Three days have passed since Kurase consulted me about Asagiri. It was already the third day of the consecutive holidays, and my days of self-indulgence were coming to an end.

I, who was never motivated to do anything in the first place, had a reason as to why I was so concerned about Asagiri that I even asked Kurase to contact me.

It wasn’t because I liked Asagiri or anything like that.
Then, because Kurase asked me for advice. …… This is one of the reasons, but it is not an unimportant reason.

It was something that Asagiri had been feeling little by little since the day she was late, from the day of her unusual behavior. And after hearing Kurase’s story, it became a certainty.

It seems that Asagiri has left her parents and is living alone with her grandmother.
Kurase could not tell me why, but I was able to guess.

According to Sosuke on Ain, Asagiri transferred to this school when she was in the fifth grade. At first, she was closed-minded and did not let anyone in, but Kurase, who talked to her persistently, melted her heart.

In other words, Asagiri and Kurase have been friends for more than five years now.
No wonder they are good friends.

However, having to leave her parents at the age of about ten is quite a feat.

There are about two answers that can be drawn from this.

One is bullying.
She was seriously bullied at her previous school. That’s why she transferred to a new school. If that is the case, then it is understandable that she distrusts people.

But Kurase said at the time that it was a “family thing,” so this line is a little thin.

Based on that, another thing would be abuse from …… parents, or something along those lines.
I don’t know the extent of the abuse, but I think it was enough to leave Asagiri traumatized.

This is just my guess, so I have no credibility. But I somehow thought it might have been so.

─ I know the look you were giving me.

The words that have stuck in my head for the umpteenth time and won’t go away.
This is probably about Asagiri.
I am sure it is because she was in a similar situation to me that she was able to notice it.


A small sigh.
Touching other people’s hearts without care will cause burns. It’s no use worrying about it, I should concentrate on what’s in front of me now.

“Haaa. …………”
“You’ve been sighing a lot since a while ago!”
“……….. That’s right, I’ll get it. You’re insane to make me help you for three days in a row during Golden Week, aren’t you?”
“What are you talking about? The holidays are the time of year when we need your help!”

Damn it.
As I said at the beginning, today is the third day of Golden Week. I haven’t been able to spend a single day living a self-indulgent life.

I’ve been cooking at a cafe and bar almost all day by Ayako-san’s order.

Someone sue her. Isn’t that a violation of the Labor Standards Law?
Isn’t it what we call an outrage to take away a mere student’s precious consecutive holidays and make her work?

But no one will listen to me.

─ ─ The atmosphere of this café has always been good, but the food was not so good. But ever since that niichan started making the food, I’ve been hooked!
—-I know what you mean! They’ve added pancakes and other items to the menu, and there aren’t many cafes like this one in the countryside, so I’m sure I’ll be back!
─ ─ I keep coming back because Niichan cooks snacks for me here.
—-How about a drink, Niichan?

The number of regular customers gradually increased.
It is often said that a customer’s smile is priceless. Thanks to them, my tiredness is gone and I can’t get over it.
I hope you don’t expect too much from me, because it’s hard.

The other thing is that students from our high school often come to the office, so it’s hard for me to do. I don’t like it when people I know come to my workplace, don’t you? I don’t like it. I am not sure how many people at the school know me.

So I was getting tired both physically and mentally.

And now it is evening. The café is finally starting to show signs of slowing down and gradually transforming into a bar for the evening.
However, it is still open as a café, and so the customers come in.

Clang, clang, clang.
Look, the bell at the entrance rings again, and a customer enters.


Where is the politeness. Are you a friend?
I was fed up with Ayako san’s easygoing greeting, but I greeted slowly, too.

“…… welcome!”
“Hey, say hello with a crisp and clear voice!”

I don’t want to be told by you, Ayako-san.

“Oh, yeah! This place has been getting good reviews lately for their delicious pancakes!”
“Really? It sure has a nice atmosphere. ……”
“The last time I was here, the drinks were good, but the rest of the food wasn’t so good.”
“That’s what I thought too! Well, there aren’t many cafes in the area, so I come here often! I haven’t been able to come here recently because I’ve been busy with club activities. ……”

The group that came in was a group of people in jerseys.
One of the faces among them was a familiar one.

“….Huh!!? Arase-kun?”
“Suika …………”

No way, it was a mixed group of men and women, including Suika and her friends. The guys were wearing similar jerseys, and I wondered if the men were in the men’s basketball team?
Maybe they were on their way home from club activities.
Suika was frozen with her mouth wide open, as if she didn’t know I was working here.

“Suika, what’s wrong with ……, is that your boyfriend-kun?”

The student next to Suika, who looked like a female bus student, followed Suika in surprise. The boys were frozen, and one of them had a furrowed brow.

“No, no.”
“Again~ you’re so shy! How far did you go with Suika? Did you give her a kiss? Choo-choo.”
“You …… he is working …….”
“I-I’m sorry ……!”

Thank God. As expected Ayako san. She is fulfilling the manager’s job. I don’t think this kind of familiarity is a good thing, no matter how few customers there are at the moment.

“Tell me more details!”
“……! Yes! Actually!”
“Hey, wait a minute!”

Ayako-san was this kind of person.

In the end, I forcibly separated Ayako san from the female basketball players and ushered the basketball group to a table.

“May I take your order?”

And for some reason, I was made to take the order. Usually Ayako-san was taking the order, but she ordered me to go.

“I’ll have this pork cutlet sandwich. Set.”
“I’ll have one of those, too.”
“Umm, I’ll have one of these seasonal pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.”
“Eh? Ah, Suika is also…..”

For some reason, the girl next to Suika can’t stop grinning. On the other hand, one of the boys has a complicated look on his face.
Later, Ayako san was grinning too. Do your job.

Why does Suika look so awkward too? That reaction is making me even more suspicious.

“Then, excuse me.”

I went back to the kitchen.
When I returned, I thought I heard noisy voices at the table.

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Suika yesssssssssss

Kind of a tone change from family problems and stalker issues, but I’ll take it!

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