“Hey, Kamiki! How many times have I told you to focus on class?

The homeroom teacher’s angry shouts echoed through the classroom. Like a mountain lion, it kept coming back. This is the third time this exchange has taken place today, and all during this class. At first he wasn’t that angry, but he yelled at her because she was making so much noise.

It was only natural. Even if I were in the teacher’s shoes, which I am not, I would have been annoyed. I would probably get angry as well.

However, even without changing my position, I am angry now. And I am angry at Kamiki-san. The cheerful female student, whose world is completely different from mine, is sitting next to me. And right now, the student next to me is being scolded by the teacher. I don’t think anything about it. As long as she’s being lectured by herself, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, as long as she is alone.

“But, Matsukaze next to here was also making a fuss. I don’t think I’m the only one.”


“What?! Really, Matsukaze?!!”
“Eh? No, no, no, no, I didn’t do anything! It’s just a lie invented by Kamiki san!”
“What is it, Kamiki?”

Her face, smiling happily, was like a devil who could do whatever she wanted to me. When I first enrolled in the school, I didn’t see her as such a strong girl.

Kamiki-san, as if she had been waiting for the teacher’s question, replied in a very good manner.

“I’m not bullshitting you~~. If you want, you can ask Himuro-san in the back seat.”

This is not good. This is very bad. Himuro-san is a girl who doesn’t really stand out in class. She is very plain, and even other people can tell from her appearance that she seems timid and easily influenced.

Such are Himuro-san and Kamiki-san. What would happen if these two girls, with different personalities and outward appearances, were mixed together? I already knew the answer.

“Himuro, what did you see from behind?”

Immediately the teacher looked at Himuro-san and asked the question as he had asked me and Kamiki-san.

“H-Hey, hey!”
“Matsukaze, shut up!”
“Yes! Sorry!”

I got yelled at, too.

I didn’t do anything wrong. …… It was just that I was attending a class. …… Then suddenly a girl started messing with me. ……

Then I saw Kamiki-san grinning from the side and raising the corner of her mouth. And her eyes are staring at Himuro-san with tremendous power in her eyes. No, she is glaring at her. It is as if she is telling her to lie. Perhaps she got the message. When Himuro-san noticed this, she shrank her body.

In this case, a definite direction was put in place. It’s over, I’m done.

“……, H-he was making a lot of noise.”

This time, the angry shout was directed not at Kamiki-san, but completely at me.


Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable. Seriously, Kamiki Reina, I’ll never forgive you. I didn’t do anything, but she was the one who started messing with me. The teacher won’t even listen to me, and it’s going to affect my grades.

I can still forgive Himuro-san. But Kamiki Reina, I won’t forgive her. It’s all her fault. I’m still not comfortable with cheerful people. I don’t know whether she wants to enjoy herself or annoy me. Such selfish behavior rubs me the wrong way. I have a broom with me for the special after-school cleanup, but it’s getting more and more ridiculous. Kamiki-san, the ringleader of the group, has no intention of doing anything serious at all, and sits at her desk all the time, playing with her phone. I was very dissatisfied with that.

“Why don’t you do the cleaning, Kamiki-san? Whose fault is it that this happened!”

She stopped her fingers from touching the phone and stared at me.


She says those words and her eyes immediately return to the phone.

No, I’m the one who should say that!

Enough, let’s get this over with. I have an appointment after school. Anyway, please don’t do anything to annoy me any more. It’s too much trouble. This cleaning now is really troublesome too.

I took out my anger, which has been going on all day today, on the trash and dust scattered on the floor. Hopefully, I’d like to take it out on her, but I’m too kind to say so myself, so there’s no way I’ll ever do it.


It was the sound of a cell phone. Is this a text message? I took it out of my right pocket and looked at the screen. The screen was locked, but the contents of the e-mail were displayed on the screen.

“Still? What are you doing now?”

I quickly finished cleaning up and went out into the hallway.


Student Council Room. As the name suggests, it is a classroom used by students who belong to the student council for their activities. I had promised to meet her there.

Now I am running as fast as I can. In order to get to the student council room as soon as possible, I am running. My heart is racing, but I know it’s not because I’m running, because I’m strong-minded and physically strong by nature. So why is this? It is just impatience that I am going to be late.

This is a straight corridor. At the far end of this hallway is the student council office. It is right in front of me.

I opened the door with the same momentum and looked around. There were definitely girls there. It was the girl I had promised.

“Sorry Shirono! I’m late!”

Shirono, who was sitting reading a book, glanced at me. Yes, her eyes are different from usual. She was clearly angry.

“You’ve got some nerve to break your promise to me, don’t you, Takkun? Will you break the marriage promise you made a long time ago, too?”
“N-no, I’m really sorry!”
“Hmmm. For now, I’m going to lock you up to punish you. Don’t think you can go home, okay?”

Shirono, scary. Usually such a cute girl wouldn’t use such a dangerous word. I mean, where am I being held captive?

I can’t hide my confusion at not being the usual Shirono. No, I should say that this is the real Shirono. The usual Shirono is just a figure wearing a cat’s mask.

Then, Shirono forced me to sit down on a nearby chair and pulled up the tie I was wearing with all her might. This left me in a situation where I was looking up. I was looking up at Shirono. It was like she was showing me which of us was the greater person.

“Kamiki-san was making a lot of noise during class, wasn’t she?”
“Y-yes. ……”
“That’s when I heard Takkun’s voice, too, though?”
“Y-Yes. ……”
“Were you talking to that girl ……?”

Without hearing my response, Shirono put her own lips to mine with another noisy word, “death penalty”. She also put her tongue in my mouth.

Puhaa, she pulled her mouth away from mine, and I saw that her saliva was making a string.

“It was all Takkun’s fault, wasn’t it?”

She kissed me again.

Then I realized. She’s really not going to let me go home today

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