“I’m not convinced.”

After school on the day I was late with Fujibayashi.
I was made to clean the classroom by myself.

The reason, as you know, was because I was late.
I was late for the class of Kirihara sensei, the homeroom teacher of my class and a life guidance teacher, of all things, so that’s what happened.

However, what I could not agree with was that Fujibayashi was not blamed for anything.
I protested, but was told, “It’s not my class”. I don’t get it.

I was late because I helped Fujibayashi, so she should have helped me, too, but she got away with it.
……No, I overslept, but…. It’s true that I was extra late because I helped her.

“Well then, Arase. I’ll go ahead and wait for you.”
“Just take your time, okay?”
“In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the harem.”
“”There aren’t any.””

With that, the three people who are always with me – Asagiri, Kurase, and Sosuke – went ahead of me to the café where I was staying.

We had talked about having a good night out after the test was over.
The conversation went smoothly, and since everyone’s schedule was free, we decided to have the party today.

after the decision was made, I had to do the cleaning, so Asagiri and the others had to go ahead and wait for me.

…. could have helped a little.

It’s not that I was expecting it, but I thought Kurase would have said she would help me with this kind of thing, but she simply went ahead. 

“Haa, let’s get this over with, shall we?”

With a sigh, I cursed myself for being late today and proceeded to sweep the classroom.

There is a large trash bag set up in the back of the classroom.
Basically, the person on cleaning duty is supposed to throw them away when they accumulate, but I have a feeling that they are always full only when I am made to clean them.

I had no choice but to replace the trash bags and take them to the trash station.

As I pass by the back of the school building near the trash station, I am suddenly reminded of this.

“Come to think of it, Kurase was being confessed to at the time, right?”

I intervened, and it looked like he was going to have some weird resentment against me, but so far no damage has been done to me.
I don’t remember his name, but I wonder if he has given up on that time.
It’s better than being persistent, though.

“I still don’t get it.”

After muttering this, I reached the garbage station.
Then I saw a familiar face there again.

“S-senpai ……!”

Mitani-san turned around, surprised that I had called out to her.

“What are you doing here ……, dumping trash, right?”

For some reason, Mitani-san turned her face away and did not answer anything.
I could see a bit of frustration on her face.

I had a bad feeling again.

“Could it be…?”
“I’ve lost something important. ……”
“Something important?”
“Yes. It’s a bear key chain. ……”
“How did it end up in the dump?”
“I dropped it. I thought it might have been thrown away since it looked so shabby.”

So you were untying the garbage bag it was tied in and turning it over.
Because of the trash she had been scavenging, Mitani san’s appearance was a little dirty.

“I’m sorry if that’s an evil guess.”
“I don’t think the people in front of me had anything to do with it. Miyano-san, she didn’t come to school today.”
“…… I see.”

The girl who seems to be the leader among the trio – Miyano-san – was certainly seen at the station by Fujibayashi today.
I heard she skipped school as it was.

“Any chance it was the other two?”
“I don’t think so. If it weren’t for Miyano-san, those two would be skipping school a lot.”
“I see. I’m sorry for saying such strange things.”
“It’s all right. Anyone would think so after seeing a scene like that.”
“But if you say you dropped it, maybe you should look where you dropped it.”
“I didn’t find it there.”
“So, the dumpster.”

I opened one of the trash bags and began to rummage through its contents.
The bag was so full of dust and prints that it was hard to find anything that looked like dust or prints.

“What are you doing, senpai?!”
“What do you mean, I’m looking for something. Don’t you recognize it?”
“That’s right, but it has nothing to do with …… senpai!”
“That’s right, but it’s important, isn’t it? And it’s a terrible thing to say goodbye after hearing something like that, isn’t it?”
“Come on, let’s find it and get out of here.”
“Thank you, …….”

Mitani-san thanked me and together we opened the bag and began to search.

Although I know it’s a hassle, I somehow want to take care of this girl.
Is it because I saw the moment of jumping off that day in the future?
Or is it because of ………….

I looked at Mitani san’s profile. I felt that there was still some urgency there.
It must have been something very important.

“Is it that important to you?”
“Yes, it is. It’s a memento that my friends gave to me in celebration of the day I had a debu-……good day.”
“I see…”

While having such a conversation, I frantically search inside the bag. It was never easy, as some of them contained food scraps.

Then, finally.

“…… Oh? Mitani san, is this?”
“That’s it!”

Mitani-san’s eyes lit up the moment she saw the adorable bear key chain in my hand.
I lightly brushed off the trash on the bear and handed it to Mitani.

“Thank god……”

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a black bear.
I knew she looked like my …… sister.

“……. Thank you very much for your kindness.”
“You’re welcome.”

Perhaps because I had seen too much, Mitani-san was in a hurry to thank me.

“Even so, I didn’t realize it really existed.”
“I was surprised, too. But it looks like this, and I can’t help but think it looks like trash to someone who has no interest in it at all.”

Indeed, when I found it, I wasn’t sure if it was really what I was looking for.
It was a bear with a rather unique design. It was full of splints, or ……. At first glance, it looks tattered and used. Is that the kind of design you’re looking for ……?

“It’s kind of a heartbreaking story, isn’t it?”
“It’s my fault for dropping it.”

Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to care about that.
The joy of having found it is probably greater than that.

“Well, let’s clean up and go home, shall we?”

Then we split up to clean up the mess.

As we were heading back to the classroom after cleaning up the trash, I suddenly saw the future.


“Ha What is this?”
“It’s garbage.”
“G-Give it back!”
“If you want it so bad, go get it!”


What a disgusting future you’re showing me.
Mitani-san bumped into a pair of gals who appeared from around the corner and dropped her precious bear key chain.
One of the gals who picked it up jokingly tossed it far away.
It is disgusting to recall.

And when I came to my senses, that future was already looming.

“Mitani-san, stop!”
“…… eh? Aah!”

I panicked and pulled her hand away. But it was too late.

“Uwaa, it’s jimitani”
“What are you doing here?, You’re that pervert with the gym clothes from the other day!”

The two who appeared from the corner were two of the three girls who had been harassing Mitani san, just as I had seen them in the future.

I didn’t know that they would treat me like a pervert at the first encounter. ……
The first time I saw the two, I was so suprised that I had to pull her arm just in time to avoid bumping into the two and dropping the bear.

“Uwaa, that doll is really cute. Give me the doll.”
“N-No, please don’t!”

But the bear immediately caught her eye and she tried to take it away. Mitani-san held on to it desperately to keep it from being taken away from her.

“Hey, stop right there.”
“Huh? Don’t touch me! You pervert!”

At that moment, I heard a sharp, unpleasant sound.


I felt like I had been completely screwed over.
I got in between and pulled on the female student’s arm, which added even more force, and the bear’s arm went halfway…….

Mitani-san looks like the end of the world.

“I-it’s not my fault.”
“Leave this pervert alone and go!”

The two disappeared from the scene in a flash.

“Mitani san, I’m sorry ……!”

All I could do was apologize.
The damage to the body might have been better if I had still been thrown as I saw in the future.
That’s …… what it …… looks like.

“It’s okay,…… senpai, you helped me,…… and it will be broken someday,…….”

Mitani san’s face looks sad as she says this.
The feeling of ……guilt washes over me.

“Mitani-san, can you show it to me for a moment?”
“I don’t mind. ……”
“This is …… okay. Mitani-san, do you have time now?”

I took the surprised Mitani-san with me and headed for a certain place.

“Um, ……where?

And when I get to the house, I open the familiar door.

“Arase, you’re late! What is ……, huh? Who’s that girl?”

There was Asagiri, who looked more than a little upset.

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