Since I started taking rebounds, Suika has been shooting single-mindedly, as if she were more focused.

Rebounding means taking the ball after shooting. So it’s quite gratifying to have a rebounder when you’re shooting and not having a rebounder.
For me, too, it was fun to watch the shot being sucked into the ring in an interesting way as the shooter’s concentration increased.
Since my right hand is injured, I basically take the ball with my left hand. Suika was worried about me, but I faked it by saying I was injured appropriately. Besides, with this much movement, one hand was enough.

I found myself taking the rebound and then passing to various angles and occasionally checking the shot.
When she checked, the accuracy of her shots decreased, and the ball bounced off the ring.

Suika would occasionally glare at me reproachfully.
At first I thought I had done something unnecessary, but then I realized that she was simply frustrated.

Then Suika got pissed off and started shooting as hard as she could and became more focused.
It was the same for me. I had forgotten about my studies.

“Suika, last!”

I was enjoying watching Suika shoot and I was giving her instructions like a coach and passing the ball to her.
Suika did not mind that, but was rather motivated and practiced shooting with the intensity of a club activity.

After the practice was over, she reflected that she had been too enthusiastic.

When the shooting practice was over, I went to the vending machine to buy a drink for Suika as well.
I was simply thirsty and felt sorry for my ego.

Suika said she would go and buy a drink herself, but I refused and let her rest on the bench for now.

“Here, Great job.”
“Ah. Thanks!”

Then I handed her the sports drink I had bought.

“I’ll give you your money back. How much is it?”
“It’s only a few hundred yen, so it’s okay.”
“No, no, that’s not a good idea. I’ll give it back!”
“Ah, 160 yen then. That’s pretty law-abiding.”
“Right? H-huh……?”

Suika took out something like a coin purse from her backpack. But when she looked at its contents, she tilted her head.

”S-sorry, …… I don’t have any……”
“Well, next time is okay?”
“I-I’m sorry. I’ll give it right back! I’ll take this!”
“Here you go!”

Suika apologetically clasped her hands together, opened the lid of the ped bottle, and poured the drink down in one gulp.
She must have been thirsty.

“Puaah! Yum!”

And then she gave a tremendous smile. If she drank it with this much pleasure, it would have been worth it.
I knew that a post-workout drink would be the best.

“You drink it like it’s delicious.”
“Well~, I can’t stand it after a workout.”
“I know what you mean.”
“What did you buy, Arase-kun?”
“Me? I got this.”

I opened the lid of the plastic bottle I was holding.

“Coke…., if you drink it after a workout, won’t you be thirsty on the contrary?”
“I can’t live without this sizzling drink.”
“That much?”
“I like the way it goes down my throat.”
“You say it like it’s beer. I know it tastes good.”

I’ve never been much of a soda drinker, so this refreshing sensation going down my throat was addictive.
But after a little while, just as Suika said, my mouth got sticky and I started to get thirsty again.

“See, don’t tell me. After all, Coke is a no-no after exercise!”
“There is such a thing as non-carbonated Coke, you know. It is more energy efficient.”
“No, it doesn’t taste good if it’s uncarbonated! Anyway, if you’re thirsty, I’ll trade you.”
“Suika also wants to drink some soda.”
“I don’t mind, but ……”
“Look, you can quench your thirst too, so it’s a win-win situation, right?”
“W-well, yes, but ……”
“Then, yes!”

Saying that, Suika offered her own sports drink without any hesitation.

This is …… what you call indirect kissing,……?

“What’s wrong?”

Suika urged me to exchange it for my own Coke as I was being swept away.

Suika opens the lid of the Coke she received. The sound of carbonation is heard.
Then, she tilted the bottle and put her mouth on it.

I couldn’t help but stare at Suika as she did so.

“Yes! It’s true that soda is good to drink after exercise!”
“Hey, Arase-kun, what’s up? You don’t drink?”
“Oh, no, itadakimasu…….”

Suika doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned about it.
Maybe it’s creepy to be too aware of …… these things.

I too opened the lid of the drink handed to me by Suika and drank it as usual.

“Thank you.”

I thanked her and we exchanged again.

“You’re welcome! I didn’t really do anything special! I mean, why were you staring at me like that before you drank it?
“Eh, …….”

It was exposed. That Suika had been watching me while I was drinking.
I wondered for a moment how to cover it up, but if Suika didn’t mind, maybe it wasn’t something to hide.

“No, its …… something, because it was indirect. I thought some girls might not like it. I was too concerned about it.”
“Indirect ……? Joints?”
“You know, just because I’ve been drinking.”
“Oh, indirect ki…!

…… hmm?

Suika’s face instantly turned red as if it had boiled over.
Could this be that you didn’t …… care, just that you weren’t aware of it?

“Ah, no, this is …… that …….”

I was suddenly embarrassed to see her looking so embarrassed.

“I-I-I’m not worried about it. I-It’s normal to be that way, right?”
“W-Well yeah. It’s normal, right?”
“Yeah, yeah, it’s normal! Suika also does it with her friends!!, ah, I’ve never done it with a boy, though…… “

Don’t say unnecessary things, Suika.

If you say that to me, my face gets even hotter.

“A-And anyway! Now that we’ve rehydrated, let’s resume!”
“Resume? …… are you still going to do it?”

It has been about an hour since then. It’s good that you’re practicing so hard, but you’re forgetting that it’s before the test, aren’t you?

“Eeh~ it’s okay! I feel like I get a lot of practice in when I practice with you, Arase-kun!”
“How are your studies going?”
“Ugh,……, but I’m feeling good right now,……, so just hang out with me for 1-on-1 at the end then! 5 points first! I’d rather have a defenseman with me so I can practice! Okay? Please!”
“……, it’s really the last time, okay?”

I was so excited that I agreed without a second thought.
You haven’t forgotten that I’m one-handed,……?

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