I finally got out of the hospital and am going to school for the first time in a while. I have been absent for a long time, and to be honest, I am anxious about a lot of things.
As I walk down the street, I see two familiar faces coming out of a nearby café. They were holding plastic cups filled with drinks in their hands, so they had probably stopped by before going to school.

“Oh, it’s Ryoya-kun. Good morning.”
“Ryoya, good morning.”

Reona and Riona, who seemed to have noticed my presence, greeted me respectively, and since they had often visited me during my hospitalization, we are now quite close friends.
So they started calling me by my first name, and I started calling them Reona and Riona.
To tell you the truth, I was quite reluctant to call them by their first names, but I couldn’t say no because they had asked me to do so with their sparkling eyes.

“Good morning you two, it’s crazy unusual to run into each other on the way to school in the morning.”

Basically, I always arrive at school just in time, and Reona and Riona, who always arrive at school in plenty of time, pass this way at different times of the day. So I’ve rarely encountered the two of them on my morning commute to school until now.


When I saw that Riona had fallen silent for a moment, I felt something strange, but I couldn’t seem to figure out what it was. I’m thinking about this and Reona starts to talk to me.

“Speaking of which, Ryoya-kun is going back to school today, congratulations on your release from the hospital.”
“Thank you. A lot of things are going to be difficult from now on because of the long absence, so I’m really feeling depressed.”
“It is true that classes have progressed a lot during Ryoya’s absence.”

We stopped and started such a conversation, but then remembered that I had been summoned to the teacher’s office by my homeroom teacher. If we talked too long, I might not be able to make it in time, so I had to cut it off soon, though I was a bit reluctant to leave the room.

“I’ve been called by my homeroom teacher before the ……1 period, and I’d better get going.”

I tell Reona and Riona that, and then we part ways. The actual fact is, I’d like to go to school with them, but it’s not good for the top two in the school caste and the bottom one to go to school together.

“I see. Well, we’d better hurry.”
“Let’s go quickly.”

It seems that Reona and Riona are ready to go to school with me. I felt bad that I hadn’t said enough, so I opened my mouth again.

“If we go to school together, someone might misunderstand us, so let’s go to school separately.”
“We don’t mind if someone misunderstands us.”
“We don’t mind at all.”

Reona and Riona spoke in unison. After all, there was no way to win a two-on-one fight, and needless to say, I was pushed out of the room as it was.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

My sister and I are walking to school with Ryoya. Although Ryoya said it was because people would misunderstand us, I didn’t mind at all if they misunderstood us.
Because I really love Ryoya. That day when he saved my life, I completely fell in love with him, and now I can’t stop wanting Ryoya.
It seems that it was the same for my sister. So my sister and I decided that it would definitely be ours alone.
We are twins, but surprisingly our tastes are quite different. We each have different favorite foods, clothes, and colors.
However, the things we really wanted were often the same, and only such things were things that could not be physically separated.
And yet, I can say that I have not had any major problems. Because the things that could not be divided were shared after being kept only between the two of us.
And it is the same for Ryoya. We will share it slowly after making it our own, just as we have done until now.

“Ryoya is ours and ours alone.”
“Hmm, what did you just say?”
“……, it’s nothing.”

I said that to cover up the fact that the voice of my heart had leaked out. The three of us were walking together as we approached the school, and I noticed that Ryoya, who was walking next to me, began to fidget.
Perhaps he was uncomfortable with the way people were looking at him. It seems that my sister and I are quite beautiful in the eyes of the public, so we often attract stares like this.
We have been like this for a long time and we are already used to it, but Ryoya must have never had such an experience before. While I was walking with such thoughts in my mind, we arrived at the school shoe box.

“Well, I’ll be over here.”
“I’ve been summoned to the staff room, so I’m just going to go.”
“See you later, Ryoya-kun.”

I parted from my sister and Ryoya and started to head to the classroom. I was honestly absurdly envious of my sister who was in the same class as Ryoya, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Ah, Riona. Good morning.”
“Good morning.”

When I arrived at the classroom, I was greeted by a classmate who was a good friend of mine. As I was about to sit down to answer her, she seemed to notice something and started talking to me.

“You seem happier than usual today, did something good happen to you?”

I was happy that Ryoya was coming to school today, but it seems that I was expressing it in my facial expression.


I answered briefly to my curious classmates.

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Thanks for the chapter.