“Don’t get carried away with that kingdom that has nothing to offer apart from the Shine Stone!”

The nobleman shouted with a sword. The merchants and the people around him began to agree with his eloquence.

“That’s right, that’s right! You keep raising and lowering the price of Shine Stones, and that’s the reason we can’t run a stable business!”
“You people are so arrogant and have no sense of propriety!”

The people of the Kingdom of Halkeginia surrounded us with their clamor.

No matter how much we tried to explain, they would never be convinced. Group mentality and herd mentality. When people gather together, they can easily create any kind of devil they want.

In this case, however, it is not baseless anger. Until now, the Kingdom of Ilas, whether royalty or nobility, has behaved with extreme rudeness, taking advantage of the internal conditions of other countries whose economies would be in trouble without the Shine Stone.

So, in a way, this behavior is normal for them. If I were a commoner, I would have been treated differently. ……

“Eric sama, ……”

As the saying goes, outnumbered is outnumbered, and there was nothing I could do. All I can do is hold the trembling Sera in my arms and calm her down.

What to do…..then.

“What’s going on?”

A familiar girl’s voice tickles my ears.

“This voice is ……”
“It’s Lady Sophia!”
“It’s Lady Sophia, the Knight Commander and the next Queen!”
“She’s very beautiful after all.”
“Of course she is! She’s one of the three most beautiful women in the Orient!”
“I never thought I’d see the real thing. …… I’ll brag about it to everyone when I get back to my country!”

A gasp and a groan went up from the crowd. After a few moments, a few beautiful girl knights came into our place through the black crowd.

Among the beautiful girl knights, one stands out from the crowd,

“What is this? What’s all this fuss?”

Her soft, shoulder-length light blue hair, her white skin and well-defined eyes, her eyes deeper than the ocean. Eyes deeper than the ocean. She is so beautiful that it’s hard to keep my mouth shut, but she’s wearing armor. Of course, it doesn’t cover her whole body, but she looks like a beautiful knight who might appear in a video game.

Certainly, the events with Sophia remain in my memory. But when I saw her in person, I could not help but be surprised. And above all, she looks so majestic. She was the same age as Eric is now, but she had an aura that could not be overcome.

“S-Sophia-sama! I apologize for disturbing you!”

The nobleman quickly dismounted from his horse and knelt down.

“I believe you heard what the fuss is about!”
“Yes! These two in front of me right now are low-ranking nobles from the Kingdom of Ilas, and they were unceremoniously wandering around here in the royal capital, so I thought I’d give them a little kick …… .”

At that moment, Sophia draws her sword and points it at the kneeling nobleman.

“So you’re saying that these two had nothing to do with it?”
“Yyyyyyy… yes …… yes they are, but …… they are from the kingdom of Ilas…. …”
“You tried to punish an innocent foreigner. This is the royal city. This is the face of our kingdom, where people from many countries come to buy weapons and armor. And yet you caused an unnecessary commotion. If it were to go back home and tell the whole story of what happened here, the flag of Halkeginia would be disgraced. Is that what you’re doing?”
“Sssssss…. sorry!!!!! life…… only this life ……”

And seeing Sophia with a shadow on her face, the nobleman sticks his forehead to the ground and apologizes.

“Ssss…… sorry! And …… the two of you there, too,…… I’m sorry,…… I’m sorry,…… I’m deeply sorry for my rudeness!”

Just a few moments ago, he was riding his horse and looking down on us from a very superior position, but now he is not a shadow of a man to be seen.

He is on his knees apologizing to us with countless people watching.

“Eric sama, ……”
“Sera chan, it’s all right now.”

I gently patted Sera’s head and then coughed. Then I open my mouth.

“Please look up.”
“Presently, the Kingdom of Halkeginia and my country …… ehem! The Kingdom of Ilas has a relationship that is not flattering. However, the high quality iron sand that can be obtained from Halkeginia is very important for the infrastructure of the Kingdom of Ilas! It is a very important commodity that supports the infrastructure of the Kingdom of Ilas. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the Kingdom of Iras and the Kingdom of Hulkeginia will get along well with each other.”

Hearing what I had to say, the knights, including Sophia, and the people around me were taken aback, their mouths half open.

And the nobles were.

“I’m sorry. Even though I’m better than you in status, you’re better in everything except that. I am truly sorry.”
“That’s all right. Now that Sera chan is safe, let’s end this conversation!”
“Oh, yes. I’m not going to allow this to end after causing you so much trouble one way or the other. Let me thank you!”
“No, that’s okay.”
“No, but…….”
“If you want to thank me so much, please be more kind to the people of the Kingdom of Halkeginia! That’s all I need to thank you for!”
“……You really are so kind and human …… please tell me your name!”
“Haha…… not so much…… well, my name is Eric. I’m a lowly nobleman.”
“My name is Fiebel. Eric, I will never forget your name.”
“Haha…… that’s a little embarrassing,”

I looked away and brushed my hair back in order to hide my embarrassment. But Sophia, who was standing next to me, gave me a meaningful look.

“Eric? You said …… Eric?”
“Yes, …….”

I knew I should have used a different name. ……

“What is your purpose in coming here?”
“Well, it’s ……”

Her eyes were so sharp that they pierced my heart. But I don’t have any guilty purpose.

I’m not trying to be a bad guy

“I came here to make up with someone!”

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1 year ago

Mr translator i think you’ve make some mistakes in the first paragraph you should write *that* Kingdom instead of *this* kingdom…. though good work