Episode 10 – Kairi’s confidence and Yuri’s seriousness



“Christmast date with Onii gamble, let’s play a game!”

Kairi enters the student council room unannounced and says something out of the blue.

“A Christmas date? Christmas is still two months away, right?”
“That’s true, but ……”
“Onee-chan, aren’t you going to spend Christmas with Onii while I’m studying hard?”

It was as if I had been stabbed with a sharp knife.
It is true that, as Kairi said, one of my plans to “corrupt onii chan” was to take advantage of the time Kairi was absorbed in her studies and invite onii chan to go somewhere for Christmas.
But …… how did Kairi know about that?

“…… how do you base that on?”
“Because I found a lot of flyers for Christmas-related events in the drawer of your study desk.”

I can’t believe she found that.

“Kairi! It’s bad manners to go through people’s things without permission, even if we are sisters!”
“I don’t want to be told by the pervert onee-chan who stole Onii’s trunks and sniffed them!”

Kairi’s rebuttal was so strong that for the first time in my life, I lost an argument with my sister.

No, no, it’s not my fault.

It has been a common practice since ancient times for younger sisters to steal their older brother’s pants for their own enjoyment, and it is a natural event that can occur during the secondary sexual characteristics period.
People just don’t talk about it, but younger sisters all over the country must be collecting their brother’s pants. (Yuri research population 1)

Yes, …… Kairi is just crazy.

“Since it’s Onee-chan, she’s going to do something to Onii for Christmas, isn’t she? She’s going to put him to sleep with some medicine or something and do something weird to him.”
“What kind of strange things? Like what?”
“T-that’s …….”

Kairi’s cheeks reddened and she gently looked away.

“Like chuu?”

I’ve been thinking for a while now, is Kairi unfamiliar with sexual knowledge?
There are only two things to do at Christmas: ●●● (zukyuu) or ●●● (bakyuu).

“D-Don’t make me say anything embarrassing!”
“So, what’s the game?”
“You’re all calm all of a sudden!”

Kairi coughed, breathing heavily on her shoulders, and began to explain about the game.

“Well, the game is the next test!”
“The next test is in ……November?”
“The subject is math.”
“Kairi is going to specify the subject? Isn’t that kind of cunning?”

When I pointed this out, Kairi’s face turned into a look of displeasure.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s just a handicap.”
“But I don’t think that’s fair.
“…… Don’t tell me you’re afraid of me, onee-chan?”
“Are you so afraid of losing to me, a girl who hasn’t studied until recently? Wow, lame.”

I am usually able to calmly go through with it, but this provocation was effective.

Combined with the jealousy of Kairi’s recent monopolization of onii chan, the stress on Kairi exploded.

“You shouldn’t get too carried away ……, Kairi. Onii chan is only going out with Kairi because he has no choice, and his true love is me.”
“Onee-chan’s delusions are so gross. Even though you’ve been sniffing his pants, you haven’t been able to attack him in any way.”

Cutting me, I got up from the chair I was sitting in and hit Kairi in the chest with my own breasts.
Both of us were pressing our chests against each other, which were too big for a junior high school student, to break the tension.

“Onii chan’s favor belongs to me alone. A gal like Kairi is not worthy of onii chan.”
“Haa? Onii-chan loves gals, and more importantly, he loves my beautiful boobs. Onii-chan is not going to fall in love with a girl like you who keeps her boobs hidden away, saying that she’s neat and tidy.”

I suppressed my fist, which was about to pop out from stress, and squinted my eyes.

“I understand ……. Then let’s make it black and white by playing the game that Kairi suggested. If Kairi wins, I will also cancel my Christmas plans and spend Christmas in my room studying.”
“I’m okay with that, too. If I lose, I will study in my room for Christmas.”

Kairi nodded with a confident look on her face. 
Kairi is improving her skills under her onii chan’s guidance, I heard from onii chan, so I can not let my guard down.
But if I wins this one, Onii chan might be disappointed with Kairi.
If that happens, I can make out with onii chan as much as I want for Christmas.

I will overwhelm Kairi here and make her lose her confidence.

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