“Huh, I can’t find my English textbook: ……”

I returned to the classroom after using the restroom and was getting ready for my sixth period class, Communication English, when for some reason I couldn’t find my textbook anywhere.

“That’s strange, I’m pretty sure I brought it with me.”

It should have been there when I came this morning, but why isn’t it in my desk? When I was searching through my bag and locker, I noticed someone watching me from a distance and smiling at me.

“……I see, so it’s Kuramoto.”

When I think about the fact that he was saying that earlier, he must have hidden my textbooks somewhere. Like an elementary school student, it’s a simple form of harassment, but it’s very effective for me because I’m a loner.
Because I am a loner, I don’t have any friends in my class who would lend me their textbooks. Without textbooks, there is no class at all, which is a big problem for me. Kuramoto was doing exactly what I, a loner, would have hated.

“This sucks, what should I do ……?”

There is only about three minutes left in the rest period, so there is no time at all to waste on a leisurely search. There was also the option of asking Kuramoto about it, but it would be a waste of time since he was bound to blurt it out anyway.
I thought for a moment about honestly telling the teacher that my textbooks were missing, but I didn’t want to lower my unofficial score, which had deteriorated because I had been absent for so long. While I was feeling impatient on my own, Reiona spoke to me.

“Hey, Ryoya-kun. You look troubled, is something wrong?”

Reona was supposed to be in the back of the classroom talking with her friends, but before I knew it, she was standing right next to me.

“….I’m actually lost the textbook for the next class, Communication English.”
“That’s a problem. By the way, is there someone you can borrow it from?”
“…… Do you think I have friends who would lend it to me, a loner?”

I heard Reona’s words and I answered her that way. I felt sad saying it myself, but it’s true, so I had to accept it.

“I see, then I can borrow one from Riona for you? I’m sure her class had a communicative English class in the morning, so I’m sure she has the textbook.”

“Eh, seriously?! Can I ask her to do that for me because I’m in a lot of trouble?”

For me, in my current situation, Reona’s suggestion was a real relief. I guess that’s what “Buddha in Heaven” really means.

“Ok, just wait here for a minute. I’ll go to Riona’s class right away and borrow it.”

After saying this, Reona hurried out of the classroom. Naturally, my classmates were watching our exchange.
Most of them looked at me with curiosity as if they were watching the conversation between me, a loner in the shadows, and Reiona, the popular girl in the class.
However, there were a few classmates who looked at me with hatred, the first of which was Kuramoto, needless to say.
Kuramoto must have been annoyed because he was supposed to enjoy watching me get into trouble in class because I didn’t have my textbook, and now she was ruining it.
And since it was Reiona, of all people, who saved me, it is no exaggeration to say that Kuramoto’s plan ended with the worst possible outcome.
Kuramoto didn’t get involved with me because we were in a classroom, but I’m sure he would have yelled at me if we were in a deserted place.

“By the way, the look on Kuramoto’s face when Reiona said she was going to borrow a textbook from Riona was priceless.”

I watched his expression with a sideways glance while talking with Reona, and it was so refreshing to see that he was so determined. I was so relieved that the anger I felt at having to hide my textbooks from him had already been blown away.

“He’s definitely going to harass me in some way in the future at ……, right?”

Considering Kuramoto’s character, it is very hard to believe that this will be the end of it. I don’t think Kuramoto, being a petty person, will try anything spectacular, but you can never be too careful.

“It would be troublesome if he takes something again, so from now on, I will keep all my belongings in my locker. As long as I don’t forget to lock the door, I’ll probably be okay.”

This time it was only my textbooks that were hidden, but if it had been my gym clothes, I would have been completely stuffed.
No matter how much the height is almost the same, it’s hard to believe that Riona, a girl, would lend me her gym clothes.
And even if she did, I didn’t have the courage to wear it to gym class.   
While I was thinking this, Reona came back to the classroom with a textbook in her hand.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, but I borrowed this from Riona. She said it would be okay if you returned it after school.”
“Thank you, I really appreciate it.”
“That’s okay, you can thank Riona again.”

And soon the chime rings and class begins. Then comes the first lesson.
I felt Kuramoto’s gaze on me throughout the class, but it seemed I couldn’t do anything about it. To be honest, the stares were quite depressing, but since it was harmless, I just ignored it.

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

Hope twins will notices and get rid the pest soon as possible

GodlyGod McGodGod
GodlyGod McGodGod
1 year ago

I’m willing to bet that the one in his class already noticed and plans to deal with the problem *discreetly* in true yandere fashion.