“Let me tell you about …… me.”

I was brought to karaoke by Shiina.
Shiina, sitting opposite me, is humming a tune while drinking melon soda through a straw and operating the touch screen that turns on the song.

“…………, why are we at karaoke?”

There were other places to go. If it was at my house, it would be across the street and I could go straight home.

“After we’re done talking, we can sing right here~. I was hoping it would cheer you up.”
“I don’t think singing will cheer me up.”
“That’s up to you, Saku-kun.”

I nodded in my chair.

“Well, let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Shiina drank the melon soda she had ordered and turned serious.

“The main topic ……..”

I have no idea what we are going to talk about this time. However, I’m sure it won’t be something weird like it usually is.
I also drink coffee and look at Shiina.

“I thought I’d tell you why I’m a fashion model,”
“The reason?”
“Yes! I’m sure you think I’m doing it because you think I’m cute or something, don’t you?”
“I won’t deny it, but…”
“I’m sorry~. That’s not true.”
“The truth is, ——-“

Shiina stood up and moved next to me,

“It’s so that I don’t make Saku-kun uneasy.”

She said as she laid her head on my shoulder.

“After Chisato chan death, you lost the meaning of life. No matter what I did, Saku kun seemed to be bored, and no matter what you ate, it didn’t seem to taste good.
So I thought about what I could do for him.
That is, to be there for him no matter what. And to do that, I needed money. But I am a junior high school student, so I can’t even get a part-time job.
That’s why I chose modeling, a job that even a junior high school student can earn money”
“I didn’t realize that. ……………”
“And you know what? To be honest, I had liked Saku-kun since then.

When I heard that he was going out with Chisato chan, I had mixed feelings, but when I saw him smiling, I was really happy that they were a couple.

Now that Chisato chan is gone, the only thing I can do to be by his side is to go out with him. I thought it was a black-hearted way, but I’m okay with being Chisato chan’s second.

If it heals his wounds, he will use it whenever he wants and throw it away. That’s all I have to do.”

“That’s why I still insist on seeing you, and that won’t change in the future. If you had someone like me, you wouldn’t be able to think about anything else, would you? you can’t even think about Chisato chan. Think only of me.”
“You shouldn’t have said it like that.”
“Saku kun, you have been smiling more since I started to make strange contact with you. I really liked it. Even if you don’t like me, I want to protect your smile.”
“Then, is it for my sake that you’re saying we’re together?”
“Well, I guess it’s more of a personal thing, isn’t it?”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”

But I did not think Shiina was thinking that seriously.
I thought she was acting in a self-centered way, but she was thinking and acting properly. For me and for Chisato.

I can only say that I am grateful for this.
When I think about it, for better or worse, since Shiina got involved, I’ve only been thinking about her.
That’s why I

“Thank you, Shiina.”

I did what I usually never do, I patted Shiina on the head and thanked her.

(TL/N : Hey…It’s not that bad after all)

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1 year ago

Yeaa, let’s gooooo. I knew shiina was best girl.