”

“Ugh…because my mother said, `I don’t want to see my daughter being transported,’ and still won’t let me hold it…”

What did this young lady do in the past that I don’t know about?

“So, I ended up having to arrange my own reward though”


Well, it was quite fun to be in the kitchen together, so it’s okay.

I can’t help but feel like I’ve been exposed somehow.

“I-it’s okay! I knew you would say that, so I studied hard!”

Yuzuha rushes out of the kitchen and heads to her bag in the living room.

Then, when I came back, I found a book in her hand.

In that book…

“(I-I’m embarrassed, but if it’s for Tsukkun, I’ll do it for him. ……!)”

It was marked in large letters R18.

“I-I’ll do my best!”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!”

Don’t try so hard, you’re under 18.

You’re clearly not allowed to touch it.

“What have you learned about being over 18, ……?”

“Umm, ……, I’m too embarrassed to tell you.”


I wonder why, even though I’m currently the only one playing Tsukkomi, I just want to go with the flow.

Rather, I’m really curious about what she learned from a book that shouldn’t be available to anyone under the age of 18.

“…… Let’s just get on with it and have some food. We’ll decide whether to return that book later after Onii san has read it.”

“…… Sukebe.”

“Seriously, what’s in the book?”

I don’t know what’s inside this book.

Although I was a little curious, we ended up having a delicious and somewhat sumptuous dinner.

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