Episode 8 – Doubtful Sophia



“It is …… the lion’s badge reserved for the royalty of the Kingdom of Ilas.”

The previously calm atmosphere in the noble room quickly cooled. The beautiful eyes, as if they had found avengers for their parents, seemed to burn with blue flames, and the air was filled with bleakness.

“You, what are you doing?”

Then she drew her sword and held it to my neck. Sophia’s face was filled with hatred and loathing. I was bewildered by her unrestrained movements. But I manage to squeeze out a few words and say to Sophia

“As I said before, I’ve come here to make things right with you.”
“How dare you insult me so much and then just slip out …… and say you’ve forgotten about me!”
“Of course, I know. In the past, I insulted Sophia, who values swords and swordsmanship, and tried to force her to become mine.”
“That’s not all. The price of the Shine Stone was suddenly raised without any notic …….”

Sophia suddenly fell silent. The old Eric always used the Shine Stone as a weapon to threaten Sophia. He said that if she didn’t become his, the supply of Shine Stones would be difficult. He wanted her to become his slave knight and give her sexual pleasure.

So, Sophia does not want to be licked. If she finds out that I’m having trouble with Shine Stone, I’m sure the old Eric will tell me something reckless.

But I am not the old Eric, who would go as far as to be unmanageable.

There is only one thing to do.

I have to calm down Sophia, who is very upset right now.

“I don’t want Sophia to be upset about the Shine Stone. From now on, any insolent person who suddenly raises the price of the Shine Stone will be severely punished.”
“I don’t believe a word that a man like you says!”

Sophia’s hands trembled and her voice sounded scratchy. The sword began to tremble along with the trembling of the hand, and I was afraid that it might touch my skin if I did it wrong. But Sophia would never hurt me. In her heart, she must have wanted to kill me, but now she just stared at me, biting her lip.

She looks so cute and pitiful that I can’t help but feel protective of her. So I looked into Sophia’s eyes and opened my mouth.

“Sophia-chan …… I want to see your cute and dignified face,” I said. Seeing Sophia-chan scared like that makes my heart ache …….”
“Whwhwhwhwwhat did you …… say, you bloody fool!”

Sophia’s eyes widened and she was taken aback. That’s as it should be. In the past Eric always called Sophia “you” and said terrible things to her to devour her beautiful looks and body. It would have never occurred to her to suddenly receive such kind words from such a horrible man.

But I can’t leave Sophia alone now. It was the same when I was working for the Japanese government. I am the kind of person who can’t leave someone who is in trouble or sad.

I found myself hugging Sophia from the front, just as I had done with Sera.

She was pointing a sword at me, but I didn’t want to see Sophia’s face, which was filled with sorrow. Fortunately, the blade did not pierce my skin, and Sophia dropped the sword.

The unfamiliar high-pitched sound was grating on my ears, but for now, my first priority was to comfort the girl in front of me.

“Yyyyy-You! What are you doing! I won’t allow you to touch my body …… without permission!”
“Sophia chan, you’re shaking. calm down a little bit. Then I’ll let you go. ……”
“Just breathe slowly and don’t breathe too hard.”
“I’m not the Eric of old. That’s why I’m here with Sophia, dressed like this.”
“I don’t …… believe that. I’m sure he’ll be up to his usual tricks, saying terrible …… things.”
“In a way, it’s natural that you don’t believe me,…… Sophia-chan. But when I saw you now, Sophia chan, I couldn’t stand still. ……”

Whenever my body and Sophia’s body rubbed against each other, Sophia’s own body twitched. I had expected her body to be hard because of her well-trained body, but instead, it was the opposite: it was extremely soft. Her arms, shoulders, and waist are also beautifully shaped. And the indescribable fragrance wafting from her blue hair tickled my nostrils. To be honest, my rationality was on the verge of collapse.

A merchant who had just seen Sophia in the capital praised her appearance, saying that she was one of the three most beautiful women on the Orient. Without any flattery, Sophia is more beautiful than any popular idol on Japanese television.


Sophia’s body, which had been trembling for so long, gradually regained its composure and her breathing became more even. Her body had been shaking for a long time, but Sophia’s body gradually regained its composure and her breathing became more even.

I was worried that something was wrong with her body, so I decided to step away from her and ask her.

“Sophia chan, are you okay?”

But she remained silent, her eyes averted. I was more worried about her, so I approached her again.

“Do you have a fever?”
“D-Don’t touch me!”



I reach for Sophia’s forehead, but she briskly jumps away from my hand.

Her hand was surprisingly painful. So I rubbed the hand that had been slapped, and with a languid expression on my face

I opened my mouth.

“Sorry, Sophia-chan. But you have a red face, and I got worried. ……”
“I-I don’t need your help!

Sophia turns on her heel, picks up her fallen sword, and strolls toward the entrance. Then, as if she had an idea, she stopped and began to speak.

“If you gets out that you are here, there could be a big trouble. So I will allow you to stay here as a lowly noble for a while. ……”

With this brief message, Sophia left the nobleman’s room.

“Well,…… we haven’t made up yet, but it’s better that I didn’t get kicked out,…… thank goodness.”

After saying that I sighed with relief and looked at Sera.

And then…


Sera, like Sophia, has a reddened face and is looking away. In addition, she was clutching her skirt tightly with both hands and fidgeting. I approached her to pat her head, as I usually do, but she was so cute in that fidgety state that I couldn’t resist,

“Eric-sama, no, not now!”

She refused.

Oh well.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Doubtful Sophia

  1. Aw man, I guess that’s how I expected she would react, but I was still hoping for her not to be pissed. Hopefully she won’t be a tsundere

    1. well we didn’t get anything from the past memories that the old Eric knew how to fight or even bothered with learning how to. Plus, aggravating a hostile mob is not the way to go, especially if you are a Prince of their most hated country.

  2. Being hugged by someone you hate does not break down barriers. It makes you feel even more disgusted. Just imagine the person you hate most in the world hugging you. I would probably react very violently. Or maybe puke from the rage I’d be barely controlling.

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